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Technology Created the Last 3 Big Recessions

Updated on September 15, 2016

Hello. Is there anyone in there? Is there anyone at home?

The future of the "human workforce"..?
The future of the "human workforce"..?

Video may have killed the radio star, but technology wins!!

There will always be the haves, the have nots and the Warren Buffets in this world as long as we rely on a monetary system. As long as people need money in order to receive goods, then there will always be poverty, and children dying of easily cured diseases and sicknesses, families living under bridges and in vans. It is not technology that will be relied upon to alleviate world poverty --- it was technology that caused world poverty!

The main problem is that there are probably at least 15 to 20 (or more) people on the planet for every available job, or at least 20 people willing to do that job. Much fewer sporting the required skill set and experience. Just how does the young generation get the skills when unpaid apprenticeships are now illegal, and people retire or die off at a much too-low rate?

And when technology takes jobs away from humans at exponentially increasing rates – every aspect and forum of manufacturing has automation robots and computer-controlled machinery taking the jobs of dozens, if not hundreds, or in the automotive industry, thousands of jobs away from humans. Sure, humans designed and built the automatic robotics-enhanced manufacturing “assembly lines”, but only a few remain behind to watch over the machinery. And you can be sure they weren’t on the original assembly line.

Now, those humans who lost their well-paying jobs to “manufacturing technological advancements” are now seen wearing Walmart vests, cooking burgers at fast food joints and sweeping floors in office buildings. From high-paying union jobs to not enough to pay the rent, all thanks to “technological improvements”.

Who? Me?

Killed over 15 MILLION jobs!
Killed over 15 MILLION jobs!

Dad was right? Really?

I can remember when the Atari Vision computer game came out, and my father said it was the beginning of the end of civilization. I did not know then what he had meant, but now it is all too obvious. Then, it was just the tennis game, 2 paddles and one rectangular "tennis ball", scary moments when it went to the corners! The difference between that and what people play today is greater than what people thought was "above the Earth" 7,000 years ago, and what we're starting to grasp today!

For every factory that has robotic equipment taking the jobs of 10 or more people per small machine, and thousands of small machines per factory, the need for greed will win out every time over the need for feed. CEOs get major bonuses in the tens of millions of dollars for reducing “operational costs” (read: human workforce, starting with the higher paid, non-management workers!).

When the average working Joe loses his job, paycheck, humanity, home, and, all too frequently, family to technology, all that’s said is “thanks for your service, son, now follow these security guards to the door.”. Many take their own lives. Many end up in corner stores, gas stations, Wally World or Costco.

Factories sit empty and boarded up in practically every major city due to “technological advancements”. Thanks, Microsoft! Thanks, Donald Trump! Thanks, Coke brothers! Thanks, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates! You should have smoked more, stronger pot in those garages and left your little circuit boards alone!

With the automotive industry alone using technology to run the assembly and production lines, hundreds of thousands of well-paying - i.e. extremely well living wage" - jobs flew the cuckoo’s nest, salaries dropped to $7.50 an hour and pride was lost. Humbling to many, too much for many more. Combine that with all other industries that use technology over human power, and the amount of jobs taken from people by technology is astoundingly stupendous. And, unfortunately, with a North American minimum wage of under $15 per hour, and under $12 in Canada - full time wages! Less if you're part time, which about 65% of new jobs are, poverty will never be alleviated here, what with the cost of everything constantly rising, energy prices more than tripled, food prices through the roof, a freaking Big Mac meal deal is now $13.68 here… Just when did Rotten Ronnie's become 5-star gourmet dining? Right - they shouldn't charge like it either!

As long as we have people needing to work two or even three jobs just to feed and clothe their children, while their bosses live in sprawling mansions with chalets in the Bahamas, poverty will always exist. As long as we have 1%of the population owning and/or controlling 99.45% of THE WORLD'S WEALTH (wake up people! It would be 3-10 times worse with Trump as "Potus" - oh... NEW SONG! "Trump-its blowing in the wind. Trump's sons remind me of Hitler. Trump once said in one of his earlier speeches that if she weren't his daughter, he'd date her!!! WTF? This guy really could win!

Another snippet; "I know a lot of words, folks (points to his temple) - some pretty big words too! I'm a very smart guy, one of the smartest." - he was serious!!!

Another one; "Oh, don't worry - I know the tax codes... I've been outsmarting the IRS for decades (he's declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy 12+ times!) - and I will help you to get the most out of it!"... Uhm, he does realize that's tax money which pays for government services, like kicking all murderous, raping Mexicans back home. Like stopping all free trade agreements (nobody to sell to - China wins!).

But - that was just a warning that needs to be realized - neither candidate is ideal for "President of the World" - but Trump would exclusively serve his products at all gov't and state meals, cafeterias, etc...

I'm sure dad never figured a buffoon/baboon to rule the free world, but he did see the end of it - and the root cause being technology...


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