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Technology Hurts

Updated on October 4, 2015

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Our Need For Technology

Are we losing our ability to interact with others? Online dating versus talking to the person next to you. Facebook postings showing you living the life while drowning in a bottle, jobless, or being evicted. Texting rather than having a conversation. Texting is not a way to connect and hear the thoughts of someone else uninterrupted. Sitting at tables while remaining connected to capturing the moment rather than absorbing the moment with the person sitting across from you. While technology has blessed us to skype with people from all over the world, connect with others where geography once limited interaction, and we can stay “posted” on the status of loved ones lives we have lost something. Communication skills are lacking. As a child I would never sit side by side with my friend at the mall and text back and forth while sitting right next to my friend. That’s not funny, that’s crazy and unhealthy. Childhood obesity is on the rise because, perhaps in the attempt to protect your children from predators, the babysitter has become television and video games. Rather than running and playing outside and taking the time to watch the kids while sitting on the porch (like my parents did)- children are gathered inside to play games on the computer, chat line, or log on and play with others while using video headsets for further virtual enjoyment. Month after month we hear the cry for help for a teenager that disappeared to the seduction of some child predator met online and the parents are so disconnected from the children they have no idea what happened to their children. Children that are given “everything” except the basic things they need: time, love, engagement, and guidance. Texting while driving has caused many accidents leading to fatalities. We are constantly multi-tasking beyond our ability to absorb what we are doing. Honestly, the need to text is so serious for some people that they can’t just relax, listen to the radio, and enjoy the ride home.

The Honest Questions

While technology is great - it has had negative effects on our society. What is the balance and how can we balance technology without losing interaction with each other-a basic human need? Do you ever take time to engage with your loved ones and friends absent of technology interfering in your interactions? Do you have family time without television or technology allowed so you can communicate with one another? As a parent have you sacrificed time with your child in an effort to obtain material possessions that you desire that has nothing to do with sacrificing for their future?

Virtual Insanity


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