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Here's one shocking story how a human is made into a bomb

Updated on October 8, 2014

A girl fitted with explosives almost blow up in front of school


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Loaded with 33 lbs of explosives

SHE gave her name to the police as Rania and that she was born in 1993. She appeared dazed and was likely under the influence of drug. In Baqouba where she was caught- Police said her body was attached with vest of explosives by female relatives of her husband. After being hooked up with the bomb- Rania was instructed to proceed in front of the school and wait for further instructions. However, Rania changed mind and surrendered herself in- US sources said. She was fitted in with the explosives against her will.

Police likewise identified Rania's father as a suicide bomber who had already blown himself up and her mother and one of her sisters as well were arrested and for what reasons it was not known.

Out in the street with hands on her back- police handcuffed her to a metal balustrade. With extreme caution- they worked to uncover the vest laden with explosives hidden under her colorful robe. The vest was estimated to contain about 33 pounds of explosives

Rania insisted she didn't know who the women are who gave her the vest. She talked later that the women's names maybe were Fadhila and Widad. Questioned whether she knew the women who put the vest on her- she replied, yes. She had no intention of blowing herself up. "No, no, they put it on me and told me to take it off at home. They did not tell me to explode myself"

When police asked why she didn't disconnect the detonator- she answered:she didn't disconnect it. It by itself fell off from her. A policeman testified that when Rania was picked up Sunday, August 24, 2008, she initially appeared dazed and couldn't say something. She had been drug.

This teenage suicide-bomber to-be has contradicted her previous statement. In a subsequent interrogation- she mentioned she was shown the vest 2 detonators; that she was instructed to press the 2nd button if the first failed to work..

According to a US military official, the number of women carrying out suicide missions has more than tripled in 12 months. They believe that Al Qaeda "is increasingly exploiting women unable to deal with the grief of losing husbands, parents and children since the US invasion in 2003".

Baquoba- where Rania was picked up- has seen some of the worst human carnage in the area. It is the capital of eastern Diyala province and an Al Qaeda stronghold in Iraq.

Some 200 female volunteers recruited by the US-backed group Daughters of Iraq are now active helping checkpoint searches. This is obviously done to assist checkpoints effectiveness because male soldiers assigned to checkpoints hesitate to pat down Iraqi women who may be concealing deadly weapons inside their long robes.because of cultural prohibitions.

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