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The Argument For Scottish Independance

Updated on March 23, 2013

So let's debate Scottish I Independence. I would argue

1) we have the right to rule ourselves, despite the consequences
2) no more nukes
3)Scotland votes more liberal-progressive and is pro union which i would argue is a far better and not an available option within our current choice of labour, liberal or conservative (all pro-corporation and pro-unregulated banking in real terms which is only going to worsen the massive class divide).
4)the "we won't survive economically" argument is false. We put more into the uk than we take out statistically - look it up. and we have oil, are perfectly placed for renewables. we have the fringe festival, our whisky exports and tourism. and we only have to support 7 million people.
5)It will give a chance - whether or not it WILL happen- for a better and fairer political system which is never going to happen in our current purely symbolic 3 party system.
6)We wouldn't HAVE to support any silly american wars of aggression.
7)We get to keep free university for our students.

The way i see it a vote against independence is just keeping our obviously failing current system. were the 4th most unequal country in the western world..

pro-Alex Salmond or not its our only chance at a half working government.


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