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Termination of a US Citizen Terrorist

Updated on October 8, 2011

The following are exerts of a debate of the termination of a known terrorist who happened to be a US Citizen - some issues discussed were: State of War, Who decides to be put on the Kill or Capture list, Right to appeal, due process, checks and balance, global nations. The following are quick answers to an ongoing debate.

1. State of War - as seen in trillions of dollars by congress (tax money) funding our defense, Global War on Terrorism with other countries defending their own interests; while formal declaration is of another Nation State which the Terrorist do not have thus we have the State of War as a you mentioned.

2. Decision of who is Enemy? Who decides? The individual who becomes a Terrorist decides. He or she chooses the path to be put on the Kill or Capture list by declaring to be a terrorist by which he or she clearly demonstrates to plot to kill None Americans and Americans. The chosen path of that individual puts them on the target list.

3. Rights, appeals, Due Process? US Constitution clearly states the President as the Commander and Chief, thus a Terrorist is a military Target despite citizenship, therefore the powers used by the Executive Branch is the Commander and Chief powers to kill or capture military targets. The question perhaps is; At what point does the US Citizen no longer have these rights? When the individual becomes a military target through their own declared actions.

4. Check and Balance: "That was just eliminated." Has it really? Are we in a state of Anarchy? Have you lost your ability of free speech, to question? Have we turned into tyranny with the Kill of a US Citizen Terrorist? Don't think so being that you are able to express your point of view and thus this is your Checks and Balance system as do the Senators, Politicians, ACLU express their concerns with this topic, in fact the Checks and Balance System is even more intact and continues, as demonstrated by this topic.

5. Globally with other nations: Yes this is global and they have a say to defend their own Nation's interest. The key word is "SAY" as many nations defend their own interests, homeland, freedoms, and try to keep their own citizens from being killed by terrorists, thus we share a common thread of terminating these cancerous terrorists in the 21 century and beyond. None Americans and Americans are all in the same War against Terrorism it has been Centuries old.


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