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Tex Shelters From the Ronald Reagan Memorial Man Cave

Updated on November 23, 2012

Tex Shelters here. Don’t try to trace this. I have destroyed the underground network hub from where this was posted. I have spent the last three weeks running from the UN, the Fed, the FTA, and all the anti-gun Nazi socialists to get to my Ronald Reagan Memorial man cave. If I told you where I was, I would have to do something worse than kill you, I’d have to erase all traces of you from the internet.

If there is any Republican left out their, help me. Find me. Give me a signal so I can know that you have triumphed over socialists and the Obama Army and Biden Youth Brigade. I know that this video will soon be erased from the internet by forces at the liberal media. So you must act quickly.

I have laid off all my employees cause I cain’t afford Obamacare. I have shot all my cattle for I don’t want them to fall in the hands of environmentalists who will only let them go all free range gay. Cow are for killin’ and eatin’, not huggin’ and lovin’.

You must protect your children. Liberals, like Herod, will abort, on demand, all children from patriotic families under the age of five while they allow black and latino babies to breed without restrictions. Our life style, no, our very lives, are at risk! Socialist doctors and gays, they will force things down our throats like Obamacare, healthy foods, and education. Twinkies died for your sins!! (quieting down) Shhhh. There is no cave deep enough that the liberal hoards can’t penetrate.

More than our children, we must protect our guns from the liberal thugs that have never tried to take them away. We must protect our guns from the Obama whome we fantasize is takin’ them away. Hoard all the bullets we can. Do NOT let them guns out of your sight.

Are you out there! General Jack Ripper was right, they have ruined our purity of essence. But what’s worse than fluoride is Glee! If it wasn’t for Glee, socialist Obama would have been voted out of the White House. That gay agenda has taken over, and shows like Glee make them feel good about themselves and vote in larger numbers. Pride should be restricted to real Americans.

Please, I hope and pray to god almighty that he smite the hoards of diversity, generosity, inclusivity, and compassion and give us back OUR American…

Tex Shelters


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