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Technology and an Increasing Population in a Plastic Society Driven By Greed

Updated on November 29, 2017
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Deon Christie, successful affiliate marketer. Professional Blogger and Search Engine Optimization expert. Published Diamond Expert Author.

An Exponentially Growing Population

Huge Cities And large Populations
Huge Cities And large Populations | Source

The Plastic Advanced World

Technology makes life so much more comfortable than “back in the day”, but with devastating consequences we didn’t think of “back then”. This is just me offering a little philosophy on logical thinking (Just My Opinion), which may very well be one of the sacrifices of Technology in a world where “Logic” is easily understood as a computer term and not as it’s formerly known (Common Sense). With Technology and all that nice comfort comes the cost of pollution and even lifestyle degradation as homeless numbers increase due to devastating affordability concerns.

There are many theories about the “End of the World” scenarios and a topic that can be debated for centuries to come, or perhaps not. Perhaps that which we can no longer do without, is what will lead our world to destruction. Just imagine the chaos if we had to lose one of the most important contributors to our comfort, electricity or energy.

With plastic came an ecological destruction I don’t think we quite realize, but sadly also one of the “Marvels” the average person cannot go without. How long will our oceans survive, and how many species will have to become extinct so we can have a smart device to avoid human interaction. We live in a plastic world, making it more fake than many people and it’s destroying the world as we know it. And it’s quite disturbing how many of us realize this, but perhaps we have reached the point of no return as a species.

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.

— Albert Einstein

The Lack Of Common Sense

In a world where everything can be searched on Google, what could possibly go wrong when our technological knowledge depend on the very technology we build? But, that’s just “In My Opinion” and the way I view the world.

Let’s use an everyday (Often resulting in road rage) occurrence, and see how common sense can also contribute to a much lower stress level. So the person driving next to you on the freeway or on roads in general indicates they need to change lanes. Now in peak traffic this can be exhausting, we all know what I’m talking about right? Then how many seconds (In the traffic at 20km/hour) would you save in arriving at your destination by being inconsiderate and just cut the person off.

What could have been avoided if you just yielded for maybe 3 seconds, and also contributed to a smoother traffic flow. We need to learn to tolerate one another because the international population have increased from around 1 Billion people in the early 1800’s, and are currently estimated at around 7, 500, 000, 000 people.

At these rates the UN allegedly estimates a population of around 9.8 Billion people by 2015, based on a 30% growth rate. Based on these findings, we may very well be facing a population of 16 Billion people. That’s more than double what we are now, and already fresh water resources and oceans are taking enormous damage for daily increase in demand for more plastic devices to do more harm.

Paying attention to detail is not a disorder, it’s a blessing because it keeps the mind active and feeds common sense. Awareness these days are normally replaced with head phones or Bluetooth devices, as we ease deeper into a connected but imminently destructive pattern.

Albert Einstein Once SaidI fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.

I don't care that they stole my idea. I care that they don't have any of their own.

— Nikola Tesla

Destroying The Air We Breath

The Air We Breath
The Air We Breath | Source

People Don't Think Much Anymore

With easy accessibility to an ocean of information and pretty much anything, the illusion appears that thinking may not be necessary. Perhaps it’s just in our nature to always look for the comfortable option, and that which is not needed may end up forgotten.

We have spell-check, so there’s that and a calculator on every device we carry having absolutely no desire of actually thinking and calculating manually. We have formulas to calculate pretty much everything from space travel to civil engineering wonders, and I really hope we find another planet soon because this one is going to get annoyingly crowded.

Ever Increasing Demand

Demand At Saturation Point
Demand At Saturation Point | Source

Honor, Decency And Consideration

Seemingly another two exceptionally rare attributes along with Consideration that is on the “Extinction” list in human evolution. In a world where Greed replaced principals (Doing the right thing even if you’re standing alone), and Love get misdirected as Lust. A world where helping a stranger can be a trap, and kindness can lead to a lawsuit.

Sadly there are those individuals exploiting the sincerity of others, can this be another point of no return we have reached where there is lesser reason each day to trust one another? Emotions are becoming “Emoticons” as our world slip further away from that personal touch. Which we no longer can afford to accommodate with so many new diseases developing we’re lose count.

We tend to comfortably overlook the needs of others, because it seems lesser than our own. But somewhere there will always be someone happy with less than you have. Just how much is actually enough and how big a price are we willing to pay?

This Is The New World Where Numbers Count

But it is also the world where the little guy get considered less, so the larger guy can profit more. The Greed that replaced compassion, and the flip side to that coin where compassion get exploited. Instead of doing the Right Thing, we choose to do the Profitable Thing because of pressure from higher up in a job that focus on purely profits. But more disturbingly, will we ever be able to change that and still meet the production or productivity demand in an ever growing population?

A world where numbers count to the extreme that we’re burning up resources for electricity, when we have a Sun bursting with energy. A Sun so large we can fit 1,300,000 Earths inside the Sun, but more money can be made by burning resources for profit. And sadly we are at a point where jobs are dependent on these methods and many destructive others which may result in famine should it discontinue.

The Power Grid Devouring natural Resources

Electrical Supply Demand
Electrical Supply Demand | Source

This Is Just Some Of My Concerns

With an ever increasing population, how long do we truly have on this planet as a species in a Technological world advancing exponentially. Are we being misdirected with things like the danger of smoking (And I’m not saying it’s a good habit), when the real danger is in fact pollution? How else would people be dying of lung emphysema that has never touched a cigarette in their lives?

I think these two factors are what will lead to our survival outcome as a species, and it’s alarming when one consider the possibility of irreversible damage. And when we think of the ecological impact of a growing technological demand contributing to an ever increasing waste build-up.

Where will all the waste go, of an estimated 16 Billion people by 2100 which is 82 years from now? And then that is not only material waste, but sewerage among others. It all has to go somewhere, and all of it stays right here on this rock with us.

Perhaps I’m just being paranoid or perhaps I think too much but I’m luckily not the only one, which I’m quite certain of. Everything has a beginning and an end, life always finds a way and we’ve seen that many times on our own planet. The question is, will we be part of that life that finds a way?


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