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Tell me what gun laws have stopped any mass shootings

Updated on December 13, 2015

What gun laws have stopped any mass shootings from happening? The answer is none not a one has ever stopped a mass shooting from happening. I know some of you will ask well what gun has prevented a mass shooting from happening? Well I can name 12 from where a gun has helped stop a mass shooting from happening and one of those 12 has even been published in people magazine.

The reason why you did not know about this because of two thing one is the media they just don't want you to know because our media is censored and the second people just don't want to research to find the real facts about mass shootings. On what gun laws helped stop them or what gun help prevent one from happening.

1. Pearl high school

In October 1st, 1997 Mr. Luke Woodham age 16 stabbed his mother at home before heading to his high school and opened fire on his fellow students. Where he killed two of his classmates and injured seven others. The Assistant Principal Joel Myrick heard the gun fire and ran to his truck and grabbed his .45 caliber Colt 1911. When he saw Myrick with his .45 cal Woodham stopped his attack and he was detained which stopped him from killing any more students. Myrick also PREVENTED another mass shooting because Woodham also planned to go across a street to the middle school and shot some more people that he told authorities when he was in custody.

This will help agree that teachers need to be trained and armed to protect our loved ones.

2. Parker Middle school

On April 24, 1998 a 14 year old boy showed up to his middle school dance with a .25 caliber handgun. He opened fire and killed one teacher and wounded two students. The little rampage ended when a gun owner James Strand the owner of the banquet hall where the dance was happening at and grabbed his shotgun. Strand confronted the teen at gunpoint for eleven minutes before the teenage boy finally dropped the firearm and laying on the ground. Then Strand walked up to him and searched him to see if he had anymore weapons before police arrived.

3. Appalachian School of Law

On January 16, 2002 a 43 year old former student with his .380 hand gun killed three people plus wounding three other before being confronted by two people with their own personal firearms then held him down until police arrived. The sad part about this is that the two students that confronted the gunman lost valuable time because they had to run to the vehicles to grab their guns. The reason for that is their campus is a gun free zone campus so maybe no one had to die or get wounded if there was no gun free zone to PREVENT them from carrying.

You still think having gun free zones is a good idea to have when them as well never stopped a mass shooting.

4. New Life Church

On December 9, 2007 a gunman by the name of Matthew James Murray walk into the church with a Bushmaster AR-15 and killed two parishioners were killed and 3 wounded. After hearing the gun fire Mrs. Jeanna Assam grabbed her conceal carry can confronted Mr. Murray at then he opened fire at her. She replied with five quick shots back and missed so she moved in closer. (straight up G.I. Jane right there) She yelled at him saying drop the gun or I will kill you. Murray opened fire spraying the wall as Assam fired back wounding the gunman in his shoulder. When she approached the gunman he was trying and reach for the pin of his grenade saying ill kill you all and Mrs. Assam put two more rounds in him to save more lives.

5. New York Mills AT&T Store

On May 27, 2010 a 79-year-old man entered an AT&T store in New York Mills, New York carrying a .357 magnum revolver in his hand and a list of employees he planned to kill in his pocket. Hearing the hand cannon go off, Donald J. Moore an off duty police officer drew his own personal weapon and killed the gunman before he could complete his plan. One employee was wounded in the shooting.

6. Sullivan Central High School

On August 30, 2010 a 62-year-old man named Thomas Richard Cowan entered Sullivan Central High School armed with two handguns. One handgun being a .380 in his hands and the other a .25 cal in his back pocket. He went in the school and confronted the schools principle at gunpoint to her head. After a receptionist who observed the confrontation sounded an alert, the on campus officer that was stationed at the school Sheriff Carolyn Gudger confronted Cowan and held him there until more officers showed up and then they were force to shot and kill Cowan.

Maybe if we decide not to arm teachers why not at least have a soldier or a office stationed at the school to protect our children

7. Freewill Baptist Church

On March 25, 2012 the gunman Jessie Gates with his shotgun in hand started to walk up to the church. When Aaron Guyton saw the gunman coming up to the church he hurried and closed and locked the doors but it wasn't enough to stop Gates. Gates kicked in the door and when that happened Guyton hurried and grabbed his conceal carry handgun and confronted the gunman at gunpoint and then two other people held him down and took away his shotgun and waited for the police to show up.

It’s a good thing I conceal carry in my church.

8. Clackamas Town Center Mall

December 11, 2012 a gunman with his rifle in hand opened fire in a food court killing two people and seriously wounding three others. Mr. Nick Meli a man that was shopping in the mall heard the gunshots and drew his personal firearm but did not fire because he was afraid of hitting any bystanders if he fired but that lone was enough to scare the gunman. When the gunman saw the Meli was about to fire the took his own life instead.

9. Mystic Strip Club

January 11, 2014 a man was denied entry to the strip club because of his rude behavior and racist comments. Thomas Elliott Hjelmeland then returned to his car and grabbed his hand gun then he shot three people two that were mildly injured and the other was put into a coma. The gunman was confronted but another gunman the bouncer Jonathan Baer who then drew his conceal carry and fired back before more people got hurt or possible killed. Baer shot the gunman which did end up ending Hjelmelands life.

10. Austin, Texas Construction Site

April 30, 2014 a former employee of the construction site opened fire on his former co-workers. When hearing the gun fire the foreman of the construction site grabbed his conceal and open fire back wounding himself and the gunman when the police showed up they arrested the gunman and the only people that got hurt we're the gunman and the foreman.

11. Cache Valley Hospital

May 16, 2014 Armed with two handguns, a man entered the Cache Valley Hospital emergency room and began making demands. After demanding to see a doctor, he racked the slide on one of his handguns and told hospital employees “someone is going to die today”. While a security guard tried to keep the gunman’s focus on him, two corrections officers who happened to be at the hospital on an unrelated matter engaged from another direction. The gunman was shot three times and no other people were harmed.

12. Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital

July 25, 2014 a patient of a psychiatric clinic shot and killed his case worker at point blank range and then pointed his gun at his doctor. Dr. Lee Silverman took several shots to his body but did not kill him. After the guy opened fire on his caseworker and doctor but before he was able to leave the office the brave doctor grabbed his concealed firearm and put three rounds into the gunmans torso mortally wounding the gunman stopping his rampage from happening any further.

Ending statement

I ask you again and anyone tell me what gun law helped stop any mass shooting from happening. You want more gun control, more gun laws when in my other blogs giving you evidence that gun control will not work. A lot of other blogs that I have read about how gun control can work and lots of people agreeing with it saying yes we do need more gun control. I asked each one this question. What gun control laws have helped prevent any mass shooting from happening? Not a single person could answer my question but i did get many replies well tell me what guns have ever prevented or stopped a mass shooting from happening. I just gave you 12 and the sad thing about it no media will ever tell you this because the media is controlled. I hope after you read all of this it will open your eyes and see the true big picture.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      2 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      Good examples

      And for those people that keep comparing us to other countries, this is not a valid comparison, because we are unique in the world.

      Our heritage is different, and our people are different just because it is America.

      The state of California has a larger population than many countries. Australia for example has only about 24 million people versus the 39 million people in CA.

    • Matthew Harvey profile imageAUTHOR

      Matthew Harvey 

      2 years ago from lake havasu city

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      You know, stricter gun laws would make it harder for these kinds of people to even buy guns. You can enact a MUCH harsher penalty on people who illegally own guns than you can on people who shoot up establishments with weapons they bought legally and didn't even need to register.

      Besides, all your examples are from America, where we have virtually no gun laws at all. You should look at the stats from Australia, where crime dropped significantly after guns were banned. You should look at crimes rates in European countries where guns are heavily regulated. Coincidentally, you'll also notice these nations have much better mental health care and labor unions to protect workers, thus preventing a majority of the issues that cause mass shootings in the first place.


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