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Ten Gay Myths That Need to Go

Updated on May 28, 2014
Identical twins Jason and Jarron Collins - only one is homosexual. The other is heterosexual. Many such examples prove that homosexuality is not genetic.
Identical twins Jason and Jarron Collins - only one is homosexual. The other is heterosexual. Many such examples prove that homosexuality is not genetic.

1. The Gay Gene. It is fashionable in the West to claim that some people are “born gay”. Wrong.

To make this a scientific reality there would have to be a genetic difference at conception in those who end up as homosexuals. No such difference has ever been established. The idea of being "born gay" did not start with scientists. It started with gay activists who wanted to find arguments for being classified along with black people and women, both of whom are a genetic group. But geneticists are adamant that all genes in all species have one purpose in their existence – to further reproduction. That indeed is the condition of their existence. Any gene that hindered this would be a non-starter in evolutionary terms. Rather than following science, the “born gay” lobby has just made up their own science. It is a complete fallacy. A book called "After the Ball" published in America admitted that the idea was false but suggested spreading it as an effective tool of gay extremist propaganda. After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90's, by Marshall Kirk & Hunter Madsen [Plume Mass Market Paperback.]

Thirty years ago few homosexuals thought that they were born gay. Nowadays most think so, as they have been influenced by the propaganda for that view. Actually people go through life editing and inventing their own memories, so that once you believe you were born gay, you will revise your own past to fit that image.

2. "Being Gay is just like being black". Wrong. They have nothing in common. They are two different sorts of category. Being black is simply a matter of skin colour. Homosexuality is a form of behaviour, and raises many moral and health issues.

Homosexuals have never been enslaved like black people in America. They have never been excluded from voting, or made to pay a special tax, as have Jews (or Christians under Islamic rule). Homosexuals have never been denied the vote or denied the right to enter parliament, as women have. They have never been denied education, as women and poor people have been all over the world, nor have they been kept out of the professions. They have never been "segregated" in the insulting way black people were in the 1950s. So to compare themselves to black people is just wrong. It's part of a campaign of self-pity...

Gays claim they have always been persecuted and oppressed but it is very difficult to find any country in the world where female homosexuality has ever been illegal and even rarer for the penalties to have been imposed. It is far truer to say that lesbianism flourishes inside prisons than that lesbians have been sent to prison for being lesbian. As for the anti-sodomy laws found in many cultures (passed for health reasons), these were always imposed as severely on heterosexuals as on homosexuals. Therefore to regard them as a “persecution” of homosexuals is simply a fallacy.

Thieves, prostitutes and even adulterers have often faced far harsher penalties in law than homosexuals. In Eastern countries today, women are still publicly flogged for adultery.

3 Gay activists claim that homosexuals commit suicide because they are so bullied and victimized all over the world. Wrong.

What actually happens is that the gay lobby jumps to the conclusion that any murder of anyone who happens to be gay must be motivated by their sexuality, This is a fallacy. They misinterpret mugging and theft as "gay-bashing" when the truth is that heterosexuals are just as likely to suffer such attacks, The case of Matthew Shepard in 2004, made out to be "gay-bashing", was in fact nothing of the kind.

Research has never established any causal connection between societal intolerance and mental illness or suicide among homosexuals. In fact the statistics indicate higher levels of depression and suicide among homosexuals in countries like Holland where they can legally marry each other and the laws are the most pro-homosexual in the world. Many groups such as blacks, gypsies and Jews have been oppressed and abused but they have never had a higher suicide rate as a result of this, so the argument is illogical.

The fact is that there is a shocking amount of bullying reported by a wide range of people who are not homosexuals. 90% of people in England say that they experienced some form of bullying in their youth, ranging from teasing, ridicule and unpopularity to downright violence.

So it’s not that gays are bullied more, just that they are unstable and likely to commit suicide because of a bit of harmless teasing or commonplace insult that most people would ignore. The picture of gays as victims does not take into account the disturbingly high statistics of mutual harm by homosexuals, nor can it account for the high levels of suicide among those who are successful and certainly not bullied. Examples are the fashion designer Alexander McQueen :-

and another is the well-known homosexual therapist Bob Bergeron who wrote books on how to be happy and make the homosexual lifestyle fulfilling. In March 2012 he killed himself aged 49:-

One gay reader, Keith Kimmel, comments "We have so much suicide in our community, it really is sad.” His candour is illuminating. Bergeron's relationship had ended and his once-admired looks having faded, he had nothing to live for. Bergeron seems to have succumbed to the “Dorian Gray” syndrome i.e. feeling life is not worth living unless you are young. So, there is good reason to conclude that the real reason gays commit suicide is not bullying or “homophobia” - it is the depressing lifestyle they have chosen, at best sterile and youth-obsessed.

Many of the cases reported of LGBTs being victimized or murdered for their orientation are factually incorrect. Example: David Kato, a Ugandan gay activist, was murdered in 2011. LGBTs all over the world jumped to the conclusion that he had been killed by moral crusaders because he had been campaigning against Uganda’s laws on homosexuality. The following day U.S. President Barack Obama hastily denounced Uganda for “unconscionable bullying, discrimination and hate” and the European Parliament issued an official resolution condemning Uganda because of it. However, when the police revealed the full facts of their investigation, the story was very different. Kato had been killed by a rent-boy in a dispute over payment. The teenage prostitute had bludgeoned Kato over the head with a heavy object and then left him to die in his own locked flat. Kato’s ugly and sleazy death had nothing at all to do with “prejudice” “bigotry” “ homophobia”, “gay-bashing”, “intolerance” or any of the other clichés that the LGBT activists had so hastily applied. The Ugandan ambassador explained this but so far neither Obama nor the EP has issued an apology to Uganda.

Thousands of boys in Uganda slide into prostitution because of poverty, with little understanding of the health risks. Despite this, the US continues to fund pro-homosexual campaign groups all over Africa.

Furthermore, it seems that homosexuals enjoy fantasizing about being persecuted. It is a feature of their mentality. A college student at Central Connecticut State University was caught forging anti-gay notes to herself to attract sympathy and attention. A------ P-----, 19, reported getting hostile anti-gay notes in March 2012. She showed examples to the police and there was a mass protest march by hundreds of other students defending her from this “hate-campaign”. After police fixed hidden cameras near her doorway, she was videoed putting one of the notes under her own door. When confronted with this evidence she admitted that she had forged all of them because she enjoyed being perceived as a “victim”.

Here is a similar case of a homosexual couple who pretended to be bullied:-"05/19/2012 A-- W----h and C----l C-----n, two women in Parker CO., USA, complained to the police that their home had been vandalized and “Kill the gay” painted on their door. But after investigating it, the police concluded that the damage had been carried out by the pair themselves to get sympathy. “Through the investigation and from witness statements, it was determined that allegations of the incident were false,” said Douglas County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Cocha Hedyen. “Detectives were able to determine that the two women involved were responsible for the words that were spray painted on the garage and the placement of the noose on their own front door.” W-----h faces two counts of Criminal Mischief, one count of Forgery and one count of False Reporting. She was expected to surrender to authorities Thursday afternoon, Heyden said. C-----n was in custody facing two counts of Criminal Mischief and one count of False Reporting. At the root of the couple's clash with the HOA: Complaints that the women didn't pick up after their dogs."

And here is a case of a young man who pretended he was "gay-bashed" but his injuries were found to be self-inflicted:-

4. The politically "correct" view is to deny any connection between homosexuality and paedophilia. Unfortunately for that line of argument, many homosexuals openly campaign to legalize it. The denialist line of argument is relatively new, as until the mid-1990s, for thirty years the entire gay movement had openly campaigned to legalize pederasty, and most of the prominent gay activists in the Western world are implicated in this. The text of the 1972 Gay Rights Agenda as published by National Coalition of Gay Organizations of the USA Convention, held in Chicago in 1972, demanded the abolition of all age-of-consent laws, (along with the legalisation of prostitution, public soliciting for prostitution and polygamy). "Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent," was item number 7 on this agenda. This definitive text of the “gay rights” movement was in fact a charter for paedophilia and has never been amended or retracted. Paedophile groups in America, England, Holland and Canada are all dominated by male homosexuals. The opinion promulgated as "politically correct" among western liberals, that paedophiles have no gender preference, is wholly incompatible with the vast body of evidence available on paedophile activity world-wide and throughout history. Virtually all paedophiles have a gender preference and for a slight majority it is boys. NAMBLA the American group campaigning to legalize pederasty has frequently walked in Gay Pride marches and is officially affiliated to the American network of LGBT organizations. It was endorsed by Michel Foucault, and is openly supported by many prominent gay activists. Michel Foucault and David Reigel assert that the sexual molestation of children does no harm and the notion that it is does is a myth constructed by western society. Peter Tatchell, whose views are considered in England to be definitive of “gay rights” agenda has expressed the same opinion. Gay rights organisations work to further what they call “child sex rights” which means adults having access to under-16s without interference from parents or the law. A high proportion of the artists boasted of by the gay fraternity were actually pederasts – this includes writers Oscar Wilde and Allen Ginsberg.

Gays vacillate confusedly between denying any taste for pederasty and asserting that there is nothing wrong with it anyway.

5. The transsexual myth. Transsexuals claim that they need help from doctors because they were “born in the wrong body”. There is no scientific basis for this whatsoever, and in fact from the rational point of view, the claim simply does not mean anything. The view of experts in the field of scientific brain research is that such people have a “personality problem”. Nevertheless, health professionals have been browbeaten into accepting pseudo-science and prescribing sex hormones, or even surgery, to help the individuals change their appearance, rather than cure their delusion. These drugs can do damage to the patients and the surgery undoubtedly is harmful as it removes healthy organs. The outcome is a sterile person who is really of neither sex. Yet local councils actually fund departments to combat the non-existent threats of “transphobia” and “biphobia” as well as “homophobia”.This is particularly strange since the same people denounce any attempt to help an individual alter their sexual orientation. Not much consistency there!

6. Gay activists claim that the Christian Churches used to perform same-sex unions in the middle ages. This fallacy derives from a book by John Boswell, The Marriage of Likeness: Same-Sex Unions in Pre-Modern Europe (New York: Villard, 1994). Boswell was an American homosexual yet also a devout Roman Catholic, determined to make the church accept his sexual practices rather than bring himself to follow its teaching. He claimed that claimed that the mediaeval “adelphopoiesis”, a ceremony whose name means “the making of brothers”, was a form of homosexual marriage. To arrive at this conclusion he used mistranslation, misreading and omission to twist the source texts.

Possibly some of his errors are attributable to his failing health as like Michel Foucault, he was dying of AIDS when he wrote, but the book sets out to deceive. These ancient spiritual bonding ceremonies existed precisely to avoid anybody mistaking a pure relationship for a carnal one.[4][5][6] At no time did any church pronounce the brothers in Christ to be “married”, and there was no reason why they should not both subsequently marry women.

Other gay propagandists have pointed to the existence of homosexual marriage in ancient Rome. The mad and decadent Emperor Nero, who enjoyed rape and incest, went through a travesty of marriage with a boy called Sporus. However, when these “marriages” were performed, what happened was that the boy would dress up as a woman and become the “wife” i.e. catamite, of the older man. The catamite would adopt a female name and identity. Nero actually had the boy Sporus castrated before he married him, and after the “marriage” made him dress in female clothes and called him by the name of his dead wife, Sabina. After a series of such humiliating relationships, Sporus at the age of 20 committed suicide. It is to the credit of the Christian Church that when it came to power it outlawed such perversion. The same-sex partnerships of ancient Rome and Greece were temporary, ending when the boy reached the age of seventeen, and there is no evidence that these unions were recognized as marriage by any court of law. Furthermore there is much doubt about whether penetration was considered an acceptable part of them. Judging from surviving portrayals, it is more likely to have been intercrural stimulation. Eunuchs and catamites were held in low social esteem. All marriage ceremonies continued to specify a male and quasi-female role, therefore the underlying model of marriage remained the union of one man to one woman.

7. Gay activists claim that homosexuals are more talented than average and that many great geniuses have been homosexual. The truth is that homosexuals have always avoided the responsibility and the burden of caring for and supporting a family, therefore homosexuals had the time and the leisure to devote to art. Most heterosexual men have been compelled to sacrifice themselves to doing whatever will feed and house their families. Most heterosexual women have had babies in their hands, not pens or paintbrushes and millions have died in the complications of pregnancy and childbirth. When homosexuals depict their history as one of relentless persecution and victimization they are excluding the element of freedom and privilege. Gays cannot even make up their minds about what classifies you as homosexual. They claim that Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were homosexual for lusting after young boys - but they deny that Jerry Sandusky was homosexual and call him a paedophile. Their ideology is confused.

8. The “homophobia” myth. Gay fanatics claim that being a "homophobe" is a sure sign of being a repressed homosexual. That is about as logical as claiming that people who criticize capitalism secretly want to be a capitalist !!

Not only is there no evidence or logical support for this, there is actually no scientific basis for the term “homophobia” itself. It is a pseudo-scientific word invented by activists, not by psychologists or professional researchers. The word “homophobia” is meant to sound like “agoraphobia” (fear of open places) and “Claustrophobia” (fear of closed in places). “Homo” in Greek means the same, and phobia means an irrational fear, so if it meant anything it would denote fear of the same thing, or a fear of yourself. It is a term of confused insult for anybody who dares to challenge the latest gay twaddle. Those who challenge irrationality are accused of having an irrational anxiety! They are also accused of being “gay-haters”, a term of unjust abuse since nobody should be blamed for disliking fallacies and wanting to establish the truth. The sad fact is that gay activists have freely invented their own science, along with their own history and their own logic.

9. Gay activists claim that homosexual couples make just as good parents for children as heterosexual couples do, and there is no difference in outcome. This disagrees with the consensus of opinion in the field of child psychology, which emphasises the need for parents of each gender as role-models and regards children who lack a parent of each gender as having a developmental handicap. The Regnerus survey done in 2012 in the USA of over 3,000 adults aged 21-35 half of whom were brought up by homosexual couples revealed significantly higher rates of depression, suicide and unemployment in the second group, and lower statistics of being married or in a stable relationship. Children of same-sex households were more likely to end up being cared for by the state and less likely to graduate from college. They were also far more likely to categorize themselves as homosexual. The strength of the Regnerus survey was that not only did it take a far larger sample than any previous survey, but unlike previous surveys it questioned adults about their childhood and parenting, instead of just asking gay couples about their children. Naturally gay couples would tend to give positive information about their children. But the picture given by taking the statements of adults (who did not know what the purpose of the survey was) is more objective and quite different. Most damning of all. the survey revealed that children brought up by homosexuals are far more likely than average to be molested. This is because they come in contact with other homosexuals as well as their parents and step-parents. Regnerus's results were confirmed by another study published the following month.

In 'For Lesbian Parents: Your Guide to Helping your Family Grow Up Happy, Healthy, and Proud', lesbian mothers are encouraged to ask their daughters “if it’s hard sometimes not having a father. Let her know that you understand that sometimes it is hard.”

10. Gay activists claim that anybody who dissents from the gay extremist ideology must be a “religious fundamentalist”. Wrong. In fact most of the arguments against gay extremism are rational and scientific ones. Many famous atheists and sceptics such as Voltaire made it clear that they did not regard homosexuality as a good thing and were very aware of its drawbacks. Rational arguments include considerations of physical health, mental health, financial costs to society and loss of diversity as gay activists suppress other points of view. The atheistical regimes of communist Eastern Europe were all opposed to homosexuality and most still are.

11. Gay activists claim that any health risks of the homosexual lifestyle can easily be dealt with by means of antibiotics or just using a condom. Wrong. The number of people with HIV is rising world-wide and in the UK it is estimated that as many as 20% of gay men may be HIV positive. 5% are known to be and many more have not had a recent enough test or any test, therefore cannot be guaranteed clear. Some random surveys have come up with a 1-in-5 figure. Laissez-faire social attitudes have definitely been followed by a decline in health. The policy of “follow your lifestyle but wear a condom” has failed. Most condoms are not sturdy enough to stand up to anal intercourse and many homosexual practices are highly infectious and cannot be rendered safe by means of barrier methods. HIV cannot be cured only suppressed and slowed-down by drug treatment that is extremely expensive and has many side-effects. In the UK the NHS bill for keeping HIV patients on drugs is already approaching £1 billion per year and this does not include the cost of treating their other symptoms, physical and mental. The bill for operating on so-called "transgender" people or providing hormone treatment for them is also rising. Yet they deny that it is an illness! If it's not an illness, why does the Health Service have to pay for it?

As well as HIV, gays are far more likely than heterosexuals to suffer from MRSA [the so-called “superbug”], virulent strain syphilis (which is increasingly antibiotic-resistant), gonorrhea, chlamydia, venereal lymphatic disease, crab lice, scabies, dysentry, hepatitis, bowel cancer, anal cysts, and “gay bowel syndrome”. All of these conditions and complaints are threat to those who mix with homosexuals and none of them are guaranteed to remain curable in the future as 21st-century micro-organisms grow resistant to 20th-century treatments.

All over the world diseases are getting more and more resistant to antibiotics. See

A major part of the reason for this is gross over-use. Instead of avoiding infection and contagion, people in the West have taken for granted that antibiotics will eliminate any risk and homosexuals must bear a major part of the blame for this.

>>>The total number of people in the UK who have died in violent attacks on gay bars or pubs is less than a dozen. At the end of 2009, total deaths of people with an Aids diagnosis in the UK, numbered 15,180. That's lower than many other major European countries, such as Spain (44,883), Italy (36,210) and France (35,600), and close to Germany's figure of 14,065.

It is noticeable from the graphs that after anti-retroviral therapy became available on the NHS, the number of new HIV infections suddenly leapt from 3,000 to 8,000 per year, as homosexuals took more risks.

12. (Well, who can stop at ten when there are so many gay myths?) Gay fanatics claim that no homosexuals ever wish to alter their orientation and that all therapy to help them do so is enforced and harmful. That is a very biassed view. In fact there are thousands of people who are ex-homosexuals and some who say that therapy helped them. There is no proof at all that the therapy is dangerous, and even if it were, opponents, in order to have a case, would have to prove that its dangers were greater than that of remaining homosexual. That is not proved by any evidence. So in denying those who want to change the option of doing so, gay fanatics are imposing a tyranny on other people.

There are numerous books written by former homosexuals who state that they have changed their way of life. According to gay activists, these books either do not exist or are frauds. Read them first before you make up your mind. Janet Boynes, author of Called Out: A Former Lesbian’s Discovery of Freedom (Creation House), ministers around the world in churches and conferences, helping others find freedom in Christ. For more about her ministry, visit

Some members of APA assert that homosexuality can sometimes be changed and that therapy does no harm:-

APA does not endorse such treatment but does not condemn it either. There are many testimonies on the internet. See for example

A more surprising confession comes from David Bowie, the pop star, who once proclaimed he was bisexual but thirty years later confesses that he mainly did it out of a stubborn desire to defy all society's rules and norms.

13 The ancient Greeks regarded homosexuality as equal or superior to heterosexuality. Wrong. There were at least fifty different city-states in what we know as Greece, and the idea that homosexuality was important in the culture is based on only a minority of these. In many of the Greek city-states, homosexuality was never accepted or tolerated. In the broader ancient Greek culture, heterosexuality held its natural dominant position. The world-view of the ancient Greeks is best understood through its gods and its mythology. In Greek mythology sexuality is represented by Aphrodite, a female goddess, beautiful and desirable to men, who feels reciprocal desire for the male Ares (Mars). The king of the gods, Zeus, is a lustful philanderer who pursues many females and is only once attracted to a boy, Ganymede. The myth says that Zeus made Ganymede his cup-bearer, not his lover, or catamite. Any homosexual interpretation is optional. Ares, and Poseidon are all heterosexual. [Originally I mentioned Phoebus the sun-god here but it has been pointed out to me that he is really androgynous, so he does not count.] There is no homosexual god. So homosexuality is classified as an aberration, a minor exception to the heterosexual rule, and identified with pederasty. In the greatest of the Greek epic poems, the Iliad, the story revolves around the love of Paris for Helen, a beautiful woman. In its successor, the Odyssey, Ulysses is a heterosexual who returns home after twenty years to find his wife, Penelope. These great stories, interwoven with innumerable lesser stories, dominated the culture and reflected its fundamental assumptions. In the surviving Greek drama, heterosexuality is also the prevailing norm. The comedies portray domestic life in which households consist of a man and his wife. The tragedies concern families with a mother, father, sons and daughters. There are no Greek dramas about a homosexual love or a homosexual relationship. In the myths about homosexual relationships, the outcome is often tragic. Even the celebrated female poet, Sappho of Lesbos, most of whose works are tragically lost, was bisexual. She fell in love with a young man called Phaon and is supposed to have committed suicide because of this. This would be typical of the pattern commonly seen today. Exclusive lesbians are very rare. Most women classified as lesbian are bisexual and avoid men because of some negative experience.

14. Gay militants claim that they are subsidizing the heterosexual lifestyle through their taxes. This is a strange fallacy. It is the opposite of the truth. It goes right back to the Gay Rights Agenda of 1972, which demanded, "4. Elimination of tax inequities victimizing single persons and same-sex couples." But what are these tax inequities? They mean the allowances for married couples with children, allowances that are not inequitable, but essentially fair. The costs of bringing up a child are high and the work it involves is a major contribution to society. It is essential and deserves to be recognized as positive and worthy. Without these allowances, many children would live in poverty. Parents often make considerable sacrifices in order to support their children.They manage without luxuries and limit their spending on social activities because they have bills to pay for their kids. Childless couples by contrast can spend all their money on themselves. Advertising experts call homosexuals "dinkies" i.e. Dual-Income-No-Kids, and target this group for the sale of luxury items, designer clothes, exotic holidays, exclusive apartments, lavish restaurants, fast cars and membership of expensive clubs.

Taxes pay for the costs of running a government, a police force, a defence force, and maintaining the infrastructure of society. Do homosexuals drive on roads? Yes, so why shouldn't they pay for the building and maintenance of highways? Do homosexuals get defended by the army? Yes. Do they get the services of the police? Very often, and that means they have to pay for them. Do gays need law courts? Yes as much as anybody else. Do gays go to public libraries? Yes (if only to vandalize the books like famous pederast Joe Orton). Then what are they complaining about? It seems that what riles them is the fact that in most countries, there is some sort of public education and these schools get funding from the tax-payer. Since homosexuals can't have children, they seize on this chance for a grievance and complain that they are paying for other people's children. Even aside from its meanness and stinginess, this attitude is wrong. Firstly, it is fair for us all to pay back something to the society that paid for our own education. Gratitude is not a strong point among homosexuals! Secondly, when we pay for education we are not just paying for something that will benefit our own child. We are paying to live in a society where people are educated. Do homosexuals use shops and businesses? Then they must help pay for schools where people can learn to count and do arithmetic. Do homosexuals use books, TV and newspapers? Then it is fair they should pay for schools that teach people to read and write. Do homosexuals use cars and computers? Then it is fair they should pay towards the universities that train scientists and engineers who designed these things. Who will look after homosexuals in their old age? Doctors and nurses trained by colleges we all pay for. In countries with a national health system paid for out of taxes, homosexuals are a huge burden on the rest of society, because of the risks and diseases inherent in their lifestyle. The cost to the British tax-payer of keeping each HIV patient on drugs is currently £18,000 per year and it is going up all the time. The AIDS epidemic is not the only cost that heterosexuals have had to bear out of all proportion. Transsexuals demand expensive operations and life-long hormone treatment. It has been shown that lesbians are more likely that other women to smoke, to be alcoholics or drug-abusers and to be overweight. All of this means costs to the tax-payer in socialist systems. So, in conclusion, the claim that homosexuals "subsidize" heterosexuals is false.

15 “Gay rights” is a fixed known item that does not need any defining or limitation. The activists hastily categorize people as being pro-gay or anti-gay and accuse anybody who questions their myths of being a bully who is out to murder them. Wrong. In fact “gay rights” is a very problematical and tendentious term. What has happened is that since the 1960s, the homosexual movement has been gradually pushing the boundaries forward, further and further, adding more and more to their list of demands, and widening the definition of “gay rights”. It has got mission creep with a vengeance and spread out of all proportion. A number of unhappy, maladjusted individuals, who have nothing better to do, have devoted themselves to this cause in order to give meaning to their lives. It has become their raison d’être and their obsession. They have moved from limited demands to unlimited demands, until “gay rights”, which used to mean tolerance for gays has come to mean gays dictate everything and refuse rights or tolerance to other people. Gays have encroached on the democratic process and imposed censorship of the media. They have expanded their empire like Hitler marching first into the Rhineland then into Czechoslovakia, then Poland. What is next on their list?

President Obama has publicly said “Gay rights are human rights,” but that is a fallacy. In fact there are more and more cases where demands by homosexual extremists conflict with the rights of other groups and individuals.Surely the besieged heterosexuals have got a right to know how much further the gays intend to take it. Cast as villains in the melodramatic gay pantomime script, everything they say is dismissed as hate-speech, threat or bullying. It is high time to take issue with this.


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    • profile image

      shika 18 months ago

      you people need to educate yourself ...academically and spiritually

      (sorry english is my second language)

      wether its true or not we 're still not sure about anything

      dont judge people ...dont hate something you dont know or not sure about

    • profile image 2 years ago

      I want to know more

    • Amanda Roddy profile image

      Amanda Roddy 3 years ago

      If you read history, homosexuality was a common practice in Greek culture. Women were to have little influence over males so it often lead to these relationships. However, none of them claimed to be born that way or fought for marriage.

      I myself do not buy the 'gay gene' or 'born gay' theory nor more thanii buy a drug addict gene or murderer gene. If you support a gay gene yu would have to support a drug addict gene, and so forth. I also do not think homophobic is a relevant term. It is just to squash opposition. It's ashame you can't disagree with anything without being lableled a hater or bigot.

    • profile image

      angela 3 years ago

      Why do you dislike gay people so much? What did they ever do to you? I also disagree with the term homophobic. Almost no one is afraid of gay people.But there are a lot.of people out there who HATE gay people...

    • profile image

      deneice 3 years ago

      Thanks Girandola. Although our levels of acceptance might differ, I am also fed up to the back teeth with the international LBGT lobby's militancy, distortion and online trolling. Instead of tackling gay health and welfare issues, they take up cudgels on behalf of gay marriage, adoption, surrogacy - the preoccupations of property-owning, largely white, largely male affluent gays. Hopefully, they are not truly representive.

    • profile image

      Susan Drakenviller 3 years ago

      You may be interested to know that when Dutch brain scientist claimed to have found a particular homosexual brain characteristic, he met with great disapproval. Apart from the scientific shortcomings, that are now quite apparent, it exposed a different side of the discussion, being that if being attracted to the same sex can be allocated to a certain physical or genetic trait, it may be 'cured' or prevented. In my experience, many people are attracted to the same sex and the notion is very fluid. I don't consider it a problem at all. Whether it is a good or bad is a matter of 'taste', no matter how much 'scientific' rationale you come up with. You could easily make up an argument against heterosexuality as an unhealthy lifestyle as well. What IS bad is telling people how to live and who to love.

      You are right that suicide rates among gays in Holland is higher than the average in the Dutch population. In part this is due to the number of immigrants from China and Islamic countries that have conflicting cultural values. The suicide rate is certainly NOT higher than other less liberal countries so I fail to see your point here. Apart from that, why focus on the negative? The stats still leaves thousands of gay men and women that do lead a fulfilling life. What makes them different from those that don't? Could you answer that for me? If one is indeed neutral and scientific in your approach to gays, that should be your focus even if the nr of happy homesexuals was very small.

      Finally not being able to kiss or express tenderness in public is not comparable to a little bullying. That is what a lot of gay people face every day. That's not trying to be a victim, that is the current reality.

    • profile image

      Girandola 3 years ago

      Thank you Denice. You put it very well.

      @ Rich. you have displayed all the familiar tactics of LGBT-ism, accusing me of discriminating against you - which I have not done as I have not even met you - abusing me as a "bigot" when in fact I have used logical and factual arguments, and finally labelling all disagreement as "hate". Tiresome, predictable tactics. I don't believe your your myths and I'm not going to. By the way, in the USA homosexuals are above average income and hold many top posts in the media and administration so you can't pretend they are "discriminated against". Quit playing the victim please!

    • profile image

      denice 3 years ago

      She's dismissive Rich, and has listed a pretty comprehensive set of reasons why. That is not hate. Hate needs no reasons at all.

      Nor is she remotely 'homophobic' - a phobia has a direct effect on a persons life, such as inability to tolerate open spaces - agarophobia, or closed areas - claustrophobia. I doubt she breaks into a nervous sweat at the sight of of one..

      The gay gene is nonsense, though there probably is a predisposition - gays take too many risks to express their preferences to dismiss homosexuality as merely a just a lifestyle choice.

      The brain research is even more spurious: individual differences *within* male/female brains vastly outweigh the purported differences between homosexual and heterosexual brains. The sample sizes alone, even before the complications including of bi and trans in the samples makes general inferences scientifically invalid.

      I'm tolerant myself of same-sex couplings - but absolutely abhor pederasty and pedophilia. I am also tired of the media promoting the 'naturalness' of homosexuality as a birth-defined orientation by endless 'examples' of such in the natural world.

      The gay cause will not be served by distortion: drakes gang-rape male intruders to assert territorial integrity - not al expression of same-sex attraction at all. It's a lot closer to straight make prisoners using rape to control and assert their power. Drakes actually court and mate with female - the species would not have emerged if they didn't.

      As for gay penguins..the aberrant behaviour of captive raptors - a very rare instance at that, and which had been preceded by normative mating behaviour - is ludicrous. There are no life-long male-to-male pairings in the wild: any such 'evidence' would have to exclude any indicators of a depleted female population due, lets say, to a mystery virus.. so far, so nothing.

      My tolerance is based on compassion - it does not extend to falsifying evidence and/or agenda-driven junk science.

    • profile image

      Rich 3 years ago

      Girandola, you make me sick. You spread hate and lies about homosexuality by saying it is a choice (who would choose a life where they are constantly discriminated against by bigots like you?). You marginalize the homophobia that so many gay people have to endure as just "harmless teasing", conflate homosexuality with pedophilia, among other things. And then to top it off, you tout your hateful view as being "politically incorrect" as though you are the one being brave by spreading hate.

    • profile image

      Girandola 4 years ago

      Thank you very much.

    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 4 years ago

      Girandola, beautifully and boldly researched and written. I think you've covered all the bases. Bravo!

    • profile image

      Girandola 4 years ago

      Simon Levay, the scientist who did research in to the hypothalamic differences in the brain, says that his research has been misquoted and misinterpreted by LGBT fanatics . He did not assert that there is any "gay brain" or any evidence that people can be "born gay". The Guardian just put a left-wing spin on it.

    • profile image

      Girandola 4 years ago

      @ Raven biker. Spelling varies from one country to another. But lies are lies and all the list of claims above are falsehoods widely spread by homo-militants - and I have refuted them.

    • Amanda Roddy profile image

      Amanda Roddy 4 years ago

      So when the opposition speaks they have a 'phobia' and are bigoted? You could say the same about those who are anti-religious. Free speech walks a fine line in this country especially if it disagrees with popular opinion. It If gay is because a gene then why do some gay ago back and forth or why is only 3% of the US population gay? It is like saying everyone is born with a desire to reproduce. It seems people agree with science when it agrees wioth their views. I am for everyone's right to practice whateve sexuality or religion they want, but not to be bullied into agreeing.

    • profile image

      Girandola 4 years ago

      Your arguments are so confused it 's hard to follow any thread at all but basically the research you quote is feeble in the extreme. Had they monitored all the same 90 people in the womb and measured their hormone levels? No it seems not.

      It says "neurobiologist Ivanka Savic says, "These (hormonal) differences MIGHT be laid down during brain development in the womb, or ...."

      You are just jumping to conclusions from a tiny bit of evidence and superficial science.

      Claiming male homosexuals have women's brains is laughable. Women - normal women - don't run around stuffing things up other people's rectums or eating faeces. That is a choice but it is a disturbed and unhealthy choice.

    • RavenBiker profile image

      RavenBiker 4 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA.

      Wow. Many homosexuals choosing to "be that way" is ludicrous. Even in your own words dismisses a choice: "If hormone levels in the uterus do vary, then pregnant women could easily have treatment to correct it, thus guaranteeing a normal, healthy child." Further, neurobiologist Ivanka Savic says, "These (hormonal) differences might be laid down during brain development in the womb, or they could happen after birth, though it could very likely be a combination of the two." Does this matter?

      ---Wait! I'll answer that.--- No. Homosexuality is a choice.

      And how did you arrive at "a total sample of 90 people, of whom only two or three were homosexual!!!!!" in the Guardian article? It did not state a ratio of homo/hetero sexualities of the participants. And a scan, done singularly or in twos or more, reveal only general results. In the article's instance, brain size. How many scans are need for that?

      ---Wait once more! I'll answer that.--- It doesn't matter. Homosexuality is still a choice.

    • profile image

      Girandola 4 years ago

      That is ludicrous rubbish! This so-called research was done on a total sample of 90 people, of whom only two or three were homosexual!!! The researchers then made wild generalisations on the basis of their subjective impression of a couple of scans.

      If hormone levels in the uterus do vary, then pregnant women could easily have treatment to correct it, thus guaranteeing a normal, healthy child.

      It remains absolutely true that there is no homosexual gene and many homosexuals openly admit that they chose to be that way.

      PS "exposure" is spelled with a u.

    • profile image

      Anjilyn McBride 4 years ago

      Also there is actually evidence to show that people are born gay, and it's not about genes, it's about hormone exposer In utero. Males exposed to elevated levels of Estrogen develop a female type brain. Females exposed in utero to elevated levels of Testosterone develop a male type brain. As you know, the female brain looks different, is wired different and is built differently from the male brain. Here is the webpage that explains it.

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 4 years ago from Southern California


      Please write a hub with the responses that you needed to make here.

      Making personal attacks rather than commenting is not the same thing.

    • profile image

      Girandola 4 years ago

      Sounds as if you have no logical arguments at all!


    • RavenBiker profile image

      RavenBiker 4 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA.

      You are right, ib radmasters, I did wimp out. Proud of it because with a Hub like this, it would be futile to reason with it's author. Proud to know when I would be wasting my time. However, the Hub did have me bemused.

      What I have to say is more than the comments section can handle. As I said, over-proportioned. Strange how I get inspiration......

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 4 years ago from Southern California


      What a wimp out.

      If you have arguments on my comments then do it, but don't hit and run and especially make remarks like Hitler.

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 4 years ago from Southern California

      1. The Gay Gene. It is fashionable in the West to claim that some people are “born gay”. Wrong.

      If same sex is just a preference, then it shouldn't be afforded any rights.

      Serial killer prefer to kill multiple people

      Child molesters prefer to molest children

      Rapists prefer to commit violent acts against females.

      The list goes on and on, but as there may not be a gene, there may be a genetic defect. That defect arises in many different forms, such as transgender. If a person doesn't develop with the appropriate hormones we can have gays and lesbians.

      So even without the genetic defect, why should the country care about same sex preferences. We as a country don't have to give into preferences. We did that with smokers as they perfected their preferences into smoker's rights. These were artificial rights.

      Many people have sex with their animals, it is their preference.

    • profile image

      Sanxuary 5 years ago

      I have pondered a few of these strange ideas. According to Darwin and many of his goofy ideas the gay gene would have perished long ago. Still there are a lot of environmental factors and medical factors being ignored for fear of up setting someone. Still free will and choice has to be respected. If you accept yourself for who you our then you have to do the same for me. You can generalize the Bible, the facts and the scientific community all you want, but people are entitled to their own beliefs. Sticking with the choice of free will and living with your choices is what this life is all about, until you reach the next place.

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 5 years ago from Southern California

      I agree with your myth busters on the whole, but I have some minor differences.

      Not important enough to even list here.

      Homosexuality cannot sustain a population. It is only through the BiSexual that they can continue. But a truly homosexual society would die off.

    • Felixedet2000 profile image

      Felixedet2000 5 years ago from The Universe

      This make a lot of sense.