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The 10 week continuing resolution to fund the government a good idea

Updated on October 2, 2015

The latest continuing resolution to fund the government for the next ten weeks was the best decision at this time. I do not usually agree with this type of action in funding the government but this was the right decision. With Boehner leaving it should be up to the new speaker to impact what the funding for the government in the next fiscal year should contain. It is hoped that whoever takes over the position that there will be a striking difference in the approach in deciding what funding makes sense. The key thing to remember is the House of Representatives has the responsibility to initiate funding legislation not the Senate.

A continuing resolution seems to be the way to go these days as Congress waits until the last minute to come up with an agreement to fund the government for a limited period of time. Making decisions about critical issues seems to be difficult for some members of Congress. The problem is not the issues but how to address them some include money while others include methods to resolve them. In this stop gap measure funding the government keeps functioning even though 75% of the government would still report to work even without this resolution which is a fact some of the media is ignoring.

There are many issues on the plate of Congress and in years past they have skirted their responsibilities in adequately addressing the spending culture and others which currently exist. There are many programs on which individuals depend such as Social Security but there are others that have created a dependency on government funds which should be discontinued. One of these involves a change in the requirement that you do not need to work to receive government money. This creates and atmosphere where some individuals ask the question why should I work the government is supporting me?

We as individuals need to take responsibility for our own actions and well-being not only for ourselves but our families. Government needs to get out of the way and let us make our own decisions not make them for us through legislative actions. Government has taken over too much of our society and it needs to stop. The next budget to be negotiated between the House and Senate must start with the principle of honoring the Constitution by protecting the rights it gives us as individuals and as a country. Granted there are things for which the federal government is best suited to handle which was not envisioned by our founding fathers. There are however other topics they did envision and they wisely put controls and limits on the federal government to protect us. It is now up to Congress to do the same with the next budget.


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