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Tennessee Wildfire Continues to Rage

Updated on December 5, 2016


The death toll of the fire has now risen to 14, and over 100 people are injured, many families are grieving for their loved ones. The fire has destroyed many homes, and businesses and it doesn't look like it is going to stop any time soon. Many cabins and tourist attractions have been destroyed like Ripley's Aquarium and The Dollywood Cabins. Officials say that over 1400 structures have been destroyed or partially destroyed by the fire and that 14,000 or more people were forced to evacuate from their homes and businesses. Meteorologists confirm that some of the ashes from the fire traveled from Tennessee all the way to places like Detroit and even Lansing and some people could smell the ashes in the air when they went outside. It is unknown what the cause of the fire is, but it is thought that it originated in some hiking trials by a camper's fire that wasn't put out. Forces are still investigating further to find the exact cause of the fire.

Ripley's Aquarium

The fires approached the rear end of Ripley's Aquarium, a large Aquarium in Gatlinburg and the workers were forced to leave all of the animals behind. 10,518 animals were left inside the aquarium since the employees were forced to evacuate because of the smoke. Officials say that the workers stayed inside the building until the fire was only about 50 yards away from the building. The aquarium was left running by itself on Tuesday, because there was still enough fuel left in its reserves. Since then, officials have taken control of the aquarium and it is all intact. The manager, Ryan DeSear says that as long as the power didn't go out and the building didn't catch on fire, the animals were safe. As soon as the power went out there would be 24 hours to get it back on before the animals were in danger, luckily first responders were able to clear the scene.


14 deaths have been confirmed by the bodies, but there are still 3 missing bodies hidden in the rubble and destruction of the town. Friends, family, and government workers are still searching through rubble to find the missing 3 bodies. Their identitis are unknown except to the friends and family members. Recently, the bodies of a mother and her children were found. The children were ages 9 and 12, named Chloe and Lily. Their family is still mourning their deaths in a city of rubble.


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