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Ted Cruz: One Last Shot

Updated on July 21, 2016

One Last Shot Before November

Can we agree that God is good? Can we agree that God keeps his promises? That his Word is his bond? God is not a liar and there is an entire book devoted to God's goodness, love, and promises called the Bible. God made a promise to Israel: "If you obey my commands, I will be your God and you will be my people." God said this. He meant this. And then, he departed from his people. What happened?

August 6, 2015, Fox News Channel; The first Presidential debate for the GOP. The Moderator asked for a show of hands of who would support the GOP nominee no matter who he would be. Everyone rose their hand, inluding Ted Cruz, except Donald Trump. Donald later agreed that if the GOP treated him fairly, he would pledge to support whoever the nominee would be. His personal conduct was scrutinized severely by the other candidates and the media, save Ted Cruz (who instead opted to keep his attacks based on politics and track record).

Maybe everyone has forgotten Donald Trump's whiny threats that he was being treated unfairly and would run 3rd party it if continued. Maybe everyone forgot how he defended Planned Parenthood's butchery of little babies. Maybe you never considered that the way Ted Cruz feels about Trump has more to do with the dignity of his father and his wife. I'm sure his wife and his father have shrugged it off by now, but not Ted. Not a loyal husband and loving son. It's easy to move past wrongs committed against one's self, but when you attack someone's loved ones, you better believe there is going to be hell to pay.

Ted Cruz made a promise to support his political opponent if they so happened to oust him in the arena of ideas. Until March, he held to his guns that he would support Trump if he was nominated as the GOP candidate. After Trump attacked his wife, he and Heidi quickly got past it and moved forward. But then Trump did the unthinkable. He picked up a tabloid story from the National Enquirer (which by the way, is owned by one of Trump's friends), that accused Ted Cruz's father of conspiring with Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate John F. Kennedy. What's worse, Trump ran with the story as though it were true! I could imagine what Cruz was thinking at that point, "My opponent is willing to say and do anything, including destroying me and my family, to win this nomination." Trump was no longer a political enemy. He had become a personal enemy.

Now, why did God leave his people? Didn't he break his promise? No. The promise was conditional and the Israelites broke their part of the promise by pursuing foreign gods. Thus the promise was null and void. Trump made it clear that, from his perspective, the pledge was conditional, based on how fairly he was treated by the GOP. If that is the prerequisite, why is it foul play for Cruz to hold other candidates to that standard??

Correct me if I am wrong, but accusing another man's father of assassinating JFK, aside from being a little nutty, is below the belt. The claim was about as substantive as claiming that Cruz was not an American, or that Cruz had maligned Dr. Carson's campaign. Didn't someone else claim that Dr. Carson was a pathological liar? Oh yeah, Donald Trump did that as well! It's one thing for someone to attack your character. It's another thing to make up lies in order to do that.

For the sake of integrity, I will say that Cruz should support Donald Trump as the nominee. Speaking at the convention and not endorsing him was not a smart move on Cruz's part. But he is no way obligated to endorse Donald Trump's campaign.

I will vote for Donald Trump in November. I will vote for him no matter what at this point. I will defend Trump and make it clear that he is a far better candidate for President than Hillary Clinton. But don't tell me that Ted Cruz's loyalty to Donald Trump or the GOP is more important than his loyalty to his wife, his father, or his sacred honor.


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    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 18 months ago

      I agree that Cruz is a good lawyer. Having spoken before the Supreme Court (7) times, there is no doubt about that. But I work with Super Lawyers. Most of them have a high degree of integrity. Whether he has failed at Conservatism remains to be seen.

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of pissants promisem and deantraylor 18 months ago from TWO OF THE MANY LYING LIB CRYBABIES OF HUB PAGES

      I used to feel Cruz was a true conservative but in actuality all the stands he took for conservatism accomplished nothing and he knew at the time they wouldn't. When he had the chance to take a stand for conservatism when it would have accomplished something he didn't.

      First he didn't advocate rallying behind just one candidate who could beat Trump in the primary, he should have been the first to admonish the candidates to do so for the sake of conservatism. He should have offered to step down if they could all rally around one conservative. The only reason Trump won was the so called "conservatives" split the vote, Trump was smart because he knew the Republican candidates only give lip service to conservatism to further their own personal agendas and he knew they would not do what needed to be done to defeat him even though 60% of the electorate was voting against him.

      Secondly he has passed on defeating Hillary at any cost in this case putting his personal pride above the country.

      Bottom line is Ted Cruz is a lawyer, a good lawyer. That is the only thing he really is and is good at, and you know what they say about lawyers. I think he has failed at conservatism and failed at politics. He should go back to lawyering.

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 18 months ago

      Thank you. And by the way, most high profile Republicans currently in office, didn't even bother to show up at the RNC. Cruz spoke at the convention and he spoke remarkably well. (He is a superb orator after all.) My point is that he showed up. That's the most that Trump should have expected given the vile things he said about Cruz's father and wife. Had Trump been man enough to apologize, Cruz might have said the words, "I endorse Trump." I am glad Ted Cruz did what he did. I appreciate that he strolled confidently off the stage, amidst the booing, the stony face of Ivanka, and the surprised faces of the other Trump children. Worked for me!!

    • profile image

      Preacherbill174 18 months ago

      Your questions are good. I, unfortunately am a brutal realist. Fortunately, that also allows me to be gracious to many of the candidates we have seen thus far.

      All candidates have egos. And in one form or another, they all seek personal gain. But we would be lying to ourselves if we claimed we don't. Even the most selfless Bible believing Christian must admit that suffering for Jesus would not be worth it, if we were not guaranteed an inheritance in heaven. Having said that, all politicians have their flaws, as well.

      I believe, Ted Cruz seeks personal gain, but is also rooted in the fact he wants to see America be what it was intended to be.

      Donald Trump seeks personal gain to immortalize himself in history as the one who saved America.

      ...I am okay with both of these motifs.

      Hillary Clinton seeks personal gain because she can't live with the thought of being a middle-class American. Her motivation starts with her and ends with her.

      I can't throw Ted Cruz overboard like many have done. His political track record is as pristine as they get. I hope he and Trump can bury their differences because Trump needs Cruz, whether he knows it or not, and America needs Cruz. I have no trust for Congress right now. McConnell and Ryan are embarrasments. Without Cruz, Trump's Presidency could easily, inadvertently, spin out of control.

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of pissants promisem and deantraylor 18 months ago from TWO OF THE MANY LYING LIB CRYBABIES OF HUB PAGES

      Well if you remember, Donald Trump reneged on HIS pledge to support the Republican candidate no matter who it was later for the sole reason he felt he was being treated "unfairly."

      I respect Ted Cruz for making the point that he did in answering the question later why he did it, that he can't support anyone who attacks and disparages his family. If that's THE REASON he can't, well more power to him.

      But if, as many other pundits, the media believe, he is doing this SOLELY as a big gamble, a plan that was carefully scripted:

      "snub Donald Trump by not endorsing him at the Republican convention on Wednesday night. Unleash a stirring cry for conservative values that would evoke memories of Ronald Reagan’s 1976 clarion call at Gerald Ford’s coronation. That show-stealing speech set Reagan on a glide path to the 1980 nomination, which is what Cruz is hoping for in 2020."

      If that is actually his motivation and his plan then he is nothing but a calculating self aggrandizing politician like all the rest, calculating every move he makes to get him closer to winning the presidency, which means if he thought endorsing Trump would be the path to the presidency in 2020 that's what he would have done.

      Which is the Ted Cruz you believe he is? I for one am sick of politicians, like the Clintons, who are only interested in their own futures above the future of the country, that is what is wrong with this country and the reason why people have to say make America to be great again, take America back from these charlatans!

      Ted may be the altruistic candidate he claims to be but in my mind he acts more like the lawyers and politicians I am used to. Calculating every word and appearance and action to result in their own personal aggrandizement and in the end seldom if ever going down for the cause of conservatism which all Republicans give so much lip service to but NEVER seem to actually deliver.

      If the slander of his father and wife was his motivation to not endorse Trump why didn't he just say that in his speech but then say for the sake of the nation and the destruction Hillary would bring we have no choice but to vote for Trump and take a chance on him but I guess like they say he felt screw the nation, I'm taking the gamble on me. Not in my opinion the patriotic thing to do.