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Textbooks and Honey Boo Boo

Updated on March 2, 2014

Textbooks and Honey Boo Boo

I have reserved judgment on opinions of modern capitalism for years now out of fear for being persecuted as a Marxist/ Communist, instead of one who believes in community and moral decorum; ideals, concepts or words that I remember used to carry meaning. 23 and not as accomplished or satisfied as I’d like to be, I realize the significance of the quote from A Beautiful Mind: “Not recognition, accomplishment.” As pens handed. This, god forbid I use the word conservative (fear of association of modern greedy racists, I’m independent, except when it comes to food and shelter), was a sign of truth in life and in a foolish world, was quickly forgotten, even quicker dismissed.

Corruption, we love to use that word. They are corrupt. They are corrupt! They are corrupt!!! It’s always them, right? This community college’s population rose from 23,550 to almost 28,000 this year, and what did they decide to do? Build a fu*king fountain, turn off the Wireless internet and charge for printing at the library; which I believe they didn't add a single thirty dollar computer! I can’t wrap my head around the cornerstones of capitalism anymore and can’t wrap my hand around a pen for another walk around in the mall to fill out 60 applications at a time again, my (god forbid) hope and faith has become infinitesimal.

The situation at this community college by itself could not be any clearer, the number of students is rising at community college because the economy is failing and private schools are formidably priced. From what I hear about 50% of college graduates are working at jobs that do not need a high school diploma and unemployment and part time employment manners well be that of The Great Depression considering living costs and lack, no, no community (that I can see). Yet the teachers know the cost of books, they know they don’t need to be refreshed as “new” editions, and I pray they have some logic to see that schools here speak the same language do not need school individualized books. Doing nothing, the situation is seemingly becoming almost of a Super Market gouging away non-perishables before the big PROBABLE storm.

The burden lies on us, our debt for believing in ourselves, as great as the mountains of policies that could form another star in our galaxy with a match, and the slow burn of the Constitution recently leaving us with a fragrance that skips the nose and goes right to high tolerance receptors. Jesus said it himself, Love thy iTunes and its daily update, just thinking of that South Park episode. Efforts to correct the system and perhaps turn it into a functioning society is pretty impossible because NO ONE IS ACCOUNTABLE INCLUDING YOU, THE AUDIENCE, unless you’re counting monopoly money. We are saying they and they are saying them to each other.

Wipe your butt with your hand and gag me to get the taste of this “country” out of my fu*king mouth!

OR keep thinking that abortion, gay rights and non- pharmaceutical drugs (70% of O.D. deaths from pharmaceuticals) are significant problems.

A choice between a hundred thousand shoes and cigarettes make you FEEL free for social status.


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