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The Absentee Litterer

Updated on September 21, 2010

Singing Those Blue Box Blues

It starts out with the best of intentions. It’s a scene that has to be repeated in a lot of neighbourhoods around the world that have garbage day with curb side pickup of all sorts of trash. But it’s certainly going to happen where the local municipality has a recycling program that includes the stuff people put into those blue boxes hoping that it will find its way into some useful product by means of a purposeful program designed to take the waste through some sort of regeneration process.

But the blue box has one inherent flaw. It has no top. It provides no real way of preventing its contents from being blown into other unwanted local resting places. Take a walk or a bicycle ride through your neighbourhood on garbage day, especially on a windy day, to get a first hand view of the event. You will see all manner of debris searching for a new location. From unsecured and complete cardboard boxes to loose plastic wrap to unread store flyers.

But the most common item by far is spent plastic water bottles. Is it just a coincidence that Evian (one brand of bottled water) is naïve spelled backwards?


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