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Obama's Second Term Victory

Updated on November 23, 2013

Romney vs. Obama

American Politics

Demographic analysis has been able to tell a lot about a population. In America, there are figures indicating the growing trend of groups of people previously sidelined as "minorities" growing in numbers to the point where now, if taken all together as a whole, those minority citizens actually outnumber the ones who traditionally were deemed regular, typical Americans.

Back in the 50's and early 60's a Black candidate for the presidency would not have been nominated. Martin Luther King was still agitating for the rights of Black people to eat at the same diner counter with a White, or sit toward the front of a city bus, let alone become president. But times have changed.

The emotional feelings of voters are very high-pitched when it comes time for a presidential election. People tend to vote for the candidate they identify with. The fact that Obama is Black does not limit his appeal only to Black voters. If it did, he'd get only 10% of the vote and lose.

When someone has suffered prejudice based on race, nationality, religion, gender, or any other characteristic over which a human being has no control, that person naturally will tend to identify with another who likewise has endured the hurt of discrimination. Therefore, Obama will find support among the many Americans who have been marginalized due to their minority, ethnic status.

Some of the big groups that bolster the numbers of minorities in general are Asians, Latinos, Jews, and the many new immigrants who speak "broken" English or remember their parents or grandparents struggling for acceptance in America.

There is a peripheral group that can be added to the major minority segments. Any urban dweller in a city filled with people of all colors and nationalities has had to mix and work with others who don't fit neatly into the mold of a "typical" American. These urban voters have had to accept and learn to appreciate diversity by associating with and dealing with people from all walks of life in a melting pot of world society.

Thus, urban voters would have reasons to accept Obama as well as the minority people themselves.

A very strong factor against Romney will be this underlying emotional identity with Obama based on his minority racial ancestry. Whether the vote in November will be in favor of Obama depends on other factors as well, but the ethnic side of the presidential race can not be ignored.

Romney is being perceived as a member of the White establishment. For this reason alone, he may receive many votes.

The factors of race and ancestry are ones people don't like to discuss. They never will be brought up in a debate on TV. However, they will be lurking in the background and in the subconscious minds of voters on election day.

One big drawback for Obama is the fact that the recession is still in full swing. Many people will blame him for this, including members of minority groups who would vote for Romney instead.

The 2012 election is predicted to be one of the greatest elections in American history, with one of the biggest voter turnouts ever.

Although polls indicate a close election going into November, there is a great question as to whether minorities will vote in sufficient numbers, and also whether minority rivalries against competing minorities will overtake the sense of unity that could reelect the president.

It's going to be an election of either acceptance or rejection of Obama. That will be the main issue.

That's the way it seemed going into the election month.

Now, going into the year after the election, is Obama a good president or not? No one ever will know exactly which of the three hundred million Americans can lead best. We only have two choices each presidential election. No one except a professional politician seems likely to win in contemporary times.

Presidents must be well aware that what they do in office has to keep the majority happy. Obama was chosen by a narrow majority of the popular vote. Since the American people knew what each candidate represented, and since the election was so close, we can assume that either candidate would have made a good president in the eyes of the voters.

Presidents tend to be extremely responsible people no matter who they are. They can't be seen intoxicated; they must be intelligent; and they must understand the world of politics. In the 2012 election, both candidates happened to be religious men, expected to pray hard before making any really big decision. Since the majority of Americans also are religious to a degree, this means that either candidate would have given some assurance to the citizens that the country was in good hands and not being run by corrupt or reckless people.

Further assurance that things will run smoothly comes from the fact that Congress and the Supreme Court have strong powers to keep a president in check. When presidents become reckless or extremely unpopular, they can be impeached. But such extreme measures happen very seldom, once in 1868 when Andrew Johnson was impeached, and then 131 years later for Bill Clinton.

History will tell whether Obama will go down as a good president or not. Many times big international events can make or break a president's reputation. For example, Hoover was a competent man who had the bad luck of presiding over the Depression; Roosevelt presided over the Second World War, which the good guys won; Eisenhower was a hero from that war; JFK had charisma and is remembered fondly, but people said he was more an intellectual than a politician. His successor, LBJ presided over the progressive times of civil rights, but unfortunately is more remembered as being president during the Vietnam War. Although Nixon ended the draft for that war and opened trade with China, he unfortunately will be remembered for Watergate and dishonesty.

President Obama is presiding over a lingering recession, but most people don't blame him for it. Some blame him for not being proactive enough to end it somehow. Obama seems to have a steady hand and should go down as a good president because the middle-of-the-road moderates will prefer a president who moves slowly. But there's a chance President Obama will be remembered like Herbert Hoover is, in association with times of economic downturns that could not be alleviated. Unless a more memorable thing happens, this may be the way history will cast President Obama.

Actor-Comedian Bill Cosby

Obama's Significance

When Mr. Obama first became president, Bill Cosby thought back to the days of his famous TV show "The Cosby Show" which depicted the ideals of a good family seeking education and meaningful work toward contributing to society. To Cosby, the show could have been about Mr. and Mrs. Obama and the families in which they were brought up.

But many Americans, not only bigots, think the show glamorized African Americans unrealistically. That was the attitude during the Eighties and early Nineties when the show was on TV. But now, Bill Cosby is recommending that people who felt that way back then, watch The Cosby Show reruns to see if they still think the same way, even with Mr. Obama in the White House.

There is a restaurant in Washington, DC, established in 1958 called "Ben's Chili Bowl." In 2013, on the 55th anniversary of the restaurant, Bill Cosby was there to celebrate. President Obama and his wife also sent a note of congratulation to the restaurant staff.

Some people think that without the positive influence Bill Cosby had on society's concept of Black American families, President Obama never could have become the president. Although both Blacks and Whites seemed to agree that the show was not about the typical Black family, it did hold up a high ideal to follow. Bill Cosby continues his crusade today to give hope and pride to Black Americans, with a strong emphasis on getting serious about education and what it can do to transform people.

Although both Black and White American families considered the Cosby Show family not typical, both races were happy the show was so popular because it brought basic human dignity to people, regardless of color. The Cosby Show made everyone happy because it could have been about any American family of any ethnic background. It helped Mr. Obama become president by making it OK for Americans to think of Blacks as just people, no different from anyone else in what really matters in life, such as family and relationships.


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    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 5 years ago from America

      Wisconsin proved the socialist ways of Obama are percieved as negative! Romney will win in a landslide!