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The 40% President of the United States

Updated on January 21, 2017
Protests on Day 2
Protests on Day 2
Trumps inauguration(L), Obama's (R)
Trumps inauguration(L), Obama's (R)
The 45th President of the USA
The 45th President of the USA

President Trump took office on January 20th. Melania looked liked a modern version of Jackie Kennedy, harking in a new Camelot era. Trump remained looking like a angry, grumpy, old man. He is not a guy likes to smile but loves to frown. Maybe its his 70-year old age because age does create false impressions. One cannot help to wonder what Melania thought when they first met 10 years ago, after all, there is almost 25 years difference. Maybe she looked the other way for wealth? Maybe it was real love despite his numerous divorces.

On day two of his presidency, it seemed as if all hell broke lose from the over two million voters who had voted for Clinton. Across America and in large cities across the world, US citizens living abroad and those in sympathy, demonstrated in the millions. While mostly were women who hate the President for a wide variety of reasons, many were there for a wide variety of reasons personal to them. Violence was mostly absent, that was the good thing, but did President Trump hear the voices in the streets?

Probably not. He was much too busy bitching about the CIA and the media in his tweets. He focused on the media once again because he did not like the coverage of the inauguration, which showed many bleachers were empty and the crowds were much smaller than when Obama did the same. Truth be told, not all the protesters were devout in their cause, many were there just to complain about things in general and how they dislike Trump the man.

Certainly, Trump reaps what he sows. He caters just to his base, his 35%, which explains why his popularity across America is 40% or less. There is some truth to the chants of, " Trump is not my president" and "Dump Trump". What does this mean in the future?

The Trump presidency is only Day 2 and already it is controversial and chaotic. His Cabinet picks really do not represent the diversity of America, in fact, they are mostly white, rich men or women. Some say, this is a bad omen with one conflict after another, day after day, and it seems to be true. Others say, his picks are probably the smartest group since all are very wealthy like Trump is. They know how to make America rich again, but will this actually happen, or, will it just be one conflict after another that prevents Trump from doing what he promised?

After all, when half of America does not want you a its leader, and there is opposition in the branches of government (even though Republicans control all of them), what will happen? Well, Madonna said that she thought about blowing up the White House. Other women in the demonstrations said, "Power is in the pussy".....

2017 should be a chaotic and messy year like 1968 was. History repeats.


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