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Ted Rall - The Chameleon

Updated on November 8, 2011


A Bend-With-The-Wind Commentator

The unending, prissy-like shriek of Ted Rall ranting about anyone and everything has become an intolerable bore. His relentless negativism and churlishness serve no useful purpose. In the years that I've read him, he has never offered a single down-to-earth solution about any problem.

Perhaps Rall thinks that the more shrill, the more derisive and ear-piercing he becomes the better his chances at being able to retain his shaky job as an opinion writer and cartoonist. If that's his strategy, it isn't working. I'd rather read Ann Coulter. At least she provides a few good chuckles. Rall has become increasingly irrelevant. His latest advice is "not to vote" and to "revolt" -- violently if necessary.

The man may see himself as the second-coming of Trotsky, with his anti-American manifesto (pure shtick), but the hyperbole has worn way too thin to be entertaining. Ted used to be funny (to a certain extent), but he has been unable to evolve his act with the times.


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