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Test Scores Lowered For Minorities To Be Cops In Ohio

Updated on March 18, 2011

Lowering The Test Scores For Minorities To Be Cops In Ohio

As a law graduate, I know how hard it was for me to escape by maintaining the 75% average as required by my law school, much less to graduate top of your law class and being part of the revered ‘Law Review’ at Harvard like our current President. I am certain that no affirmative Action program gave President Obama those distinctions, yet our current Attorney General, Eric Holder, (AG), has implemented a scheme to lower the test scores needed to be a cop in Ohio. Where is our black pride when we allowed this to happen… do we have inferior mental faculties why we are unable to past the police officer’s test down in Ohio? Incidentally, the local chapter of The NAACP in Ohio thought like I do, but the next day, the national chapter disavowed this sense of pride and wholeheartedly embraced the dummying down tests, as sanctioned by Eric Holder.

Even if one enters the halls of higher education through Affirmative Action – that 's where it stops. When we - blacks - take our law exams, if we received Cs on a given exam and my white counterparts received A grades, the C grades are not equated the same weight as those who received A’s – nor should they have been! President Obama and AG Holder must have put the time and effort in to achieve their respective law degrees at Harvard – how belittling it would have been had these two distinguished men of color hard work been the results of two different law exams – one for minorities and one for whites….

Is there something preventing the would-be black applicants down in Ohio from studying the police test manual like their white counterparts? What cultural biases are there why they cannot passed the test if they put the time in? It is true that not everyone can excel at certain vocational endeavors – I too yearned to be a Pediatrician, but I did not have the aptitude for the math and science involved to attain that position; yet, there are many black doctors. Let us supposed that a few blacks passed the Ohio Police Officer’s test – what then? Are these blacks would be looked upon as ‘positive’ aberrations? I have seen couple of our Space Shuttle pilots who were black – I hope that they were not chosen because they passed some lower, inferior test than their white counterparts….

There was a time when some whites would tout how superior they were in academia – now, we all are being whipped by the Chinese and East Indians on the college entrance exams. So what is the problem… all of sudden, is it because the grey matter in whites became tainted and inferior? It is not because the Chinese and the East Indians have superior mental faculties - it is because they are more disciplined in preparation and studying. It is a lesson to be had by all of us, including our Attorney General, and moreover, the minorities down in Ohio who desire to be police officers.


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    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 6 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      I think the taxpayers should stop paying their taxes for an inferior product. I wouldn't want an emergency answered by a flunkie.