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Teflon Trump: What Is the Appeal?

Updated on June 20, 2020

Like a pan or container coated with non-sticking Teflon, President Trump seems to have a similar coating. Despite the many Republicans that have bravely chastised him for things A to Z, despite numerous former Trump appointees in his White House or Cabinet calling him names and incompetent after Trump either fired them or they resigned for not agreeing with him, despite the news media, even at times, Fox, for blaming him for just stupid decisions about national security, domestic race issues, or his handling of the corona virus, nothing seems to stick.

Trump was right when he said he could get away with anything, he could and he has! He is like a modern-day Hitler-like persona that has hypnotized millions of followers willing to walk off a cliff for him. His political rallies, despite the dangerous virus pandemic in the USA that has killed over 100,000 and is still out there, are jammed pack with devout followers willing to cause chaos for him if one opposes him. These followers are like the "Brown shirts" of the Hitler supporters back in 1930s as that man rose to power and mesmerized Germany to follow him to WW2.

Trump's rallies draws tens of thousands into huge sporting arenas and they are still often filled up with large numbers outside of the arena eagerly awaiting to hear their leader who cannot do no wrong. On the flip side, Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential challenger in the 2020 election, does the proper things, like wears a mask, holds televised events, no rallies, due to the virus and recommendations of medical professionals. Biden can hardly draw 5,000 supporters at a rally.

Hitler, like Trump, was an outsider and unknown but gradually came to power in the 1930s. His supporters were devout. He was like a God to them. He was against the status quo then and in his own way, elected to clean the German swamp of political appointees only to create his own far worse swamp to reflect this narcissistic, racist, man's beliefs. Even the Germans that did oppose him failed and sometimes killed if they were too much of a threat.

Like a Hitler persona to some degree, Trump, has that in-your-face appeal for many. Nothing sticks when it comes to the wrongs he has done. His followers just all look the other way when confronted or deflect the argument to other topics. Trump remains an outsider today, just doing whatever he thinks is right in the same selfish manner, there are only a few checks on him. His supporters love this about him, he speaks like them at the rallies as if he is one of them, when he is really just acting on a reality TV show. It is HIS show.

But in November, when the voting starts, I think America will finally put an end to the Trump charade unless something happens in-between. The debates between Trump and Biden will provide much entertainment and insight about which man is best. Tempers will flare revealing a darker image as barbs are tossed. Trump will attack for sure, Biden will remain composed until he becomes unhinged. Then the nuclear exchange happens.


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