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Terrorism, truth, and consequences

Updated on December 12, 2010

You might be surprised to know that the british government thought of Americas founding fathers as "terrorists"

Why were they terrorists in the eyes of the british government?

The answer in this case is that the founding fathers wanted freedom that they were being denied in their own country !

Believe it or not,recruits to homeland security have been taught that the first terrorists were our founding fathers.

When do activists become terrorists?

When they go against the status quo?

When their freedom is being extremely limited?

When they are being over taxed and underpaid?

When they are in the minority or even the majority in their own country and the government refuses to listen?

When they don't conform to unjust laws?

When they won't allow inijustices without demonstrations?

When they speak out against those in power?

Violence should always be only in response to violence.!

Rumors are never welcome! Except as an excuse to become violent !

Never resort to rumors ! Some say some comments made in the media today ,are nothing more than rumors!

So,what is the truth?

Each of us has to decide that for ourselves!


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    • macrobin profile image

      macrobin 7 years ago from Amarillo, Texas

      Great Hub! Looking forward to reading more from you!