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Tex Shelters for President

Updated on May 17, 2015

Written by Red Tea Storm Rising Online, An Outlet of Tex Shelters Media

Tex Shelters has announced his candidacy for President with a special video he built himself, along with his production team at Tex Shelters, Productions and Promotions. He knows the liberal media can’t be trusted with this message, so he’s speaking directly to you, especially to the billionaires, who received a special addition of this announcement last week.

Tex Shelters is the long time CEO and President of Tex Shelters, LLC which includes Tex Shelters, Industries; Tex Shelters, Logistical and Support; Tex Shelters Food Service, Inc; among other holdings. Some of his most profitable enterprises have been supplying meals for soldiers and prisoners all over the world. Those bologna sandwiches that Sheriff Arpaio feeds his prisoners are provided by Tex Shelters Food Services as well as meals on U.S. carriers, destroyers and for U.S. ground operations. The Shelters’ empire is now going after the food service for space flights and air force pilots. You bet if CIA drones had to eat, his company would supply them with sustenance as well.

President Shelters is also heavily invested in offshore oil and in-shore prisons, owning major shares in The Correction Corporations of America and Diamond Offshore Drilling. The Shelters Inc. Mining Procurement Agency has also been instrumental in gaining access to diamonds from Angola to the Ivory Coast that are used as drill bits offshore drilling and mining operations.

As a business leader, Tex Shelters has worked with many nations and leaders of nations all over this world. Mr. Shelters is particularly adept at gaining access and utilizing this access to Congress to procure favorable deals for his empire of companies. His access to Congress makes Mr. Shelters particularly ready to handle Congress when he becomes president.

He has invested well, not only getting the usual tax breaks but gaining exceptions to world embargoes of recourses from troubled regions of the world as well as getting other deregulation through Congress for the prisons he serves, thus expanding his meal service into detention centers here and around the world.

He is a family man with six grown children, all of who have graduated or are in college. He has attended the First Christian Church, Disciples of Christ for the past 25 years since entering business school at ASU. He has regularly volunteers in Bible studies classes and also teaches classes in gun safety to middle school children in Arizona.

Mr. Shelters often speaks to large audiences on topics such as the defense of marriage, economic liberty and responsibility in government. He is strong on immigration, believing that we must only accept good immigrants and send the rest home. That is why he came out last year in favor of sending children back to Honduras where they can work to make their own nation a better place to live instead of destroying ours. He feels that being Muslim is okay, but like being gay, they need to keep it to themselves.

Mr. Shelters also promotes the sanctity of life, especially in Mesa and within his church. Thus, he has worked on a sperm recovery project, helping men save their seed for only procreative activities and not wasting the purity of essence God has given them.

One message he would tell kids: Don’t do drugs that haven’t been prescribed to you.

Mr. Shelters was gracious enough to answer the 10 questions for us:

His favorite word is “United States.”
His least favorite word is “Democrat.”
What turns him on is a big tax cut, especially when the government returns money to him that he hasn’t paid.
What turns him off is “gay men.” They are “yucky.”
His favorite sound is a tie between the old fashioned “ka-ching” of a cash register and the firing of an AR-15.
His least favorite sound is Bernie Sanders shouting at Congress.
His favorite curse word is “gosh!”
A profession he would like to try is being an “American Sniper.”
Heaven does exist, and when he gets there, he is certain God will say, “Well done, you saved millions of souls and improved a million others.”
(link to original quiz)

And one final message he has for us: Vote for Tex Shelters. He's not beholden big government; he is a self-reliant billionaire who took his papa's money and parlayed it into more money.

by Red Tea Storm Rising staff

Video transcript:

Dear Americans! I, Tex Shelters, am proud to announce that I have what it takes to become the next president of the United States. God bless america.

We’ve come to take our country back from special interests that want to destroy America: the poor, the thugs, the immigrants. liberals in their ivory towers. Research is not the only way to know things. We know things because God.

I support the Trans Pacific Partnership because it supports me; restraint on trade is a restraint on real America!

As a business leader, I will do everything I can to make sure that money flows into the coffers of the job creators.

I have not only been a leader in off-shoring jobs, but a leader in moving jobs to right-to-work states like Texas and Arizona.

Love of freedom oozes out of my pores. I am a real American. I pray early in the morning as I eat my steak. I pray that Obama doesn’t give away America to the Chinese. I pray that he doesn’t come for my guns. God bless America.

Through my extensive billionaire existence, living in a 100 million dollar mansion, riding the waterways on my 400 foot yacht visiting palaces all over the world and running a billion dollar company, I know how the world works. And I’ve never fired myself from my own company.

Our government is trying to tell us what to believe, that we can’t to use our ideology to discriminate against others. This attack on Christianity and White folks is the REAL problem in America.

Some candidates, governors, have said they have taken on unions in their states. Well I have taken on unions in the oil industry, in the military, “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”

As far as my foreign policy goes, “If you wish to do us harm, we will find you and we will kill you.”

I have laid off more than 50,000 as president of Tex Shelters, LLC and thus earned a $15 million bonus.

As president, I won’t try to take away your guns. In fact, during my administration, gun ownership will be mandatory to vote in this nation. God bless America.

Every pregnancy will have to come to term under my presidency in order to end abortion as we know it. Of course, to prevent the mass killing of children in this nation, birth control will be banned and doctors will be deputized with the authority to arrest women for attempted murder.

There are three DEPARTMENTS that we don’t need and I will eliminate in office: The Legislative Department, the Executive Department the Judicial Department. We need to get government off our backs and on to the backs of the lazy thugs who are the takers in this nation. It is the liberal takers who are ruining this nation, enabled by the Democratic party, and they point the finger at the job creators and trying to blame us for their inability to get money to start a fortune 500 company.

The left’s massive government intrusion in our lives has to stop.

The new left is more dangerous that a three-headed rattlesnake.

Before us is the greatest chapter yet.

We should never apologize for our greatness.

Leadership is about character, and I have enough money to buy character.

It is only in the United States of America that a young man can be born into a wealthy family and turn that fortune into the largest corporate welfare system in the history of the United States.

It is a time for truth, for liberty, tax write offs, and women who are willing to risk their lives for a small chance a fetus is not still born and that she will survive the pregnancy.

We must stop coddling the takers with paid leave, the uneducated with affirmative action, and the sluts with child care.

We had thirteen children in my family; my mom never used birth control. Only 5 babies were stillborn, and my mother survived them all. She had no opportunity to use birth control, and she accepted her fate. Let’s stop the murder of children.

We must continue using drones across the world to protect our freedoms. My father fought the Nazis by selling guns to both Germans and England. You see, he believed in the 2nd Amendment. By supporting the war as a weapons dealer, my father supported second Amendment remedies.

I believe in strengthening this nation by making people self reliant, thus I will not only cut Social Security, I will make people work for their meals, much like the nobel miners in mining towns all across this great nation in the 1800s.

Hillary Clinton is not a real woman. She didn’t stand by her man. It is her fault we have a communist Nazi in the White House. She is not a real American, in fact, her father was English. Didn’t we defeat them in the Revolutionary war? And we will defeat the British again when I beat Clinton in November.

God Smite socialist America, God bless our America! Vote for me, Tex Shelters. I love God.

Thank you, America!

Tex Shelters


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