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Testing The Weak Links Of America's Fence

Updated on April 5, 2011

Testing The Weak Links In America’s Fence

Anyone who has served in combat or has read a primer on military history is aware how to test defenses and the testing of our resolve has been afoot for sometime now. Couple years ago, one of our Muslim sisters wanted to wear her burka when taking the driver’s test, If I recalled correctly, down in Florida. Like Sarkozy in France, I thought that this was a test of our way of life… to see if we would let our Constitution further be secured in the throes of suicidal tendencies, while most of us borrow and channel Pink Floyd’s lyrics of being 'comfortably numb.' Circa 2011, again there is a serious testing of our resolve and once again, it is more insidious because it has the color of law - as a matter of fact, it has the added legitimacy of Eric Holder’s Department of Justice.

By now, most of us have heard about the Chicago Muslim female high school teacher, not even a year on the job, who petitioned her school to permit her to take nineteen days off to fulfill her religious duties of going to the Hajj. We are told that every Muslim worth his or her religious conviction must make the trip to the Hajj during his or her lifetime. The Principal in Chicago, who was apparently torn, had to weigh the consequences and came down on the side of the children. The principal, along with the school board, thought that the Muslim teacher’s taking of nineteen days off would be an undue burden on the school: finding a substitute teacher; and depriving the children of the familiarity of their teacher. The teacher decided to sue and our Attorney General Holder came running to her rescue and giving the case the prestige of the AG’s stationary and letterhead.

Now, it is time for me to don my legal think cap and look at the merits of the case and I must tell you that our teacher might have quite a strong case. Mr. Holder will say that our Jewish brothers and sisters are allowed to leave early on Fridays in honor of their Sabbath and the question that begs itself, why not our Muslim brothers and sisters? Of course this entire legal fulcrum will be predicated specifically on our Constitutional’s First Amendment. The only legal precedent on the side of Chicago’s school board is a case I read in law school that dealt with the use of the drug Peyote – there, I think the government’s position (the detrimental vestiges of drug use) trumped the freedom of religion position, moreover, the Peyote users taking refuge under the religious banner did not suffice because the Peyote users' religion was unknown and not established like that of the Muslims.'

Now let us look through our vistas and no one can gainsay the economic impact of having many Muslims taking weeks off their respective jobs to go to the Hajj… fulfilling their religious obligations. By the way, many of the Rastafarians lovingly see “Ganja” as part of their religious duties too – oh, I almost forgot, they could always move to California or Oregon, unless that too is an undue burden. The case in Chicago might well have been a legitimate religious right cause, but I know our enemy… it will be used to further poke at our resolve and sooner or later, these Pyrrhic victories will add up….


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