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Ten Notorious Teen Killers

Updated on October 31, 2019

Ten Most Notorious Teen Killers

Through out history of the United States there have been teen killers who have defied logic and had people scratching their heads on how someone so young could commit the ultimate crime. During this article we are going to look at the ten most notorious teen killers. From an eleven year old convicted of murder to two serial killers to crimes that shocked the Nation.

Nathaniel Abraham Photos

Nathaniel Abraham
Nathaniel Abraham | Source

Nathaniel Abraham 11 Years Old

Nathaniel Abraham was just eleven years old when he shot and killed a man. According to court documents Nathaniel was playing with a gun and told his peers to watch as he pointed the gun at a man in a distance and fired. The man would be struck by the flying bullet and would die shortly after. Nathaniel Abraham would be arrested and convicted of murder. Abraham would eventually get out of prison however that would not last long and would be sent back for dealing drugs

Lionel Tate Photos

Lionel Tate
Lionel Tate | Source

Lionel Tate Twelve Years Old

Lionel Tate was a twelve year old from Florida who was suppose to be watching a six year old girl however the husky teen would end up fatally beating the child to death. At trial Lionel tried to say that he was practising wrestling moves and accidentally killed the teen. However the injuries the little girl suffered were so severe this theory was quickly thrown out. Lionel Tate initially sentenced to life in prison without parole become the youngest person to receive this sentence however on appeal this was greatly reduced. Tate would get out of prison while he was still a teen but would not last long in the free world as he would soon be sent back for an armed robbery of a pizza delivery carrier. Lionel Tate would be sentenced to thirty years in prison

Eric Smith Photos

Eric Smith
Eric Smith | Source

Eric Smith Thirteen Years Old

Eric Smith was a thirteen year old from New York State who was apparently bullied by peers of his own age and according to Smith he decided to take out his anger on a four year old child. Eric would fatally beat the child by repeatedly striking him with a large rock. Police in the area had no clue that a thirteen year old boy was responsible for the brutal murder until Eric confessed to his parents. Eric Smith would be sentenced to nine years to life in prison. Smith has been eligible for parole since 2002 and has been repeatedly denied.

Joshua Phillips Photos

My Crime Library
My Crime Library | Source

Joshua Phillips Fourteen Years Old

Joshua Phillips was a fourteen year old from Florida who was allegedly playing with an eight year old girl. The girl ended up in his bedroom when Joshua struck her in the head with a baseball bat and then strangled her. Phillips would stick the body of the little girl underneath his waterbed. A huge search was conducted for the child occurred during the next week with Joshua participating. Phillips mother would enter his bedroom and seen a liquid coming from underneath his bed and with a closer look she would discover the body of the missing girl. Joshua Phillips was sentenced to life in prison.

Alyssa Bustamante Photos

Alyssa Bustamante
Alyssa Bustamante | Source

Alyssa Bustamante Fifteen Years Old

Alyssa Bustamante was fifteen years old when she decided that she wanted to know what it felt like to murder someone. Alyssa would dig two large holes in a nearby forest area in order to cover up the murders. Instead of the two potential victims that she had planned Alyssa would lure a nine year old girl into the forest area and stab her repeatedly. Alyssa would place the nine year old girls body into the predug grave and cover it with leaves. Bustamante would write in her diary on the thrill she received from the murder. Alyssa Bustamante would be sentenced to life in prison

Erin Caffey Photos

Erin Caffey
Erin Caffey | Source

Erin Caffey Fifteen Years Old

Erin Caffey was a fifteen year old from Texas who was responsible for planning the murders of her entire family. According to court documents Erin's parents were not happy she was dating a much older man and attempted to talk their daughter from dating him. Instead of breaking up with the man the two planned her families murders. The man was joined by another accomplice and the two would enter the Caffey household and would shoot her father (who would survive the attack, and shoot and kill her mother and two younger brothers. After the discovery of the bodies police believed that Erin was kidnapped but they would soon learn that she had planned the whole thing. Erin would be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Craig Price Photos

Craig Price Photos
Craig Price Photos | Source

Craig Price Fifteen Years Old

Craig Price was a fifteen year old from Rhode Island that met the criteria for a serial killer at such a young age. Craig would admit to police that he was responsible for murdering a mother and her daughter but he would also admit to murdering another woman when he was thirteen. Price knew that the maximum penalty he could be sentenced to was incarceration at a juvenile facility until he was twenty one years of age. However due to the nature of his crimes would cause massive reform in the juvenile justice system. Due to his actions while incarcerated Craig Price has been charged and convicted of a host of criminal charges and remains in custody.

Nehemiah Griego Photos

Nehemiah Griego Fifteen Years Old

Nehemiah Griego was a fifteen year old from New Mexico who would murder his entire family. According to court documents Nehemiah would shoot and kill his mother first and when his brother became upset Griego would murder him as well. Nehemiah would then murder two more of his siblings before he waited and ambushed his father as he came home from work. At first Nehemiah Griego was sentenced to youth detention and depending on how well he responded to treatment would determine what would happen next. In 2019 it was decided that Nehemiah Griego responded poorly to detention and now faces sentencing as an adult which could be as many as 120 years in prison

Sean Sellers Photos

Sean Sellers
Sean Sellers | Source

Sean Sellers Sixteen Years Old

Sean Sellers was sixteen years old when he was arrested for the murder of his parents. According to court documents Sean would strip down to nothing and fatally shoot his mother and father while they slept. Once he was arrested Sean Sellers would be tied to yet another murder a year prior where a store clerk was shot during a botched robbery, apparently he had upset Sellers previously by not selling him beer. Sean Sellers would be convicted on all three murders and would be sentenced to death. Sellers who blamed the murders on either demonic possession or multiple personality disorder would eventually be executed in 1999.

Christine Paolilla Photos

Christine Paolilla
Christine Paolilla | Source

Christine Paolilla Seventeen Years Old

Christine Paolilla was a seventeen year old from Texas that would help murder four of her friends. According to court documents Christina and her boyfriend Christopher Snider would walk into a home and open firing killing four teenagers inside. The pair actually got away with the quadruple murder as police had no clue who was responsible. That is until an anonymous tip would be phoned into the police with details of the crime and two names: Christine and Christopher. Snider would take his own life before he could be arrested. Christine Paolilla would be arrested and convicted on four counts of murder and sentenced to life in prison

Teen Killers Conclusion

Well there you have the ten most notorious teen killers who are thankfully all still in prison. The debate whether or not to try a teenager as an adult will continue until the end of time. Does the argument that a teenagers brain is not fully developed stand against the barbaric crimes that some have committed? Thanks for reading

Should Teen Killers Be Sentenced As Adults

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