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Ten Graduates Lost in Their Dreams of Becoming a Stewardess

Updated on May 1, 2011

Many students have the dream of flying high above the sky as a stewardess, drugging their luggage among envious eyes of people. But dream becomes desperate, it could have become blind and losing rational minds. Whenever airline companies want to hire stewardess, it would draw the attention of countless young men and women competing beauty and built. Even some of them take off socks to compare height and wearing skirt to compare sexiness. Every girl take herself into this rave competition and every time it could be a nightmare. As a result, some of them cry and others laugh. Laughing person wins the dream and crying person lost the game.

Although recruitment of stewardess can be harsh, competition is fierce and evaluation is intense, its dangerous lure could never be stopped to the young girls. In Beijing, there is a “ college president” claimed that he can make any girl a stewardess as long as they give him 15k RMB, which includes training, etiquette and accommodation expense. This college president uses the “stewardess promise” to have drawn more than ten graduates to pursue a stewardess dream. At first, their lodging condition were really poor, occasionally receives some so called “stewardess” training. In the subsequent months, they are lost in one after another interview with no results. This kind of interviews are like a moss, when you got in it you can’t get out. The ten graduates failed dozens of interviews but still waiting for another chance. Out of their expectations, until the college president gone without a trace they realized that it is just a dream.

Before coming to Beijing, they were all students of some schools. Some of them gave away their parents’ salary and now they have to sell clothes on the Beijing’s street. Reality is harsh and the hoax victimized those girls. When the dream knitted by the hoax becomes shattered, we can feel the pain and regret of being cheated. How do we take precautions against this kind of hoax? In the hoax has numerous loopholes and the fact is we are paralyzed by the lure and not being able to discern.

First of all, we should clearly understand ourselves. If you are not qualified to be a stewardess, you are not supposed to have a dream like that. Understanding yourself is to give yourself a best position in the society and avoid doing unrealistic things. Second off, when airline company hires, they should have very official procedure in selecting suitable applicants. If the promise of college president is true, everyone can be a steward and the steward team would become very large in China.


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