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Updated on June 8, 2013
"Act Nationally, Think Globally, Dream Intergalactically." William Dock Walls
"Act Nationally, Think Globally, Dream Intergalactically." William Dock Walls

Haitian Elite Functions Like Chicago's Elite

As the son of Francois Duvalier is being brought back to the heights of Haitian politics, Carol Mosley Braun is being brought back to Chicago politics. On September 7, 2010 Chicago politics suffered an earthquake (a 9.0 on the Richter scale). That's how the announcement by Richard J. Daley was not running for re-election hit Chicago politics. Even though Chicago's election for mayor officially started on August 24, 2010, the Black elite of Chicago went scrambling to fill the void in leadership of one of the worlds leading ranking cities; a city that is at the epicenter of economics, politics and culture in America. Where the people of Haiti have their Aristide, the people of Chicago have their Aristide in the presence of William "Dock" Walls, the peoples candidate for Mayor. Historically (2007, 2003 and 1999) Chicago's Black elite have supported Richard Daley for Mayor, or refused to support an African American qualified to be the Mayor. These Black elite now have brought former U.S. Senator Carol Mosley Braun out of political exile; Carol Mosley Braun, who when questioned early in the Daley reign about who she would support from the African American community to replace Daley, said that she would be "baking cookies" for Daley. Now this former political exile, who has always been a Daley supporter, wants to claim the title of consensus candidate, a consensus, derived by a Black elite, who themselves have supported Daley; elite such as Johnathan Rogers, investment banker from Capital Investments and Elzie Higginbottom, real estate mogul and long supporter of Richard Daley and Carol Mosley Braun and Reverend Jesse Jackson of the Rainbow Push Coalition are forcing former Senator Carol Mosley Braun on the Africa American community by any means necessary, irregarless of the fact that the WVON Radio (whose owner Melody Span is a collaborative member of this Black elite) poll shows that 52% of their listeners reject Carol Mosley Braun and ignore an ongoing poll by the Chicago Defender which shows that 56% of their online readers prefer William Walls over both Braun and the other African American candidate, Patricia Van Pelt Watkins. Braun is now being unraveled by Chicago's  media. This unraveling started when when Braun flippantly and arrogantly refused to release her tax returns when requested by the media. Then we see Braun picking a fight with Bill Walls for running against Daley, Quinn and Bobby Rush and exposing the woman who Braun says bullied her as a child. While this unraveling of Braun is taking place in the media, simultaneously William Walls is being denied participation in a debate and Rahm Emmanuel is being projected as the number one candidate for mayor;the "Kosher Soprano," the candidate who sends dead fish to his opponents, Daley, Clinton and Obama's number one fundraiser and primary link to the Israeli connection, whose father Benjamin Emmanuel, holds the distinction of being one of Israel's more famous saboteurs, known for his expertise in bus bombing. The Black elite, covertly supported Fred Hampton Jr.'s imprisonment, while Rahm Emmanuel earned $18 million dollars after his appointment to Freddie Mac (the home mortgage lender) in 2 years. My point is that Rahm Emmanuel is made a multimillionaire while Fred Hampton Jr. is made an ex-convict. William Walls, whose progressive ideas and plans for all of Chicago, will limit the profit margins of corporations that do business with the City of Chicago and create jobs and industry that will launch Chicago into the global economy. 

A Call to Action

Now that it’s clear, what the November election ballot will look like, Chicago progressives…i.e. those who want to remove Daley from the fifth floor at City Hall, must turn their attention on organizing Chicago’s grassroots communities. The City Council needs twenty-six progressive votes; that means at least twenty-six of the fifty Chicago City wards need to identify at least twenty-six progressive, aldermanic candidates, who will lead the city in the future, as well as a mayoral candidate, along with a City Clerk and City Treasurer. William Walls has, and is developing a city wide organization for mayor. There is talk about other progressives (white and Hispanic) filling the seats for City Treasurer and the City Clerk. The City Treasurer and City Clerk positions are more than just bargaining chips. They could be the stepping stone for future mayoral aspirants.  Alderman, Helen Schiller’s recent announcement, that she has no intention for running for re-election, is possibly just the first of seven other announcements of incumbent alderman who won’t be seeking re-election. There are rumblings of grassroots, progressive candidates in Wards 2 thru 37. I would hope that William Walls has learned from the positives and negatives of his past campaigns, and shore up the holes that have developed from his last run for mayor. I hope he builds a broader grassroots base, particularly on the North-side and in the Hispanic community. I suggest that he hit the TV earlier in this campaign than he did in the last. Of course that would require larger buys, and a larger fundraising effort on his part. I haven’t heard about the first Walls for Mayor fundraiser yet. I think that it is long overdue and needed. William Walls should review his legal strategies around ballot access. It’s clear that the Daley Democrats (Black and white) will be attacking his efforts to get on the ballot, and will lead the charge to block him from getting on the ballot. He should be aware of pop-up, want to be, fresh, new candidates. There are at least one or two lurking to jump for joy. Be aware of these characters. Remember Dorothy Brown? Keep your eye on the prize. Focus on Daley. Focus on the Daley record. Show the deterioration of Chicago under Daley’s leadership; in education, community economic development, ethics, the cost of privatization, health care and overall life. Stay in the public. Tighten up your schedule. Campaign from 6AM till 12PM. Show the opposition who can campaign the longest and the hardest. I look forward to being invited to the first Walls for Mayor Committee - 2011.

The Fight for Voting Rights Continues in Illinois

While many in the Illinois media establishment fail to recognize that the level of Democracy in this states borders is equal to Iran, Zimbabwe and Cuba, people of color, since entering Illinois in mass in the late eighteen hundreds, have suffered voting rights violations equivalent to Alabama, Mississippi and South Carolina. It took until late 1979, when a courageous State Representative, Carol Mosley Braun, and her Senate colleague, Sen. Richard Newhouse, were able to prove, in court, that the Democratic Party, intentionally, racially gerrymandered the State Legislature to the benefit of white (Irish) politicians. Braun and Newhouse were part of the team that proved the same thing in respect to the Chicago City Council. In 1990, it took a voting rights suit to prove the same thing for the State Legislature and the Chicago City Council. Since the 1990 case, the corrupt, racist Democratic Party has bought off the lawyers that challenged them in court, i.e.…Jenner and Block and Miner, Barnhill and Davis.

Chicago’s evil cabal (Mike Madigan, James Cullerton, Richard Daley and Ed Burke) have successfully convinced the legislature to make Chicago’s city election non-partisan, and to raise the signature requirement (for mayor) to twenty-five thousand, the largest in America, if not the world. Four years ago, because of the successful lobbying of Williams Walls III, this requirement was reduced to twelve thousand-five hundred, still the largest signature requirement for mayor in America. Now we await the results of the 2010 Census, which will begin the reapportionment process. The Black and Hispanic community cannot trust the evil cabal. White liberal lawyers have abandoned them. This is a call for help!


Lawyers, male or female, well versed in voting rights law issues. We need philanthropists; people willing to donate and raise 3 million dollars, to be used in litigation and other expenses.

For more information:

Contact Bruce at

Walls for Mayor Questions?

WordPress:                                                                                                                                   Sep 26, 2010 3:22 AM

I have served as the Director of the Committee For a Better Chicago.

Through my service to society, I have impacted the lives of countless Chicago residents, parents, children, Senior citizens, students and others.

I have worked with many organizations including, various Local Elected School Councils, IMPRUVE, S.T.O.P., Englewood Task Force, Committee to Educate Black Children, The Friends of Miegs Field, Voices of The Ex Offenders, The Black Star Project, Westside NAACP, Dialogue To Action, and many others. 

If you google search "William Dock Walls',, among other things you will find, I have:

Proposed Structural Reforms for Chicago City. Government.

Fought along side S.T.O.P. to keep the four Chicago Mental Health Clinics open.

Worked with IMPRUVE for better Para-transit. 

Fought to maintain Free Public Transit Rides For Senior Citizens

Fought against the CTA cutbacks in service, as well as the layoffs of 1000 CTA workers

Fought against the use of "Birthday sex" Artist as the 2009 CPS Back to school Pied Piper.

Fought against Renaissance 2010.

Fought for increased education funding.

Fought for a change in the School funding formula.

Fought for the State to increase its Public Schools funding. 

Fought to free the victims of Burge torture.

Sued Daley over the appointment of Schools Chief Huberman.

Fought for Disability access city wide.

First to publicly demand the resignation of Police Superintendent Jody Weis.

Fought to house the homeless living Underground Wacker Drive.

Fought for increased funding for homeless prevention.

Fought for more Grocery Stores in the Food deserts. 'Dominicks Conscientiously Owned and Operated"

Developed a plan to have more minority contractors and other businesses perform work on the Dan Ryan Expressway.

Fought for Roland Burris to take his Senate Seat.
Campaigned for a city Parking Ticket Amnesty

Supported U of I Trustees James D. Montgomery & Frances Carroll in their refusal to resign.

Testified at the numerous City of Chicago budget hearings.

Prompted Daley to Redraw his original Olympic plans

Testified before the Chicago City Colleges Board and Prompted them to better transition the Olive-Harvey and Kennedy-King Nursing School students and graduates

I see that you worked for Harold Washington and supported many in your political career. What have you personally worked on or what organizations have you worked with over the last several years? What lives have you impacted?

Ms. Stevenson

"Upper Mississippi"

Ever since the Great Depression and the Black migration from the south to the north of America, Illinois has been known as "upper Mississippi." The Illinois Democratic history of voting rights violations intensified during this period. The party has consistently used racial gerrymandering to block access to the ballot. For example: After the death of Harold Washington, and the election of current Mayor Richard Daley, Chicago's signature requirement for running for mayor was raised, by the state legislature to 25,000, making it the highest signature requirement in America to run for the office of mayor. It was recently lowered to 12,500 signatures - still the largest signature requirement in America. In the 1980-1990 reapportionments, the Illinois Democratic Party was found, by the federal court, of intentionally gerrymandering Black and Hispanic communities. A major effort of Illinois' Democrats has been to prevent African American candidates from running for governor. Since 1986, there has been three African Americans who attempted to file petitions to run in the Democratic Primary for governor. Two of these candidates nominating petitions were challenged Charles Koen, of Cairo, IL., was knocked off the ballot. Roland Burris was not challenged and William "Dock" Walls is currently being challenged. Illinois' Democrats see Black voters as being on their plantation and attempt to use and manipulate them as much as possible. While the Illinois Democratic vote is 40% of the primary vote, this has only been beneficial to elect Carol Mosley Braun and Barak Obama to the U.S. Senate. The justice department needs to thoroughly review Illinois's voting rights offenses and begin to monitor the Illinois Democratic Primary now. Even if Walls is successful in overcoming this challenge to his petitions, he still can't trust the leaders of the Illinois Democratic Party and its cohorts at the State Board of Elections. U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, needs to send federal observers and examiners to oversee the Illinois election. The press should also be admonishing Governor, Pat Quinn, for his efforts in denying an Illinois citizen access to the ballot. If Walls is denied access to the ballot, Illinois' Black voters should seriously consider leveraging their vote. Illinois' Black Democrats should boycott the Illinois Democratic Primary election and use their vote to their best advantage in November 2010.

See Fox/TV inteview at link below:



This November, voters will go to the polls and elect the next Governor of the State of Illinois. Frankly, Acting Governor Quinn is not a sensible choice. Quinn simply hasn’t proven that he has the ability to increase the state’s revenue or the will to curtail state spending. In fact, at a time when the state has deferred payment of its bills, Quinn has shamefully given huge pay raises to select staffers.

Because Quinn is incapable of managing the state’s budget and reducing the growing deficit, we may soon be unable to fund education and many of the services and programs Illinoisans rely upon most. Truthfully, since Pat Quinn has assumed the office of Governor, Illinois has gone backwards. To our detriment, Quinn has put self-promotion and politics before the needs of the people of the State of Illinois.

Similarly, Senator Bill Brady is not the right choice for Illinois. If Brady were to assume the state’s top office his extremely conservative stance on key issues would divide us rather than unite us. Out of touch with most Illinoisans, Brady would not be able to build consensus statewide. Thus, Brady would lack the support needed to do what is necessary to rescue Illinois from its woeful social and financial condition.

Walls said, “I began my run for Governor in January of 2009 primarily; to make certain voters had a choice they could have confidence in. I didn’t know if anyone else with the passion to lead and the willingness to make tough choices would join the race; and I wasn’t willing to leave it to chance.”

I was extremely delighted when Rich Whitney of the Green Party announced he would again run for Governor. I voted for Rich Whitney in the 2006 election, and knew that if, for any reason, I were not on the ballot, I would have a candidate I could vote for without holding my nose.

While participating in various Gubernatorial debates, I had the opportunity to evaluate my opponents. I was most impressed with Rich Whitney. Not only does he have a complete grasp of the facts; his comprehensive platform is well developed with thoughtful positions likely to move this state forward.

Illinois needs a Governor who will consistently make hard choices that are more promising than political. We need a Governor who will fight to bring industry and jobs back to Illinois. Rich Whitney is the one remaining candidate who will balance the budget, improve education funding and ensure public safety.

Walls said, “ As I withdraw from the race for Governor, I wholeheartedly endorse Rich Whitney for Governor of the State of Illinois. Furthermore, I will fulfill my civic duty and work diligently to help elect him. I am confident that when elected, Rich Whitney will serve with integrity and distinction and will help restore trust in government. “

William Dock Walls

The Launching Pad

When will democracy come to Illinois? Is Illinois really the launching pad for African American political empowerment in America? With over 40% of the Democratic Party vote coming from the African American community in and around Cook County, Illinois has seen the election of Harold Washington over the democratic machine. It has seen Roland Burris, Jesse White and Carol Mosley Braun, the first woman and the first African American elected to the United States Senate from Illinois. Ever since Barack Obama moved from Hawaii to Chicago, and became a United States Senator for the State of Illinois, there's been a feeling around the land that Illinois is that launching pad. It is because of the fear of this becoming a reality, that we now see the anti-democratic forces of Illinois' white Democratic establishment, rising to cap it off.

There's a plan under way to take Cook County back through Terry O'Brien, a candidate for Cook County Board President. All he has to do is beat disgraced President Todd Stroger, the liberal establishments joy, Alderman Toni Preckwinkle and Louisiana's own, sister Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County. A host of other candidates, including Alderman Sandy Jackson, State Senator, Rickey Hendon, Terry Link, Scott Lee Cohen, Thomas Michael Castillo, Mike Boland, Don W. Crawford and State Representative, Arthur Turner, are vying for the office of Lieutenant Governor.

It seems that the only races, which present launching pad opportunities, are the races for the United States Senate and Governor of Illinois. The senate race is one that has first time candidate and former head of the Chicago Urban League, Cheryl Jackson, Illinois State Treasurer, Alexi Giannoulias and David Hoffman, Inspector General for the City of Chicago. Other candidates who filed petitions for the democratic ticket were Robert Marshall, Jacob J. Meister, Corey Dabney and Willie "Will" Boyd, Jr.

So far the race for governor has felt most of the white establishment's kickback. William Walls, the only African American candidate in the race, is up against incumbent governor, Pat Quinn, Illinois State Comptroller, Danny Hynes and Oak Park Attorney, Edmund Scanlan. Since the announcement of his campaign in early May, the Chicago print media, radio, and television has consistently whited out William Walls; his press conferences, statements and special event appearances. It wasn't until after Walls filled his petitions with the State Board of Elections in Springfield, that Fox TV interviewed him on their morning show; still the rest of Chicago media ignores his candidacy. Both the Union League Club, which just sponsored a debate of all eight of the white Republican candidates and the Illinois League of Women Voters have failed to invite Walls or Scanlan to their scheduled debates. Union League Club spokesman, Dave Kohn, stated "I don't think an invitation was ever extended to Mr. Scanlan [or Walls]. You have to show 5 percent in polling in a media organization." (To date, there has been no such media organization poll conducted, inclusive of all of the candidates who filed petitions.) For past debates, the club invited only candidates who polled more than 5 percent, but this policy was mysteriously changed, when altered for the Republican gubernatorial debate hosted two weeks ago, which allowed five candidates, including the long-shots, to participate.

Pat Quinn, Daley's man in Springfield, is underhandedly challenging Walls's nominating petitions by using Bishop Arthur Brazier's daughter, Janice Dortch, who currently serves as manager of the Apostolic Church of God's membership and contribution database, as the objector to Walls's petitions. Illinois State Board of Election records show that Dortch did not review or obtain a copy of the petitions filed. Only two individuals obtained copies of Walls’ signature sheets. One of them was Martin Morris, a campaign aide for Pat Quinn. The other was an aide to Illinois State Comptroller, Dan Hynes, another candidate in the governor’s race. Hynes's aides say they are not behind the Walls challenge and did not turn over their petitions to Dortch. Hynes has acknowledged being behind a challenge, but that challenge was to the petitions of Oak Park lawyer Edmund Scanlan, another candidate in the race. That leaves Morris as the obvious source of the copies of Walls’ petitions provided to Dortch. Again, state records show that Morris sought to look at Walls' petitions on Oct. 26. When asked, by Tribune reporters, Quinn (who in the past has run on a record of his efforts to bring ethical reform and transparency to government) if his campaign was behind the effort to oust Walls? Quinn stated, “I don’t know all the details, I really don’t,” Asked if that was a ‘yes’ or a ‘no,’ the governor replied, “I don’t know. I don’t know.” What do you think?

Walls, who is a descendant of that group who ran and elected Harold Washington, and who worked in Washington's reform administration, is poised to win the election and become Illinois first African American governor, if he stays on the ballot? Will the launching pad launch? Or, will the bombs being dropped by the Illinois anti-political democratic establishment neutralize him? 2010 promises to be a very interesting year.


No Guns for Negroes (Part 2)

"To be or not to be" armed is the question?

The attached video production is a film which needs be seen, digested and seriously evaluated by all African Americans; particularly in lieu of the socio-economic crisis we face, as a people, in these days and times in America. We are losing control of our very exixtence; one which is rooted in our success at protecting our means of regeneration, and it is open season on young, African American men.

In the aftermath of Mayor Daley’s losing effort to bring the Olympics to Chicago, Candidate for Governor William Dock Walls labels Daley a Lame Duck Mayor.

According to IL gubernatorial candidate William Dock Walls, “Daley has pushed through a series of unpopular deals which have turned his most solid supporters against him. Daley’s Sky-way lease deal, underground parking garage lease deal and his Parking meter fiasco have obviously eroded his support. Because Daley’s Olympic bid was so soundly rejected he is now less powerful and more vulnerable than ever before.”

Furthermore, Walls added, “Daley had consistently promoted the building in preparation for the Olympics as his primary plan for Economic Development. Unfortunately, he had no alternative plan. Daley’s failure to properly plan leaves he people of the city of Chicago scrambling to determine ways to create jobs and shore up our economic base.”

Arguably, Daley and his policies have become increasing unpopular. Recent polls showed that support for his Olympic bid was diminishing. In the weeks and days leading up to the fateful host committee selection, many groups and individuals became increasingly vocal. They demonstrated in opposition to the spending of millions of dollars, public or private, in pursuit of an opportunity to host Olympic games, while school children are being killed and the homeless get no support.

Walls said, “I am eager to see how many Alderman are willing to follow Daley’s lead now that his bad judgment has been exposed. What will happen with the Michael Reese site now that private developers will have to invest their own money? I do not expect Daley to seek re-election in 2011”

Chokwe Lumumba Mayor of Jackson. Ms.


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