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The ACLU Is At 'It' Again - This Time Down In Florida...

Updated on October 25, 2011

The ACLU Is At ‘It’ Again - This Time Down In Florida...

Sure, it is not as sickening as the tacit advice once made available to pedophiles, as to how to legally operate within the confines of the law, but the ACLU’s lawsuit against the State-of-Florida for testing it citizens who are vying for public assistance (Welfare) is part and parcel of the legal entity’s descent into madness. There are times when I think that the ACLU files suits just for the sake of filing suits; now granted, that the Florida law suit has the perfect all American plaintiff: he is a Navy veteran, single father, and pristine. Yet no matter how clean the plaintiff looks does not give legal merit to his case. The gist of the Florida’s position is that many of the Welfare recipients are substance abusers, and it does not want to allocate monies to support drug or alcoholic abuse. The ACLU - representing the Navy veteran or anyone in a similar situation - on the other hand, posits that the mandated testing for drugs before the State-of-Florida doles out its Welfare proceeds is a violation of the Fourth Amendment’s right of one’s privacy….

The salient fact that the ACLU is missing is that Welfare is a privilege, not a right; and, if you are going to ask the State-of-Florida to give its funds to potential substance abusers… who is going to pay for the attendant costs associated with substance abuse - it is akin to the State-of-Florida passing out cigarettes to its young adults who are poor and then ‘balling’ for not having the funds to take care of the resulting, subsequent cancer cases. It is true that the Navy veteran may not be a substance abuser, but I am not a terrorist either, yet I am subjected to being searched when I fly. Think of the arrogance of those receiving Welfare from the State-of-Florida: it is their right to take the State-of-Florida’s money… without any strings attached. The utility and efficacy of any law must show results and there are merits to the State-of-Florida’s substance abuse testing because since its implementation, many would-be Welfare recipients have dropped from the ranks.

The ACLU’s opposition to the State-of-Florida substance abuse screening for would-be Welfare recipients will result in another Unfunded Mandate; here again, the ACLU is compelling a state to do something, albeit noble on its face, but not providing the funds to combat the costly consequences. It is again the problem that we are having in general in America whereby no matter how egregious and anti-social our behaviors… there are no reckonings for said behaviors - this social phenomenon also dovetails into the mentality of blaming everyone else for our detrimental deeds. This Navy plaintiff, representing the State-of-Florida class of would-be Welfare recipients, has a son and he would, apparently, prefer to fore go the $300.00 weekly Welfare check, than to take a urine test.

As of today, the ACLU has managed to convince a sole Federal judge to place a temporary injunction on the State-of-Florida’s mandated substance abuse testing; here again we have the tyranny of the minority running roughshod over the rights of the majority… and rubbing in ‘it’ our collective faces. I do hope that there are jurists that will overturn the injunction and that sanity will once again govern - of course, in the general scheme of things currently plaguing us in America, the overturning of the injunction would be nothing but a Pyrrhic victory… but that is OK, one common-sense victory at a time….


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 6 years ago from New York

      You actually think that the Governor is for testing those vying for Welfare because of his wife's supposed drug testing company?

    • puter_dr profile image

      Mike Bouska 6 years ago from Midwest USA

      I suspect that Rick Scott's real motives are to make money for his wife's drug testing company.