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DFW Teen Voice Prosperous&Thriving Youth talk on"How to work on Foreign Policy Yr.of 2003"with Congressman Pete Sessions

Updated on July 3, 2011

TEEN VOICE Educational Project Guest Speaker Congressman Pete Sessions held at SMU

Founder Patricia Ross TEEN VOICE


The USA has become more diversified in business from growth over the past 200 years. The Who, What and Where of our developing Country USA to be discussed with our leaders are necessary as we go into out future with foreign policy. Although, we have deal with other issues.

During the year of 2003 when TEEN VOICE Prosperous & Thriving Youth was in Production of discussing this issue foreign policy, I was really dying inside. As the Teen Voice Project was in progress of presenting the issue of foreign policy as related to my health I would ask the question to myself will this Project be birth for the current generation and the generation to come to know this issue has to be discussed?. My health condition was at it's worst but knew the goal, purpose and mission of Teen Voice gave me daily meaning to get up and not to lay down and die with my health condition. I mention this because an objective, goal purpose gives you a inner voice to keep going and to face your challenge. So, to discuss foreign policy in this generation with our leaders and the generation to come gave me strength to accomplish my dream.

So, I worked on my goal and dream TEEN VOICE Prosperous & Thriving Youth. reference articles on

My hearts goal has been to make the difference in our youth and communities. So, as you listen to our youth discuss foreign policy and being founder of TEEN VOICE Prosperous & Thriving Youth we must work, deal and discuss still the current issue foreign we continue to make and move into the future. As the USA and as other Countries trade in commerce with the USA in order to have a brighter future foreign policy is the current subject.

Here is the dialogue which Teen Voice youth discussed as a diversified group of youth and are of different Ethnic Background. came together to make the difference in the year 2003. Purely from growth over the past 200 years development the Who, What, Where and When is here and what decisions will our leaders make as we go into the future. So, to discuss our economy foreign policy should become an issue of each of us which will make the difference today in the USA and communities.



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      DFW TEEN VOICE 6 years ago

      Keep America Free by continuing to discuss "How to work on Foreign Policy"

    Teen Voice Prosperous and Thriving Youth. How To Work Through Foreign Policy In Year 2003

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