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Texit: A Brilliant Idea

Updated on August 14, 2016
NOT Texas
NOT Texas | Source

Viva La Republica De Texas

I love this idea, and couldn't imagine a better time for it. The idea that Texans want to secceed just when we really don't need them is brilliantly stupid. So I say let them do it. We've already got another state (or two) in the wings with Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, so we won't have to change the flag, and, let's face it, who are the only people who really care about Texas? That's right. Texans. Any state dumb enough to elect Rick Perry as governor twice, after electing George W. Bush, twice, has earned and deserves the right become the first state loaded with right wing nut-jobs to jump ship and go it alone.

I am for this because, first and foremost, it would be the most fascinating social and political experiment ever undertaken. Imagine the inmates literally taking control of the insane asylum. That is what we are talking about here. To allow the conservatives their own virtual playground, where they could form the government they want, with all of the social, environmental, and international implications and no liberal opposition, would mean that we could catch a real glimpse into the Ayne Rand Utopia gone viral. The only real comparison in American history would be the Hippie communes that popped up in the 1960's and early 70's, and they were a disaster because of the reality of humanity. People, while they might be be like-minded, don't tend to get along very well when grouped together, mostly because they have different personal goals.

This is what will destroy The New Republic of Texas. Their own ideas.

Initially, A Texit would drive out many if not all of the Democratic base and a good deal of the hispanic population, as well as any other brown people foolish enough to stick around. That, of course, would be fine with the Texans. The next step would be to form a government, constitution, etc. and this is where it will get quite sticky. Who will be the first legislator to bring up taxes? You can't run a government without some form of taxation, but conservatives HATE taxes. That will be a great fight to watch. And then, they would have to address "entitlements" which some conservatives hate even more than taxes.

You want your Social Security? Ha...ha haha. NO WAY. Medicare? Heehee... are you kidding us?

You are on your own, folks, no handouts in The Great Country Of Texas. There will be no entitlements, no minimum wage, no overtime wages, no government oversight at all, in fact. You can forget about those pesky health inspectors controlling your food safety or regulations that prevent unsafe workplaces.

In short, Texas will have the power to disestablish all of the things that made America a great place to work, thanks, in a great part, to American Unions. You want sweatshops with underage children making next to nothing? Texas will be the place to go. You want to completely exploit and deplete your resources and destroy the air quality? You want local governments with no tax revenue to pick up garbage and fix roads? You want to build a multi-billion dollar wall that might keep out immigrants who have no desire to enter? Go for it. Whatever. Good Luck.

And... about that wall. Would they not only want to build it on the Mexican border, but extend it along the bordering states as well? After all, they can't have Illegal American Immigrant vermin just waltzing across their border either, fouling the Texan Purity. Yes, Texas would have to become the largest walled city ever built, with an economy built on the tried and true (and totally debunked) idea of "trickle down economics", where the people with lots of money supposedly spend it on the people who don't have money and then we all just get along and prosper. Right. Dream on.

An independant Texas, run by the modern American Conservative mindset, would be an unfathomable quagmire of nationalism, racism, mysogynism and many other isms I can't even think of. In short, it would breed a race of the true, white, male assholes that represent the core of the conservative movement who would take their "I got mine" attitude and stomp it into the faces of those who don't.

In conclusion, a Texit would create a nightmare, third-world environment and absolutely degrade the quality of life for everyone but the elite. And that is what some of you seem to want, and that is a dismal and pathetic shame.


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    • Austinstar profile image


      2 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

      Little known fact - There is NO procedure for seceding from the USA. Texas reserved the right to vote for PARTITION into 5 smaller states, but we do NOT have a provision for seceding from the union and neither does the US constitution. It would be an overt act of war to secede from the union. This is how stupid our Texas representatives have become (and a good portion of wanna be Texans)

      Real Texans fought to preserve the union, fought to gain independence from Mexico and still fight to this day to be a Democratic society.

      Rumor has it that Canadian born Ted Cruz just showed up for office one day and/or bought his way into Texas politics. No real Texan would EVER vote for such a scumbag as Cruz.

      As for Abbott and Patrick - they are the walking dead. I am happy to announce today that the Supreme court knocked their Republican agenda into the dirt again by striking down the harmful restrictions that these morons placed on Planned Parenthood and other women's clinics.

      Texas' Republican "leadership" is wallowing in the mud that they created for themselves. And I am laughing all the day long!

    • profile image

      Wild Bill 

      2 years ago

      It wasn't the 'asswipe' that I had an issue with, but I am sure you know that. Like I said, it takes a low down, poor excuse of a human being to make fun of a person's physical handicap. That's just as low as it gets to me. The only consolation is that karma is a son of a gun.

    • mybillypilgrim profile imageAUTHOR

      Granville Bennet 

      2 years ago from Portland Oregon

      After some more thought, and despite the politics of the comments so far, I have added a few more thoughts to the Hub, so it has been updated...

      I will say that Austinstar has the right to call any republican asshole governor who puts his warped conservative mindset in front of the interests and wishes of his constituants an "asswipe", so long as she can back it up, as I am sure she can. This is Texas, after all.

    • profile image

      Wild Bill 

      2 years ago

      Austinstar said: "And a feeble wheelchair bound asswipe for a governor."

      I understand you do not agree with his politics, but that is an awful thing to say! Only a despicable excuse of a human being would make fun of someone's disability.

      No wonder you got banned from Q&A.

    • Austinstar profile image


      2 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

      I was born in Texas and it was a Democratic state most of my life. Remember Anne Richards? Or last great governor? I sure do.

      Unfortunately, immigration of all the Republicans to my state resulted in the destruction of our politics. You are right, Texas is now full of people who moved to Texas because we were so progressive and cared so much aboutt Texans. Now we have a Cuban/Canadian Cruz being elected here! And a feeble wheelchair bound asswipe for a governor. With his Christain Lt. Governor who is completely insane.

      If real Texans got together, these idiots would be hung in the public square until dead and they would be left there to rot.

      I hate what the Republicans have done to my state and my home.

      Even Barbara Bush is now ashamed of her family. If only she had practiced birth control.

      Yes, if Texas were to separate from the union, which is impossible, I will leave Texas in a heartbeat. Until then, i will try my best to get along with Republicans and laugh as they destroy their own party of fools.

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 

      2 years ago from > California

      I've been Advocating for both Texas & Alaska to Unilaterally SECEDE for a long time, and if not willfully, maybe AMERICANs could give em' a LITTLE Nudge out the Door ~ WHY Not? It's what they've been craving for RIGHT? Some Republicans COMPLAIN about Social Security & Medicare, COMPLAIN about the Inherent FACT that we live by & NEED a Governmental Structure & REAL Laws to Function as a Cohesive NATION, COMPLAIN about MILLIONS of HARD Working Federal Employees who do the things we as individuals are unable to do, COMPLAIN about Women's RIGHTs including their RIGHT to Choose & EQUAL Pay, COMPLAIN about EXPANDING HealthCARE Coverage for MILLIONs of AMERICANs via OBAMACARE which Eliminated "Pre-Existing CONDITIONs & Unilateral CANCELLATION by the Insurance Cos", Continue to DENY Severe Climate CHANGE even though we just witnessed ANOTHER 1000 YEAR Flood etc etc..... Time to ACCOMODATE ALL Republicans who seem to find it IMPOSSIBLE to "Assimilate & Progress FORWARD" with a Civilized & MODERNIZED United States of AMERICA ..... If you choose to GO, just leave your Social Security & Medicare Benefits at the DOOR and GO live in Peace & Contentment within the Confines of your "Backward Primitive SOCIETY" where "FACTs & Reality" are BANNED ....... I'm sure many Residents of Texas & Alaska would choose to remain within OUR Union which is FINE, they can Relocate to another region of the country but for those who long for the OLD, Home Schoolin', Cattle Rustlin', Pistol Packin', Whiskey as Pain KILLER, NO Indoor Plumbin' OUTHOUSE Days, GO & be FREE ~


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