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Terrorism, Immigrants and Finger Pointing - Who really benefits from fear mongering?

Updated on November 10, 2016

By Lee Costello


If we were to believe every piece of nonsensical, incoherent tripe that is spewed out of the pollution hole that is Mr Donald Trump’s mouth, then all of America’s problems could be solved by 'building a wall'.

Within the confides of this wall there are no immigrants, no global warming, no terrorism, no unemployment and no worries for the rest of your days... HAKUNA-MA-FUCKING-TATA!

Trump has built an entire election campaign on hatred.

By pointing the finger and using ridiculous stereotypes he has personified the nations problems in the form of immigrants and terrorists. By giving the public a face to actually see and a target to actually focus on, he has effectively scared the majority of Americans to vote for him.

Fear mongering at its very best.

He uses taboo words that generate hatred and on more than one occasion he has used the word "rapists" to describe Mexican immigrants. This word immediately creates disgust, panic and anger as it is one of the vilest crimes that a human can commit. With no facts, evidence or research he just slandered an entire race with the most despicable thing someone can do in front of the entire world and whether they meant to or not the public will begin to subconsciously associate that race with that crime. It's the most powerful form of defamation since the 1930s and I'll let you take a wild guess about what I'm talking about.

The USA is riddled with hypocrisy and it will buckle under its own pride and vanity. The 'Land of Freedom' wants to limit the basic freedom of moving country, 'The land of opportunity' just gave a billionaire the most prestigious opportunity you can get and 'The Land of the Brave' was so easily scared and manipulated that it resorted blaming its own problems on everyone except for its noble self.

The 2nd amendment (the right to bear arms) is claimed by Trump to be a basic freedom for American people and it would go against the American way to take this 'human right' away from the public. However, the basic right to move and enter countries is one he wants to limit as is the basic right to become an American citizen.

Between 2001 and 2014 over three and half thousand US citizens have died as a result of terrorism. Now... one death is too many, it is something that every country should prepare for and people need to know that their leader is doing what they can to keep their country safe from such a threat.


Between 2001 and 2014 over 440,095 US citizens have been killed as a result of firearms being legal in the country. That means that there has been 436,683 more deaths due to firearms than Terrorism. I'm just going to highlight that again ...

There are 436,683 more deaths by owning a firearm than terrorism in the last decade.

But which do you hear more about? Every time something like ISIS makes an appearance, people like Trump end up with deeper pockets, thicker wallets and more followers. Extremism only attracts more extremism.

There is a generational problem in the mix of all this. With the barrage of social media and constant stream of visual aids we oversee the actual information and look only at the hype. I have no doubt in a few months everyone in Europe will begin to talk less and less about Trump and jump on whatever bandwagon is coming next. If people actually focused on what is on their own backdoor rather than the gossip in America then we could actually make a change.

My point is more about fear mongering and how it can manipulate people into becoming over defensive and resorting back to racism, sectarianism and division to try and protect themselves. Due to America's sheer size and authority it unfortunately leads the way in social dictation. If something becomes ok over there then that filters through to here. It's like a big playground and we are simply following the leader.

I'm not going to sit back and list all of the controversial comments, actions and past doings of Donald Trump because the fact that he is not qualified to be president is well documented. By calling Mexicans 'rapists' it then encourages closet racists to come out and say "He's just got the balls to say what we're all thinking" and it all goes tits up from there.

Really we can only hope that we don't follow suit and learn from America's naivety and be strong enough to see through the fear that they try to project onto us.

In other words, lets hope that America DO build that wall and they can't affect us on the other side of it.


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