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Thankful for food pantries – part 2

Updated on August 12, 2015
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus--it's Loaves & Fishes.  On Dec. 9, kids got to visit Santa and shop for their parents.
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus--it's Loaves & Fishes. On Dec. 9, kids got to visit Santa and shop for their parents.

I’ve written before on the way that food pantries have been like a lifeline to survival for many of us who are unemployed.

Well, now I’d like to add one more note of gratitude to that story.

Our local pantry, “Loaves & Fishes” in Devens, MA, recently held its annual “Shop for Parents” and “Shop for Kids” days as a way of making the holidays brighter for families in need.

On December 9 and 12, the two separate events gave both parents and youngsters the chance to shop for each other, without paying a single cent themselves, which is an incredible gift in itself during these tough economic times.

The reasoning is simple—if we can barely afford to put food on our tables, because of joblessness or other situations, then Loaves & Fishes helps those of us who are eligible clients to obtain presents that we otherwise couldn’t get at all, or would have to go into hock to buy, usually on credit. So we don’t have to take on even greater debt to make this a Merry Christmas for our families.

All the gifts—for both parents and kids—were donated by local businesses, churches, Loaves & Fishes partner organizations, or private individuals. Their wonderful generosity is going to make our holidays a whole lot nicer, I can tell you that.

So, when we talk about finding some kind of hope in the midst of the hopelessness all around us, this program of Loaves & Fishes is one of the best ones ever to come down the pike. For the critics who may put them down, or say that unemployed people deserve what they got (or don’t have, actually), and thus should go without—Loaves & Fishes is not really giving us a handout as much as a helping hand. Through their power to galvanize and bring together the generosity of the wider community to help those who are in genuine need, they’ve also given us an added bit of self-respect and much-needed care, while bringing back the true spirit of the holiday season. Through their gift, they’ve given us the ability to give to others, as it should be.

A big, big kudos, Loaves & Fishes!!

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    • ShermanMorrison profile image

      ShermanMorrison 6 years ago from Florianópolis

      What an uplifting hub! Thanks for sharing.