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The Alpha and the Omega: the Beginning and the End

Updated on October 29, 2013
Follow me For I am the Alpha..
Follow me For I am the Alpha..
the rays of hope come forth
the rays of hope come forth
Beloved Father, have Mercy upon us
Beloved Father, have Mercy upon us
prepare all creatures
prepare all creatures
grant us thy peace
grant us thy peace
see our signs of faith
see our signs of faith
take pity upon the meek, Dear Father
take pity upon the meek, Dear Father
open your firmaments of Heaven, we pray
open your firmaments of Heaven, we pray
The angels are singing and their harps are sounding
The angels are singing and their harps are sounding
He is here as the end comes.
He is here as the end comes.

In the beginning of time, came the Alpha,

the newness of life, then to have its start,

Over many thousands of years,

and shedding of tears, of this, we're all a part.

Our benevolent creator, the almighty God,

saw the need to give man a chance,

He planted the seed, in the loins of his creed,

out among the celestial expanse.

The coming of Christ in its season, to be time,

and as a savior, He was all the reason, grand,

He brought forth the goodness, the saving grace,

the best in the qualities of all, in man.

By his teaching and lessons, all of human kinds,

he healed every unclean soar and lesion.

He showed the way, by his own example,

a main purpose in a decent life of cohesion.

The blind could see by the light in His eyes,

the deaf could all hear, just by saying His name,

He gave hope and instilled the strength of faith,

upon His body, then, He took all the pain.

They walked, though once lame, then looked strong,

all the same, and this, by His precious touch,

The wisest of all, the brethren, big and small,

grew to love Him and revere, Him so much.

Why did a loving Father on high, to relent,

and to sacrifice such a man, His son, of all glory,

Does this act give credence to it, and to perpetuate,

the true meaning and wonderful old story?

It was to save His precious children on this Earth,

forgiving them all of sinful acts, and thought,

Those who would deny and choose not to believe,

in their agony and their regrets, to be brought.

The Omega, is a time, as yet to come,

but by its ringing of chimes, a warning may be heard,

The promises of God, to the souls of this sod,

are awesome and truthful, in every word.

The righteous ending , by His angels will be sending,

in banners and songs from realms above,

The meaning and worth, about the creation of this earth,

the real significance of God's greatest love.

Prepare, you, oh spirits, followers of the cross, at Calvary,

the smallest creatures, and great mammoths, that are to be,

Your wait and longing for a new life, in answering all hopes,

shall be soon, by His loving grace, gifted to each of thee.

all rights reserved and copyrighted


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      Thanks JThomp, This is a strong statement about an awesome God and HIs Son Jesus. Thanks for sharing and reading.

    • profile image

      JThomp42 5 years ago

      Awesome. Voted up and awesome.


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