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Are You a Bigot? 10 Signs That Say You Are

Updated on June 19, 2011
Don't Be Bullheaded!
Don't Be Bullheaded!

The Bigot

Being a bigot and displaying total ignorance of the world and everyone else in it is not really a great attribute. Bigots cannot normally identify their own narrow mindedness because they are so self absorbed and never willing to listen to others. But, if you are one of those not yet fully blinkered then there is some hope of recovery.

Do any of the following sound like you?


You have no doubt in your mind that what you believe is the truth... and those that are opposed are just too dumb to see it.


No one can ever beat you in an argument... and they shouldn’t even try.


You feel that you’re just trying to educate people, and they should listen to you.


You feel that traveling is only for people that come from other countries, after all, your country and way of life is ideal and all others should take note.


You read the daily mail and laugh out loud in total agreement with things they say.

The Daily Mail Song


You never hide your personal views when in the company of others even when you know you shouldn’t talk religion or politics. You don’t see the point in holding back valuable knowledge, even if it does spoil the evening.


You like to ask loaded questions in the hope that people in need of educating will try to dispute with you but of course (referring back to point 2) no one can ever beat you in an argument and they shouldn’t even try.


All of your good friends agree with you all of the time.


You feel that people visiting your country should learn to speak fluently or not bother visiting at all.


The only time the phrase ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’ applies is when it's about people visiting your country and it is your main reason for not traveling beyond holiday camps when you do venture out...

Lest ye be labeled a hypocrite or anything.

If more than 5 of these apply to you, I would suggest you step out of your zone for a while, go experience how others like to live and most importantly...

Talk little, listen much and your bigoted ignorance will soon fade. Good luck.

What is Your Level of Bigotry?

How Many Points Apply to You?

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    • FranyaBlue profile image

      Jacqueline 7 years ago from London, England

      Yep, deaf as stones...

      I like that term, it's very accurate.

      Also true that people are too nice to them, but there is not much hope anyway.

    • MartieCoetser profile image

      Martie Coetser 7 years ago from South Africa

      If only the bigots could see themselves for five minutes through the eyes of their ‘nice’ friends! So what do we do – just keep on being nice. Hopefully one rude person will one day do what we are not able to do – tell the bigot his/her fortune. Though we know all bigots are as deaf as stones. You have said it all!

    • FranyaBlue profile image

      Jacqueline 7 years ago from London, England

      Bigotry does produce venom, very true.

      Well, this is general bigotry I suppose. The references are there, on a basic level i.e. feeling superior to anyone not from your country.

      Thanks for reading!

    • profile image

      Texasbeta 7 years ago

      Odd, no references to the venom being directed towards a racial or ethnic group?