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The 11 Faces of Donald J. Trump

Updated on June 9, 2018
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ME has spent most of his retirement from service to the United States studying, thinking, and writing about the country he served.

It has been 20 years since President Trump assumed office. (OK, it has only been 16 months, but it seems like 20.) In that time, he has established what defines him

#11 - Philanderer And Sexual Predator


1. To have a sexual affair with someone who is not one's spouse or partner. Used especially of a man.

2. To have many casual sexual affairs. Used especially of a man.

There should be no doubt in anybody's mind by now that Donald J. Trump has been a world-class philanderer right up their with Presidents Kennedy and Clinton. In addition to these three, there is good evidence that these presidents also had a wandering appendage:

  • George Washington
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Chester A. Arthur
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Grover Cleveland
  • Warren Harding
  • Dwight Eisenhower
  • Lyndon Johnson
  • Woodrow Wilson
  • Ronald Reagan
  • George H. W. Bush
  • George W. Bush
  • Franklin Roosevelt

While Trump has recently denied having affairs, this is clearly not the case given he dumped his first wife after having a public affair with his second wife. To date, there is strong evidence that Trump:

Women Trump Slept With While Married, allegedly:

  • Gabriela Sabatini - Model
  • Allison Giannini - Model
  • Stormy Daniels porn star
  • Karen McDougal - Playboy Playmate

Women Trump Sexually Abused, allegedly:

  • Jessica Leads (fondled on an airplane)
  • Ivana Trump (physical assault and rape)
  • Kristin Anderson (groped in a night club)
  • Walked into dressing room of half naked teenage contestants in a Miss Teen contest
  • Trump tells Howard Stern he "often peeped" in dressing rooms of his beauty contest contestants to see them naked.
  • Was taped on Access Hollywood saying "And when you're a star, they let you do it," he said. "You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything."
  • Kissed Rachel Crooks in front of an elevator in Trump Tower
  • French kissed Natasha Stoynoff at Mar-a-Lago
  • Groped former The Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos at a Beverly Hills Hotel business meeting.

Many of these women are currently suing Donald Trump over these abuses.

#10 - Donald Trump Actively Opposes Human Rights

  • The first year of US President Donald Trump’s administration was marked by a sharp regression in government efforts to pr

  • otect and promote a range of human rights, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2018.

  • Followed by: “The people most likely to suffer abuses are often least able to defend their rights in court or through the political process and should be protected, not targeted by abusive policies."

  • Trump expanded abusive fast-track deportation procedures and criminal prosecutions for immigration offenses and moved to increase the prolonged detention of immigrants.

  • Trump repealed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, putting hundreds of thousands of immigrants who arrived in the US as children at risk of deportation. In early 2018, Trump promised to sign ANY DACA deal the Senate could bring forward to him REGARDLESS of how he felt about it. They did and HE DIDN'T.

  • Trump issued new, harsh screening measures for the refugee program and set the annual cap for refugee admissions for 2018 at 45,000, the lowest annual limit since Congress passed the Refugee Act in 1980.

  • Donald Trump and AG Jeff Sessions scaled back efforts to monitor local police who are engaged in systemic abuses, including departments who are reported to have patterns and practices of excessive force and constitutional violations.

  • Trump, through his AG Jeff Sessions, rescinded the Smart on Crime initiative, which prioritized federal prosecutions of people accused of high-level drug offenses, reduced racial disparities in federal drug sentencing, and improved reentry opportunities for people leaving prison.

  • Trump announced he would scrap an equal pay initiative, which was to go into effect in 2018.

  • Trump continuously refuses to repudiate large scale examples of hate related violence in America such as Charlottesville.

  • Trump repeatedly denigrates journalists, in violation of the 1st Amendment, as dishonest and biased against producing a chilling effect on freedom of speech.

  • In October, the White House released immigration principles and policies that will weaken protections for child migrants and refugees.

  • Candidate Donald Trump derided US District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel for his "Mexican" heritage and said Curiel was not going to be impartial because of his heritage

  • Trump unexpectedly banned lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender (LGBT) from joining or staying in the military. This is just one in a series of actions designed to deprive the LGBT community of their human rights.people undermines their rights.

  • Trump directed AG Jeff Session and the Justice Department to reverse the position that the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination in the workplace on the basis of gender identity.

  • The Trump administration’s reported revision of the policy for drone strikes outside conventional war zones allows attacks on lower-level terrorism suspects in more countries, with less oversight, and greater secrecy.

  • Then there is this regarding Trump's respect for Americans with Disabilities (see video)

    God, there is so much more!

Trump Disrespects Disabled Reporter

#9 - Donald Trump Actively Oppose Constitutional Rights

Consider the Following from Donald Trump:

  • Trump has shown disdain for the separation of powers by repeatedly attacking the federal judiciary and individual judges who have ruled against him - A violation of Article II and III of the Constitution

  • He has made a mockery of the emoluments clause by refusing to divest his tangled business empire and profiting openly off his presidency - a violation of Article 1 of the Constitution

  • He has abused the pardon power by granting pardons or commutations to his political or philosophical friends including Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Scooter Libby, and Denish D'Souza. He has threatened to pardon people who have or potentially will provide testimony against him in Robert Mueller's Russian investigation such as Carter Page, Gen Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, Michael, Cohen, and many others including HIMSELF. He is also suggesting he may pardon like-minded politicians like Rod Blagojevich

  • “Donald J. Trump is calling for a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.” (Dec. 7, 2015) - a violation of the 1st Amendment

  • Trump suggested immigrants at the border could be summarily deported without any hearing to determine if they deserved asylum or were US citizens wrongly apprehended - a violation of the 5th and 6th Amendments

  • On May 24, 2018 Trump STATED that the system of immigration judges "corrupt" and even more scary, "Whoever heard of a system where you put people through trials? Where do these judges come from?" (Where the hell did Trump come from??) - a violation of Article II and III and the 5th and 6th Amendments

  • Trump said of NFL players who refuse to stand for the anthem: "Maybe you shouldn't be in the country." - a violation of the 1st Amendment

  • Referring to a "raid' (his term for a lawfully executed search warrant) by the FBI on his personal attorney's, Michael Cohen, home and offices Trump said the court-approved subpoena, was "an attack on our country ..." - a violation of Article II and III of the Constitution

  • Trump started his bid to be president of what was, at the time, a tolerant, forward looking nation with “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” he said. “They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”. We no longer are - a violation of everything that is right

  • “I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally” - a violation of the 5th, 14th, and 15th Amendments
  • Please don’t be too nice.” where President Trump urged local police officers to rough up criminal suspects. July 28, 2017 - a violation of the 14th Amendment

God, there are so many!

# 8 - Trump is Not Rational

RATIONAL - Google "rational" and you get this, among many others: "Based on or in accordance with reason or logic: Synonyms: logical, reasoned, sensible, reasonable, cogent, intelligent, judicious, shrewd, common-sense, commonsensical, sound, prudent.

Many people do not think those words describe Donald Trump most of the time. But that is my opinion, let's see what has come out of his mouth and pen.

  • Given America did drop an atomic on a foreign Asian city - twice - it is the definition of irrationality for Donald Trump to threaten to do it again ... even rhetorically. President Trump had a third atomic bomb to drop on Japan but called it off because of the horrendous results of the first two. To threaten the annihilation of millions of people so casually is not the act of a rational man - who has the power to carry out his threat. Just think what the outcome might have been had Trump been president instead of President Kennedy.
  • It is not rational to pop-off at new conference prior to attending the 2018 G7 minus 1 conference that Russia should have a seat at the table again "without telling Anyone he was going to do it". Apparently Trump forgot WHY Russia had been kicked out (invading the Ukraine) and when reminded why by a reporter replied something to the effect "it was Obama's time, not my problem".
  • It is not rational make enemies out of your allies as he is doing with his trade policies.
  • It is not rational to tell the world (as he cut short his G7 minus 1 conference (hence the "minus 1") and flying off to "not prepare" for the North Korean summit) to say that ""I would say the level of relationship [with our allies] is a 10." What is irrational about that is it so clearly a lie. Days before the meeting he was in a furious twitter war with the President of France and Prime Minister of Canada, he insults the members telling them they should let Russia in, excoriating them on how much they are ripping America off, AND laying tariffs on them. That is NOT rational
  • It is not rational to tear up a treaty that prevents Iran from acquiring or building nuclear bombs and is signed by allies plus Russia and China that took a decade to get signed. It is even less rational for Trump to egg Iran on to restart their nuclear program. (Hopefully for world peace, our allies are successful in nullifying America's sanctions enough to deter them from building a nuclear device again.)

God, there are so many more.

#7 Donald Trump is Transactional

This means that Donald Trump has no plan for the future beyond a set of ideas. He does not know how to get from here to there. This is clear from things like:

  • His "Infrastructure" idea. Wilbur Ross wrote a white paper outline of how it might work, yet there it sits.
  • He never had an economic plan and things he agreed to during its formulation in Congress he disagreed with the next day.
  • Kim Kardashian suggests he pardon a lady who received a horrible sentence for a minor crime and without further ado, he does. (Granted, it was a good commutation, but the process was non-existent).
  • Simply put, when Trump sees a shiny object he likes, he reacts, regardless of the consequences

#5 - Donald Trump Has No Moral Compass

Moral Compass: a natural feeling that makes people know what is right and wrong and how they should behave:

Donald Trump has spent his whole life showing the world, in stark detail, that he has absolutely "NO MORAL COMPASS". It is open to debate whether Donald Trump has a strong since of right and wrong. The lack of a moral compass is another indicator of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

A prime example of this (there is a video below) is when, at a campaign rally, Trump gesticulated wildly, flinging is arms about in a flapping motion (remember, is is a presidential candidate here) trying to imitate a handicapped reporter he doesn't like in the audience. A person with a moral compass knows immediately that shouldn't be done and refrain from doing it. One who doesn't have a moral compass thinks it

is fine. (To do that on a national stage while running for president is another example of irrational behavior.)

Another example of no moral compass is when he insulted and argued with a Gold Star family who lost a son in the Iraq war again on a national stage running for president.

A third, and on going, example are the almost 3,000 lies or mostly false and false statements Trump has made since becoming president. His average is about 9 of these A DAY.

God, there are so many more.

#4 - Donald Trump is an Anti-Intellectual

It is not that President Trump isn't an intellectual, he actually self-admittedly opposes intellectualism.

Philosophical definition of Intellectualism: "the theory that knowledge is wholly or mainly derived from pure reason; rationalism."

In other words, intellectualism is coming to decision based on analysis and reason. And Trump has even said he doesn't believe in doing that.

Unlike all past presidents, President Trump skips reading the daily intelligence briefs (and almost any other written material). He also does not like presentations of fact (which was a big strike against former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster). Instead, he wants short oral updates of selected matters.

#3 - One Never Knows When Donald Trump Means What He Says

Case in point. On Jan 9, 2018, President Trump told a stunned nation (and 25 lawmakers) that "You folks are going to have to come up with a solution ... and if you do, I'm going to sign that solution." This was an unequivocal, unconditional declaration of intent. Congress did come up with such a solution and Trump reneged. And this is not a one-off.

While it is true politicians often make promises they don't keep, nobody is more prolific at it than Donald Trump. The truth is, studies show, that other politicians actually DO try to keep their promises at least 67% of the time.

Other examples 1 include his promise"

  • to release his tax returns,
  • make Mexico pay for his border wall 2,3,
  • pulling troops out of Afghanistan,

Additional examples where he broke America's promises to the world:

  • Pulling out of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement
  • Pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord
  • Trying to pull out of NAFTA
  • Pulling out of the 6 nation plus 1 Iran Nuclear Deal

1 These examples are ones Trump has control over.

2 Trump broke this promise by not trying to collect even though actually collection would have been impossible

3 To date, Trump doesn't have funding for his promised border wall either.

#2 - Donald Trump is a Serial Liar about Everything Large and Small

It is documented that Donald Trump lied throughout his campaign. According to various fact checking organizations about 70% of statements made by Trump for Mostly False, False, or Outright Lies 1. Since his inauguration, according several tracking organizations, Trump has veered from the truth over 3,000 times in the last 16 months. At this rate, and it seems to be accelerating, he will have deceived America over an astounding 9,000 times.

What does that mean? That the people of America and the world can not trust a word that America says.

1 By contrast, the same organizations said Hillary Clinton's rating was around 20%

#1 - Donald Trump Likely Suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

As I said in the Hub I wrote on this subject, I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or medical doctor of any kind. But I am observant. I can read a subjective description and I can observe. If the observation matches the description, then I can reasonably conclude as a thinking human, that the person I am observing fits that description.

And that is what I did using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, edition 5 (DSM-5) description of what constitutes NPD. From this, I developed 23 statements about what people observe in Trump that match the various characteristics listed in the DSM-5. I think asked the readers how many of those 23 traits they see in him. Of the 24 responses so far, 76% say that 20 to 23 of them match what they observe. (only about 1/3 of the respondents said they were Left-leaning while none said they were Right-leaning.)

Examples of some of the questions are:

  1. Donald Trump is an over-the-top, larger-than-life character
  2. He clearly cannot take the tiniest of criticisms without lashing out in great verbal assaults, Hillary was quite right when she famously observed that Trump "can be baited by a tweet".

These help answer such criteria as:

  1. A grandiose logic of self-importance
  2. A desire for unwarranted admiration

If 5 of the 9 DSM-5 criteria are met, then potential NPD is indicated and should be further evaluated. It is my considered opinion that Donald Trump needs a major mental health evaluation. If you are interested in further detail (and render your opinion) about this, visit Does President Donald Trump Have a Mental Illness?

© 2018 Scott Belford


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