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Texas 2018 General Elections and Candidates

Updated on April 8, 2018
Daniel Gottlob profile image

Daniel Gottlob is an engineer and Texas native; interested in local, regional, and global current events.

Mid-term elections are upon us again and with it several of the state offices are up for grabs. Below you will find out more about the offices and who is on the ballot.

Primary elections were held on March 6th, 2018 and run-offs will be held on May 22nd with early voting taking place May 14th through May 22nd. Libertarian and Green Party candidates are elected via a nominating convention.

The election day is November 6th.

Current Texas Governor Greg Abbott


Texas Gubernatorial Election

Office Summary

The Governor is the head of the executive branch in the state government including the state military. The governor can approve or veto legislation and pardon in instances other than treason. The office has a 4 year term and comes with the salary of $150,000.

Here is a link to the official governor's website.


Republican candidates

The incumbent governor,Greg Abbott has won the Republican Primary with 90.4% of the vote.

Perennial secessionist candidate and veteran, Larry Kilgore and Barbara Krueger lost the Primary.

Democratic Candidates

The Dallas County Sheriff, Lupe Valdez and Entrepreneur, Andrew White continue to a run off election for the Democratic Primary with 42.9% and 27.4% of the vote respectively.

Former Balch Spring mayor, veteran, teacher, and peace officer Cedric Davis; businessman and audio-video Technician, Joe Mumbach; financial analyst, Adrian Ocegueda; businessman, Jeffrey Payne; hospice chaplain, minister, and businessman, Tom Wakely; and retired educator and perennial candidate, Grady Yarbrough lost the Democratic Primary.

Libertarian Candidates

Civil trial lawyer, firm owner & past gubernatorial candidate; Kathie Glass
Patrick Smith
Kory Watkins

Green Party
Activist, Janis Richards

Independent Candidates
Army Veteran, Byron Bradford
Musician,Thor Harris
Businessman, Danny Harrison

Other News:

Former state Senate and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis; former Houston Mayor Annise Parker; and U.S. representative Joaquin Castro were rumored to be considering running as Democratic candidates but did not run.

Who will win the Texas Governor Race?

See results

Texas Lieutenant Gubernatorial Election

Office Summary

The Lieutenant Governor is the second-highest state government executive office after the Governor. The lieutenant governor is the President of the Texas Senate and the Legislative Budget Board. Also in the event the governor is unable to perform duties, the Lieutenant Governor would assume duties. The office has a 4 year term.

Here is a link to the official Lieutenant Governor's website.


Republican Candidates

Incumbent Republican Dan Patrick has won the Republican Primary with 76% for the vote.

Businessman, Scott Milder, has lost the Primary and endorsed Dan Patrick's Democratic Challenger Mike Collier.

Democratic Candidates

Mike Collier, with a Finance background at PriceWaterhouseCooper, Exxon, and others, has won the Democratic Primary with 52.4% of the vote.

Pastor/manager, Michael Cooper lost the nomination.

Libertarian Candidates

Navy reserve, county chair of Hale County Kerry McKennon is seeking the Libertarian nomination.

Green Candidates

Jamar Osborne is seeking the Green Party nomination. He also filed for the Libertarian nomination as well.

Texas Attorney General Election

Office Summary

The Attorney General is the chief legal and law enforcement officer of the State of Texas. Their duties are to defend the laws and Texas Constitution as well as represent the state in litigation and approved public bond issues. The official Attorney General website can be found here.


Republican Candidates

Incumbent Republican Ken Paxton will run unopposed for the Republican ticket.

Democratic Candidates

Court clerk/lawyer, Justin Nelson will run unopposed for the Democratic ticket.

Libertarian Candidates

Attorney, Michael Ray Harris will run unopposed for the Libertarian ticket.

Texas Comptroller

Office Summary

The Texas Comptroller's office is responsible for state tax collection from the sales tax. They are responsible for treasurer functions like informing the Texas Legislature of the available balance as well as projected revenues. The Comptroller's office also operates various college tuition funds. The office has a 4 year term.

Here is a link to the official Comptroller's website.


Republican Candidates

Incumbent Republican Glenn Hegar will run unopposed.

Democratic Candidates

Entrepreneur, Joi Chevalier has won the Democratic primary with 51.9% of the vote.

Attorney and ACC board member, Tim Mahoney lost the democratic nomination.

Libertarian Candidates

Consultant, Ben Sanders is seeking the Libertarian nomination.

Texas County Map


Texas Land Commissioner

Office Summary

The General Land Office is responsible for managing land and mineral rights for properties owned by the state along with the associated records for land grants, titles, and surveys. This is done by enforcing and negotiating leases for land use as well as occasionally making sales of public land. Money made through the sales and leases of land are added to the state's Permanent School Fund. This fund is used for primary and secondary education in Texas.

Here is a link to the Texas General Land Office website.


Republican Candidates

Incumbent commissioner George P. Bush has won the Republican Primary with 58.2% of the vote.

Texas and Oklahoma professional land surveyor Davey Edwards; Jerry Patterson and Rick Range lost the Republican Primary.

Democratic Candidates

Attorney Miguel Suazo has won the Democratic nomination with 70% of the votes.

VIA Metropolitan Transit Authority board member Tex Morgan lost the primary.

Libertarian Candidates

Matt Piña is running unopposed for the Libertarian ticket.

Commissioner of Agriculture

Office Summary

The commissioner is over the Texas Department of Agriculture(TDA). The TDA is responsible for the promotion/regulation of various functions in regards to production agriculture, consumer protections, agricultural economic development, and promotion of healthy living. As this is a broad range of functions, below is some additional information on the department.

Consumer protections range from regulation of metering/weighing systems at the gas pump and grocery stores to regulating pesticide use and certification of organically-produced products. For Production Agriculture, functions range from providing financial assistance to farmers and assistance in trade and marketing efforts of crops. For Healthy Living, they are also responsible for administering the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs and state led feeding the hungry initiatives. For Economic Development, they are responsible for infrastructure grants in rural communities, providing business tools, and even administration of the Certified Retirement Community Program. The term is four years.

The official website office website can be found here.


The incumbent Republican Commissioner Sid Miller won the Republican nomination with 55.8% of the vote.

Lobbyist Trey Blocker and dairy farmer and 2014 Democratic candidate Jim Hogan lost the nomination.

Democratic Candidates

Kim Olson, a retired Air Force Colonel and former Independent School District Board of Trustees member, is running unopposed.

Libertarian Candidates

Richard Carpenter is running unopposed for the Libertarian ticket.

Green Candidates

Somewhat surprising to me; there is no Green Party Agriculture Commissioner candidate.

Railroad Commissioner

Office Summary

The Texas Railroad Commission is responsible for regulating the state oil and gas industry, gas utilities, pipeline safety, coal mining, and uranium mining. The term length is 6 years. Despite the name, railroads are not managed by the Texas Railroad Commission. They are managed by the Texas Department of Transportation(TXDOT), an executive agency under the governor.

The official office website can be found here.


Republican Candidates

Current incumbent Commissioner Christi Craddick has won the Republican nomination with 75.8% of the vote.

Former Real Estate Commission and current REC member, Weston Martinez lost the Republican nomination.

Democratic Candidates

Roman McAllen, Denton preservation officer, has won the nomination with 58.5% of the vote.

CEO and construction director, Chris Spellmon lost the nomination

Libertarian Candidates

Veteran, analyst, and consult Mike Wright will run unopposed for the Libertarian Party.

Green Candidates

Physicist and Radio Host George Reiter will run unopposed for the Green Party.

Texas Senate and US Representative Races

In addition to the state government elections, I will be following the Texas US Federal Elections as well in 2018. If you are interested in following those elections as well, you can find that article here.

© 2017 Daniel Gottlob


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    • Daniel Gottlob profile image

      Daniel Gottlob 9 months ago from Texas

      Thank You!

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 9 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      I will be looking at the results closely. Democrats will be competitive in Texas soon. Not sure when soon is, lol.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 9 months ago

      Daniel, good and concise article.

      Your state runs a lot like mine sitting beside Texas, except that our current governor is attempting to consolidate all state agencies under the Department of Finance and Administration, which is an executive branch agency. We will see how that is going to work out. I think I can safely forecast some legislative and judicial problems cropping up.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 9 months ago from Norfolk, England

      I enjoyed reading your article. I like American Politics. I find it all very interesint.