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Tell Me Our Healthcare System Isn't Corrupt and I'll Punch You In The Face

Updated on August 6, 2016

Here's a story, and it's true.

A man has battled depression and bipolar disorder for much of his adult life. He knows there's a problem, but he can't do anything about it. Why? Well, because he doesn't have insurance of course. Not only does this man battle his demons in the mind, but he also suffers from a disease that comes on in attacks. But he doesn't have regular healthcare. Why? I just told you. He doesn't have insurance and they could give a shit.

So he goes through this for years. He can't work because he's sick. He doesn't have a family yet because he's too depressed to make the effort or because he doesn't feel like he deserves one. This man is only 27 years old. He is loved by many people, but he doesn't see it. So he gets upset and takes too many pills. He realized what he did and called an ambulance. He was picked up and taken to the hospital.

The man told the hospital staff what he had done. They put him in a room and started an IV. They drew blood from him. They didn't, however, hook the IV up to anything. They only started it. After these two tests, and knowledge of what had happened, he sat there in that room.


And he sat.

And he sat.

For five hours this man sat in the examination room without being touched again. So what does he do? He gets pissed off and leaves. Wouldn't you? Fuck it. They're not going to help me, may as well go die at home in peace.

So this man goes home. His family found out what he had done and rushed to his home. They find him vomiting blood and terrified. He does not want to die! He's sorry, he didn't mean to do this! So they rushed him to another hospital.

Once the man gets to the hospital, he's placed in the Intensive Care Unit. Shortly afterward, he falls unconscious. His liver and pancreas are slowly failing because of the drugs. His family sits by, praying to God for a miracle. They ask their friends to get on their knees and beg God to help. They love him so much and they can't let him go. Not yet. He's too damn young!

He's in the ICU in a coma. The doctor tells the family there's only one way he can survive. If one of his siblings is a match for a liver donor, he may have a chance. The family is living on hope and this is wonderful news! He may survive! They just have to get everything together in order to send them to the new hospital in a bigger city.

The next morning, before they could send the family to the new hospital, the man passed away. He left behind many family and friends. The loved ones are so sad, so angry, so confused, so betrayed. Why did he do it? Wait a minute, he realized he messed up. Why didn't the hospital save him? They could have saved his life. THEY COULD HAVE SAVED HIS LIFE!!! But they didn't do anything for him. Why?

No insurance.


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  • Twelveangels profile image


    4 years ago from Parma Heights, Ohio

    Okay I have this to say..... I am 28 years old and barely made it there because I too oded on pills a few years ago intentionally. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital and they gave me a small dose of charcoal and let me sit there until I fell into a coma. I was then transferred to the ICU and cared for there until I woke up. Insurance or no insurance. But here's the catch I TOLD them I took the pills I told them how many I took and everything I could about the pills I took. If he didn't tell them what he took or how much he took they may have assumed it was a minor case of I took one too many pills and my stomach hurts or something of that matter. I am sorry for your loss and I would never let this go unanswered I would get to the bottom of why he had to suffer like this.

  • BeccaHubbardWoods profile imageAUTHOR

    Becca Hubbard-Woods 

    8 years ago from Outside your window.

    Patrick, thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy your insight.

    Cheeky, It is absolutely disgusting the way it works. This story is all too common. After posting this hub I've heard many other stories that are similar, and it never fails to make me sick. The rich get richer and damned be the poor. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Cheeky Girl profile image

    Cassandra Mantis 

    8 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

    Did Healthcare make the world a better place or just a few companies? It is supposed to work better than this. This should not have been the outcome here with this person. This is showing what is obviously wrong with the whole system. I would hate to have to rely on a healthcare system like that. Look at Cuba and their Health system, A broke country, but the health care works fine...

    Great and very informative hub!

  • patrick fealey profile image

    patrick fealey 

    8 years ago from California

    becca, it's a tragic and common tale. you're one of the witnesses who has spoken out. it is too late for your friend, but we have only yet to hang out the medical "professionals" to dry (unfortunately, probably with the help of lawyers. after all, this is the richest country in the history of the world and doctors take an oath to help their fellow man. i hope that in your chosen field you can effect policy, both locally and nationally. i had a 20-year-old girlfriend who became psychotic. i urged her for a year before she was that bad to seek medical treatment, but she procrastinated. i knew she was bipolar, as am i, and she benefitted from occassionally taking my meds. finally, she was to the point where she was hearing things, so she went to the local mental health agency, the same place i went. they turned her away because she lacked insurance. a couple months later she was dead by inadvertant suicide, swallowing too many painkillers. she'd said to me about her medical experience, "i wait that long to go and when i do, they won't see me. fuck it." it turned her off to seeking free clinics outside the county. she was so discouraged. a few months later i was at an appointment and told my shrink about my friend who had been turned away by her company and wound up dead. from then on, she refused to talk about my girlfriend (even though that was the most pressing issue in my life.)i think that's called liability. when the drug reps used to come, she'd cut my appointments short. that's called kickbacks.

  • BeccaHubbardWoods profile imageAUTHOR

    Becca Hubbard-Woods 

    8 years ago from Outside your window.

    entertainment, thanks for reading.


    I don't mind the emotional response, as it was a very emotional hub. I wrote it within minutes of getting the news that he was gone. I still find myself angry with the system and completely devastated at the same time. He was laid to rest four days ago, so it's still very fresh in my mind.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. I feel the emotions you feel, most likely not to the same extent, but still. There's no reason why this hub should even have been written.


    The world revolves around money. People like me who grew up poor (I mean dirt poor) and still work for money are given the boot. This man was like me, dirt poor. Perhaps that's why we were so close growing up. We shared a lot of the same struggles.

    I've heard of the healthcare package that's been proposed and pardon me for my bluntness, I think it's all a bunch of bullshit. How stupid is it to make people buy insurance who can't afford it in the first place. UUUGGGGHHHH!!!

    I watched the film called Sicko, and it was when I first started out in school. I sat and questioned myself if I could really work for these money-hungry, heartless people. Now THIS happens and once again, can I really work for these money-hungry, heartless people? I know one thing is for sure, I will never, ever work for that hospital. I will starve first.

  • Ghost Whisper 77 profile image

    The IGNITER vs Corrupted Governments 

    8 years ago from The U.S. Government protects Nazi War Criminals

    When you don't have health care insurance and you can't give them the 'almighty'dollar--they will make you wait 5 hours-50 days-50 months--yes-you will die--they are doing it now--and when the healthcare package comes along--well lets just say that most people can barely make rent-bills and food-gas. They will not have money to buy this package--and they will get fined-they will have less money-they will go to jail for not buying what they can not afford even with a law passed--if they couldn't afford it in the first place--how do they think that families/people will able to pay it after it is passed! Paleeeeeeeeeeeze.

    The health care package is a death package-wrapped up in pretty little paper with bow!

    That man shouldn't have died-he was neglegted by the hospital staff-no doubt due to no insurance--as for families being blamed-even if the family had driven him there-he would still have sat for 5 hours because he didn't have health care! Do you have health insurance? Have a serious situation and see how they treat you if you don't have insurance--otherwise shhhhhhushhhhhhh. I know--and it is due to lack of MONEY!

    Sorry to hear of this death-and Mike's Brother--you are so right! So very sad!

  • Mike Lickteig profile image

    Mike Lickteig 

    8 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

    Our health care system is a sham. It is dehumanizing. It is demeaning. It is indeed corrupt. My brother passed away a few years ago from pancreatic cancer. He felt severe pains and went to the emergency room. It was from this emergency room visit that it was discovered he had cancer.

    Well, his health insurance didn't want to pay for the emergency room visit, asserting that a diagnosis of cancer should have been made by his doctor under the auspices of a standard office call--not emergency room treatment.

    So, they were telling him that having a few months to live isn't an emergency????? It was the most pathetic thing I had heard in a long time.

    Becca, thanks for writing this. I may be responding emotionally, but I'm 100% with you on this one.


  • entertianmentplus profile image


    8 years ago from United States

    Interesting hub thanks..

  • BeccaHubbardWoods profile imageAUTHOR

    Becca Hubbard-Woods 

    8 years ago from Outside your window.

    Well, I'm angry at the situation. I'm not trying to imply that all hospitals are like this. Just the one that was mentioned here. As a matter of fact, I'm in school to work with insurance companies (BS in Health Administration). It's this hospital I'm so angry at because this is not the first time something like this has happened there. I know what the title implies, and yes, I was very angry when I began this hub. This man was one of my best friends.

    As for seeking help for his mental health, we have one mental health center here. It's called Riverbend and they will only see patients who can pay $300 per visit or have the insurance they subscribe to. The family also tried to seek out independent psychologists from all around, with no help there either. He simply didn't have enough money for that. They tried, unsuccessfully, for years to help him find a doctor that would work with him, but none would.

    It sickens me to think of my friend sitting in this hospital, dying, with no one caring enough to help him.

    It has honestly made me so mad that I've second guessed my career choice.

    Thank you for stopping by and offering your view. : )

  • Insurance Menthor profile image

    Insurance Menthor 

    8 years ago

    Your angry at the system. I am sorry to hear of his death.Death of a close friend or family member hurts. I know the pain.No one would wish that on anyone.

    What I am more concerned about is where was the family to help him. If everyone knew about his condition why did they not contact the many health care agencies and orginazations that help work with people that have his depression problems. It looks to me that a lot of people could have stepped in to help this young man, from family to doctors.

    Sometimes we jump to the wrong conclusion as to where the problem actally lies.

    However, I agree that the hospital seems to need a reality check. (Five hours without a nurse or anyone stopping in to check on him is hard to beleive) On the other hand I know people that have insurance and have waited in a hospital room just as long as that.

    Sorry to hear of his loss...


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