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The 5000 Pound Elephant

Updated on June 23, 2015

Positive thoughts and deep thinking: I look at this old slave ship and ask some serious questions: When the slaves were aboard this ship, did they think one day we will fight, free ourselves, join gangs, sell each other poison for money, kill each other, hate on each other, and try to become the evil that imprisoned us? We have to look deeper into ourselves and get angry at the tragedies that we inflict on our own community. The reason others take shots at us and kill us with impunity is due to the fact we have completely forgotten how we got here and the sacrifices our ancestors made for us. The only way we can stop police brutality, injustice, racism, and hate crimes is by stop hurting ourselves, uniting and saying: We will not stand for this any longer! It's not too late. Put God first, unite, and stand up for justice and equality against all enemies that attack us.


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