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The 2014 Catholic Synod.

Updated on October 15, 2014

Was the Synod's Decision Rightful?

Well, did the 2014 Catholic Synod consider traditional marriage as being the basis of Christian life and family? Of course it did.

But would its members close their eyes to any other form of marriage (same-sex marriage) that was being introduced into society by homosexuals, lesbians and the rest?

Of course, they wouldn't.

Why not? ...and a little child could tell us the answer that the Church wouldn't give it (same-sex marriage) its blessing. (I was going to use the word "ever" at the end of this sentence; but who knew what would happen in the Catholic Church in the future).

So, it would be a waste of time for everyone concerned, as favoring Homosexuals and Lesbians with any form of recognition would just be like dangling a piece of carrot in front of a Donkey, for it (Donkey) would never reach it.

They (members) knew what they were doing to be deceitful; but they went ahead and did it; with the approval of the Head of the Catholic Church.

What would that do to Christianity as a whole? Did they really consider that?

There were too many questions to be answered on the issue by the 2014 Catholic Synod and its members; and until they did that, the members were not being honest with themselves.

Unless some of them were homosexuals themselves, looking to impose their deviant lifestyle on the Church; and that would be wrong and unacceptable.

However, one wasn't a Catholic, and so one couldn't argue with the Arch-bishops and bishops, whose opinions were collectively expressed in the final decision or edict of the 2014 Catholic Synod.

Yet, people, who called themselves Christians and followed the teachings in the Holy Bible had the right and privilege to make their feelings known, and to give the Synod a tangible reason that it (Synod) couldn't alter anything, with respect to the Gospel of Jesus, Our Lord, without the consent of other Churches strewn across the world.

Therefore, it behooved one to say that, if the Catholic Church intended to use homosexuals to boost its membership, that wouldn't be a bad idea at all; but it should also direct them to change their behavior, in order to become true Christians, of which the whole Christian community would be very proud.



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