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Terror and Confusion

Updated on September 20, 2012


Yes, but of what?
Yes, but of what? | Source


Now I always thought that I knew, roughly what terror was but perhaps I am wrong.

I thought that terror was the frightening of people.

That meant that an act of terror: was an act that was done with the sole intention of scaring people”causing them terror” or “causing them to be terrified”.

Now obviously if a person’s life is threatened, then that is an act of terror but also acts of terror can take place with out a life even being lost.

An example of this could be that of a bomb hoax. This can cause people to be in a state of terror, fearing for their lives, yet no actual bomb has been set and the only lives that may be lost is if the people’s terror causes a stampede, leading to an accidental loss of life.

The point being here is: terror is directly linked to physical harm or at least the threat of physical harm.

Patriot Act

Now I always thought that I knew, roughly what the United States Patriot Act was all about but perhaps I am wrong.

I thought that the Patriot Act was about measures that were taken for the protection of citizens against acts of terror.

As this act was about protecting people from acts of terror, it was said that it was unfortunate but citizen’s civil liberties may have to be encroached, after all it was for their own protection.

Federal Reserve Banks

In 2001 under the auspices of the Patriot Act and without discussion in Congress, special laws were put in place regards the Federal Reserve Banks.

The Federal Reserve Banks are not government owned; that is to say that they are not owned by the people. They are privately owned banks, privately owned businesses.

Section 364 of the act pertains to: “Uniform Protection Authority for Federal Reserve”.

This act allows for the Reserve Banks to employ their own uniformed security officers, who are allowed to be armed, as seen fit by the banks board members and that these “security officers” are to be given access to any law enforcement information that THEY deem necessary.


Here lies my confusion.

Bank robberies have taken place as long as there have been banks and although, yes, lives have on occasions been lost, these robberies have always been seen as acts of criminality not terror.

Certainly, when the Bill of Rights was being written and the protection of peoples human rights were being considered, bank robberies were taking place.

Now though, it would appear, things are different.

Under the guise of an act created to supposedly protect citizens from acts of terror, privately owned banks can enlist their own armies and at their own discretion, view all aspects of your private life, that any law enforcement agency may have accumulated. Now remember, that other aspects of the Patriot Act, allow for these law enforcement agencies, to amass more personal information, than they could before. It was said though, that this information would only be used in the protection of the people from acts of terror, otherwise would not encroach on their civil liberties.

OK, so this means that personal information can be collected by law enforcement agencies but can only be used, by them, to avoid an act of terror. The fact that a private army, employed by a private business, can see and use this information as they see fit obviously is not a breach of a citizen’s civil liberties and there lies my confusion.

Perhaps this gives some indication as to where the loyalties of the ruling elite in the United States lie.

Their patriotism is to the dollar, not the people.

They fear for the safety of their money, not their people.

They believe that the only secrets, that should remain secret, are what they do with their wealth not what the citizens do in their own time, with their hard earned money in the privacy of their heavily mortgaged home.

Parts of the Patriot Act may serve to assist in the protection against terrorism but its main purpose is to help the elite in controlling the citizens by intruding on their privacy.

The powers that these privately owned reserve banks now enjoy, are frightening, almost to the stage of terrifying.

In the midst of our confusion, we must try to decide WHO the real terrorists are and WHO constitute the biggest threat to our privacy and freedoms?

Terror and confusion could be put another way: smoke and mirrors.

Whilst minor changes are being saturated in the media, the real changes that truly affect a citizens life, are taking place behind the scenes, out of the sight of the media and the people.


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    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 5 years ago from UK and Mexico

      A good article. We empower these corporate swine by giving them our money to "care for" in the first place. With their loans, credit cards and overdrafts, they want a clean sweep of your hard earned sheckels. They control governments, not the other way round. All the "controls" politicos say are in place are a sham and the "smoke and mirrors" to which you refer. You only have to see the bonuses which continue to by paid to see that the administrations help the banks, not the customers.

      Hard to see what the end of all this might be. Well, the people might take over in certain instances, but then the "people" again form the same old criminal conspiracies. We only have to look at communism in Russia to see the truth of that.

      There is little quality to life anywhere any more, and greed is the main component of the malaise. WE are all guilty.


    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Hence we need to take individual responsibility to forge a new paradigm closer to the heart. The simplest way to do this non-violently is to stop participated in 'their' game.

      All we need do is to create this new paradigm in our minds, perhaps outlining it in a Hub or two, and then focus our thoughts and prayers on this new way of life manifesting it into creation through our own thinking.

      Each of us needs to slowly disengage ourselves from the illusion. We are humans becoming, we need to help each other become by helping each other to no longer have a need to participate in the game.

      Another great topic explained cohesively and engaging . . . !!!!