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Ten Notorious Female Teen Killers

Updated on November 1, 2019

Ten Notorious Female Teen Killers


Ten Notorious Female Teen Killers

When it comes to teen killers it tends to be male dominated however there have been a number of female teen killers over the years that will make the hair stand on the back of your neck. In order to qualify, for lack of a better word, for this article the female teen killer must be under twenty years old when the murder or murders occurred. Lets get going on this list.

Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolf

Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolf
Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolf | Source

Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolf

Cindy Collier was fourteen years old and her friend Shirley Wolf was fifteen years old when the two decided that they wanted to steal a car and hit the town. The two teenage girls walked over to a nearby condo building and began to knock on the doors. When an elderly woman answered the door and invited the two girls inside the pair would immediately attacked stabbing the woman several times. In her diary that night Shirley Wolf would write "Cindy and I ran away and killed an old lady. It was fun". Due to their ages at the time of the murder both of the girls were sentenced to juvenile detention. Cindy Collier was released in 1992 and Shirley Wolf in 1995

Sarah Kolb Photos

Sarah Kolb
Sarah Kolb | Source

Sarah Kolb

Sarah Kolb was sixteen years old when she helped to murder Adrianne Reynolds. Apparently Adrianne who was new to the school made the mistake of flirting with Sarah boyfriend Cory Gregory. The young couple would invite Adrianne out for lunch and once she was in the car the attack began. Cory would hold down Adrianne while Sarah would choke her with a belt. After the teenage victim passed away Sarah Kolb and Cory Gregory would attempt to burn her body but that did not work so they would dismember the body with a chainsaw. Adrianne Reynolds remains would be placed in a plastic bag and dropped off in a remote location. Sarah Kolb and Cory Gregory would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in prison

Monique Maestas Photos

Monique Maestas
Monique Maestas | Source

Monique Maestas

Monique Maestas was sixteen years old when she helped her brother Beau Maestas murder a three year old girl and severely injure a ten year old girl. Apparently Monique and Beau were not happy about the quality of drugs that the children's mother sold them. The pair would search Las Vegas looking for the drug dealer and when they were unable to find her they went to her residence where the two young children were the only ones home. The three year old girl was stabbed to death and the ten year old had her spine severed but would survive the brutal attack. Monique Maestas would be sentenced to forty seven years to life and her brother Beau Maestas would be sentenced to death

Jasmine Richardson Photos

Jeremy Steinke
Jeremy Steinke | Source

Jasmine Richardson

Jasmine Richardson was just twelve years old when she participated in the murder of her entire family. At the time of the murder Jasmine was allegedly dating Jeremy Steinke (pictured above) and her family was not happy about her dating a twenty three year old for obvious reason. The pair were worried that her family was going to go to the police and report Steinke for statutory rape so they planned the murders of her Father, Mother and Brother. On the night of the murder Jasmine let Jeremy into the home and he would fatally stab the mother and father in the basement of the home before going upstairs and stabbing the younger brother. When the bodies were discovered they though Jasmine RIchardson was kidnapped but they would soon learn the horrible truth. Jasmine was convicted of all three murders and sentenced to ten years which was the maximum sentence for a juvenile at the time. Jeremy Steinke who would later change his name to Jackson May would be sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for twenty five years which was the longest prison sentence in Canada at the time.

Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy

Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy
Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy | Source

Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy

At one time Rachel Shoaf, Shelia Eddy and Skylar Neese were the best of friends but something would change. One theory is that Skylar saw Rachel and Shelia engaged in sexual activity and they were worried that she would tell others at their school in West Virginia. What would happen is that Rachel and Shelia would convince Skylar to sneak out of her home and go for a drive with them so they could get high. Once the trio crossed state lines into Pennsylvania Rachel and Shelia would attack Skylar stabbing the young girl several times causing her death. The murder went unsolved for quite sometime until Rachel when being questioned would tell police about the murder and lead them to the body. Rachel Shoaf would plead guilty and be sentenced to thirty years in prison with parole possible after ten years. Shelia Eddy would go to trial, be convicted and sentence to life in prison with parole possible after fifteen years.

Amber Wright

Amber Wright
Amber Wright | Source

Amber Wright

Amber Wright was fifteen years old when she took part in her ex boyfriends murder Seath Jackson. According to court documents Amber Wright's new boyfriend Michael Bargo and Seath were feuding when the murderous plan was hatched. Amber would lure Seath over to a home where he was immediately attacked by a group of people. Seath would be beaten and shot. Jackson body was dismembered and burned in a backyard fire pit. In the end Amber Wright would be convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Upon resentencing Wright again would be sentenced to life in prison. Michael Bargo was sentenced to death and remains on Florida death row

Brenda Spencer Photos

Brenda Spencer
Brenda Spencer | Source

Brenda Spencer

Brenda Spencer was sixteen years old when she would murder two adults and injure eight children and one police officer. Brenda is an oddity as most school shooters are male and at the time school shootings were rare. According to court documents Brenda was given a gun for a birthday present from her father and for whatever the reason decided to shoot the school across the street from where she lived. When Brenda was taken out of the home and was asked by reporters the reason behind the shooting she would reply "I don't like Mondays". Spencer would be sentenced to twenty five years to life and has remained in California prisons some forty years after the shooting.

Tylar Witt Photos

Tylar Witt
Tylar Witt | Source

Tylar Witt

Tylar Witt was just fourteen years old when she planned the murder of her mother. According to court documents Tylar mother became upset when she learned that she was sexually active with her much older boyfriend. The mom was going to go to the police and charge the boyfriend with statutory rape however before she could do that she was murdered. The older boyfriend, Steven Colver, would stab her mother to death in her bedroom. It did not take long for the pair to be arrested and Tylar would testify against Colver in exchange for a lighter prison sentence. Tylar Witt was sentenced to fifteen years to life in prison where as Colver received a sentence of life without parole

Courtney Schulhoff Photos

Courtney Schulhoff
Courtney Schulhoff | Source

Courtney Schulhoff

Courtney Schulhoff was fifteen years old when she murdered her father. According to court documents Courtney was dating an older man who was a convicted felon to boot and her father was not pleased. When her father attempted to talk his daughter out of dating Michael Lawrence Morin Jr. Well that obviously did not work as Morin went into the home and beat her father to death with a baseball bat. Courtney and Michael would soon be arrested and charged in the murder. Courtney at first said that Michael was responsible for the entire crime however after she was convicted she told the judge that she alone was responsible. Did not make much difference as both would be sentenced to life in prison. Upon re sentencing Courtney Schulhoff had her prison sentence reduced to forty years

Lorraine Thorpe Photos

Lorraine Thorpe
Lorraine Thorpe | Source

Lorraine Thorpe

Lorraine Thorpe was just fifteen years old when she participated in two murders. According to court documents Lorraine Thorpe and Paul Clarke would torture and murder the first victim. When Lorraine father learned about the murder he made a comment about turning them into the police and the murderous duo responded by beating him to death. When the two were arrested Lorraine would brag about killing her father and the first woman. The two would both be convicted of the two murders. Lorraine Thorpe was sentenced to life in prison and must serve at least fourteen years and Paul Clark was sentenced to life and must serve twenty seven years in prison

Conclusion: Ten Notorious Female Teen Killers

Well whoever said females were the gentler sex had obviously never met anyone on this list. I do have another Hubpage regarding Notorious Teen Killers so if you noticed a couple of names missing from this list make sure to check out the other page and the link is down below. Thank you for reading

Should Teen Killers Be Sentenced To Life In Prison

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