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Ten big mistakes people make in a new relationship

Updated on September 22, 2010

10 mistakes people make in a new relationship

1. Many people make the mistake of thinking they are in love with their partner after only knowing them for only a few short weeks. People who think they have fallen in love in such a short amount of time usually have already thought they have fell in love with most of the other people they have been with after a few short weeks. It is possible to fall in love in such a short amount of time but many people think they are in love when they are actually in lust.

2. Getting pregnant and planning a family is all great and all but usually couples who fall pregnant within the first few months of knowing each other end up believing that they made a big mistake further down the road.

3. Many people make the big mistake of becoming jealous. A lot of people who become jealous early on in a relationship sometimes don't want their partners having or even talking to people of the opposite sex.

4. Becoming too obsessed with a partner is another big mistake that people make when they get into a relationship. The obsessive person may end up acting in stalkerish ways and always asking their partner where they are, who they were with etc...

5. Many people who enter a relationship may soon find themselves acting in a controlling manner, or even feeling like they are being controlled by their other half, and this usually happens within the first few weeks or first few months of being in a new relationship. Becoming controlling towards a partner is a big mistake that people make and sometimes people do not do it on purpose.

6. Spending too much money on a new partner is a big mistake that many people end up making because if a person is spending money left and right on their partner then there may come a time when the person cannot spend as much money as they did at the beginning of the relationship and this can end up causing problems.

7. Not giving their partner enough attention- Many people in a new relationship end up neglecting their partner and not giving them enough attention.

8. Being too selfish- Many people make the big mistake of being to selfish early on in their relationship. When a person is too selfish and uncaring then it usually adds stress to the relationship.

9. Making the relationship more about lust- Many people in a new relationship fall in lust instead of love and sometimes they stay in lust with the other person and make the whole relationship based upon lust.

10. Staying with their partner out of guilt- One of the biggest mistakes people make is when they stay with a person out of guilt and they don't leave their partner because they are afraid of them getting hurt.


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