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Real change sparks activism online

Updated on April 18, 2013

As US Navy Sailors, and Marines train all year round to be fit, to be ready and prepared for anything, so should we


It all began 8 months ago

Around 8 months back prior to the writing of this very article, a new movement had begun and it was just at its infant phases on the web (A simple wish for people to become more real with one another in all actuality).

Thus far it has grown onto other networks such as Youtube (Article on how the series moved to Youtube), it wasn't organized in any way, shape or form, but the words that were presented to that of the online community was shared in good faith. It also has helped the author of such a campaign, to realize that making any efforts in a selfless manor helps to open up minds, and hearts to see a different light of day.

Many people need to ban together as one family during harsh times, such as what occured with the Hurricane we got hit with


The flooding was really severe

It was a huge eye opener

Hurricane Sandy smashed the East Coast back in Oct 30th 2012, this was one deadly storm also known as the perfect storm by many, claiming the lives of over 90 civilians
Hurricane Sandy smashed the East Coast back in Oct 30th 2012, this was one deadly storm also known as the perfect storm by many, claiming the lives of over 90 civilians | Source

What's going on today

Today this effort has come to grow into a true reality, and definitely after such a moment in time in the United States where life for millions of people has been permanently altered. This event that was as comparable to the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina down in New Orleans Louisiana, by weather forecasters and meteorologist was entitled Hurricane Sandy, (Link to an article for those who choose to help donate towards the recovery efforts, or to help spread awareness for its aftermath; written on November 1st 2012) and was deemed by news reports and experts to be one of the most destructive hurricanes ever on the East Coast, and a complete natural disaster of epic proportions.

That mega-storm claimed the lives of over 90 people across the East Coast, and luckily many of the survivors were very fortunate enough to only lose their homes, vehicles, boats etc.., but they truly are struggling to make it through this time of uncertainty, and need as much help for that of their families as they can get.

Our prayers go out to all of the families who've suffered a single loss during this tragic event, and lets hope the people here suffering most can get the help they're desperately in need of.

Towards the end of this article will be a wish! a single wish that has life altering potential towards us all being more real with one another, and if such a wish were to come true someday it shall be a blessing from the lord almighty himself for sure. (Some changes in life shall take divine assistance also referred to as an act of God!)

Helping others today is the key, being unselfish is the way


A reality driven purpose is not just with words, it takes actions

The author of this article isn't looking for followers, nor is he looking to benefit alone by the writing of this article. The purpose of this article is to help others to think long and hard about what is truly important. To think of the fact that we can really change our lives, as many of us in the East Coast have been forced without any choice to start all over and from scratch, because lets be honest many of us are without homes today, and without family members to share with as well.

Real change is when you help another person with a kind word of saying thanks and meaning it. It's when you are loaded with good gesture's all throughout the day like, holding or opening up a door for a complete stranger. Telling your neighbor you care for them, but not only that, you help them with something they were struggling with at that very moment in time, anything at all if they accept the kind gesture you offer to them of your help.

True love derives from within, sensing compassion for the world as a whole, compassion for those around you, and for self

By kewl
By kewl | Source

Examples of real life changes - (No cost at all)

Other examples of having a change of heart, would be by jumping in as a volunteer to assist in the recovery and clean up efforts after a destructive storm may have just ravaged everything in your life, and that of your neighbors lives.(Volunteerism)

Its also when you decide to think about helping others in any way shape or form you can, and along the way you will begin to sense such a change in your own behavior towards others and them as well, which is truly an empowering, uplifting and positively life altering experience.

Another good example would be, by simply suggesting to a friend or a distant relative/family member that you care to help give them a hand with anything in their life that may need reordering.

This also can go even further into community help, by providing your useful assistance in a church group, at a local soup kitchen, by extending and spreading the love anywhere its needed today, like helping to collect and distribute food for the homeless.

Reunite with long lost family members and not just during the holiday season, all of our family members need love too

By Tatiana12
By Tatiana12 | Source

How do we make it happen?

We need real change today, we need it fast right! So why don't we try and do the right thing for all of our family members for starters. Change is not something we will instantly see as a permanent fix. Money can buy us stuff, can pay online bills, and off line debts, but it cannot fix matters of the heart, of the mind, and that of the soul.

Showing sincerely that you care is key, and that you are willing to mend broken relations between others and not for the shear purpose of gaining something of value in material aspects. This sort of change deals with the heart, healing lost connections amongst lovers, family, and friends. It all spells love! and the elements of compassion for your loved ones. As for those poisonous toxic hurtful relationships you've ended already, maybe a prayer or two is needed for those individuals, and for you to move on in life to much better pastures as well.

Our family members are tough to communicate with at times, and that is a relatively common thing for most modern people today in the more fast consumer life societies. We all have a obligation to reconnect with all of our family members first, if such changes are to become effective in our lives today.

Being real means to look at our daily lives as a sort of launching pad of becoming whom we really are, and not focusing on what we are not, so reuniting with family is imperative.

How do we change the climate if we haven't changed ourselves yet?

By J Ro
By J Ro | Source

Bringing real change to family life takes a change of the mind

Helping us all to mend family issues can and will change the world for sure, and if each person looked into the mirror and said to themselves the very same premise, something along the lines of, "I no-longer want to live for myself alone, and that I care for the likes of all others besides that of myself".

Then and only then will such internal change begin to muster itself and progress may potentially begin to start to have a real effect on a larger personal scale, because its selfishness in the hearts and minds of people that need to be targeted and money isn't the issue actually.

Things like self identity issues, of social acceptance issues, depression, focusing alone on negativity, peer pressure, and of comparing ourselves to that of others in dealing with social status, are all definite psychological road blocks that we all need to face directly, and to not avoid from correcting within ourselves.

Brain Embroidery

By Hey Paul Studios
By Hey Paul Studios | Source

Our brains need restiching

Psychosocial change is imperative as well, we can do so by caring for our social groups, and by fixing our moden day false ideologies, low life morals, and unethical behaviors dealing with our inner and outer natural environments.

It can also be done by sparking up thoughtfully positive conversations to fix communications amongst one another, it allows group members to speak their mind, to untangle crossed lines between one another in schools with parent teacher conferences, at work, in community programs, and even at church groups.

This type of change can be life altering if done so correctly, looking into the mirror won't change this, you need to begin doing some soul searching to answer this one, beginning with learning about meditation, and in its many forms can and will help reverse many psychological scars many people do indeed have today. (Those suffering from mental abuse, from mental disorders of many kinds, and more issues of the mind)

If you don't prefer meditation as a method to find your inner self, then you can also utilize any belief system that can help you to focus more on hearing gods voice within you, if you indeed believe in the creator of all beings living and non-living. (This takes a change of faith, and belief in something rather then raw data or statistics)

Activism using imagery helps spark a move for positive change

By Alex Barth
By Alex Barth | Source

True change poll

Have you considered changing your life, or have you done so already?

See results

So what is real change?

This is a simple yet very difficult task to figure out what change really is, so in order to determine what this truly is. You may need to dig deep into the dynamic factors which has affected society as a whole, and all that brought it to such a lower standard of living today for most of us. (We can only blame the economy but for so long, until we all decide to act, and make the needed changes in our own lives)

Those things that are deeply embedded into the fabric of society, such as material aspects of dependence, of senselessness, and of a purpose to only exploit something. Rather then help people achieve productivity of some sort false purpose, why don't we all work on that of a real true essence in things, and that indeed helps us all to survive on a more fair playing field.

By trying your hardest to start life over (A powerful article to bring real change to ones life as a whole - "Organic life and healing naturally") is one way to make effective changes, and it takes a dedicated commitment to much more then one life change, it encompasses everything in life to become completely balanced and in today's fast pace societies worldwide.

Example of a real change: There is a road that isn't designed correctly for cars to move fluidly, so highway engineers examine the underlining reasoning behind such a structural issue, and decide to make a smarter design, that even can help reduce the traffic jamming issues in such an high traffic area.

There's many forms of change to occur, but it starts with you

Charity based global change

Now as for legitimate fundraising campaigns to help the poor and charity groups started by businesses and corporations. They do receive loads of non-profit funding to make certain physical assistance to people as well as both directly and indiractly provide help to millions of people.

It surely does appear to be that their all doing the right things, and making effective changes, but if we don't support them then nothing will occur at all. (More people who are wealthy need to help, and we need to stop wasting money on junk, and help as well.)

This is something of a much needed reality for sure giving to charities to help bring effective change, but there is always going to be such a thing as poverty (Hot! article on the topic). Like that of impoverished neighborhoods in New York City (true survival story of this author), in Chicago, in Detroit, in California, and so many other states in that of the U.S. which has no end in sight to it all.

This is mainly due to the very fact that the people are conditioned to accept such forms of poverty over time, when it comes to all of the social provisions and food programs in place by that of the US Government such as the food stamps program so on and so fourth.

2011 Boonville Eagles #1022 Charity Golf Tournament

By robertstinnett: Charity based change is something that's been on going for years, and the more folks who devote their time, efforts, volunteerism, or money to them will indeed be making true change today
By robertstinnett: Charity based change is something that's been on going for years, and the more folks who devote their time, efforts, volunteerism, or money to them will indeed be making true change today | Source

One wish

All I wish for is for people to be more real with one another, its just that simple, and I think if such a wish was to come true all of our problems in this world could have a chance to be resolved. Being real means to do right towards your fellow man and woman, child, animal, plant, waterway, environment or what have you.

Its a simply thing to suggest for such a wish, that requires no money of charity, it only requires a change of heart, that of mind, and of spiritual awakening in knowing that being real is truly all about love and caring, of compassion, of tenderness, of giving regardless if you only have a smile to give to others and maybe even a hand shake. It also means to resist the temptation to do evil deeds, to do harm to others emotionally, or physically.

Giving anything at all is enough to satisfy such a wish as well, and is the direct benefit it such a thing comes to pass. Share and Share alike also known as Paying it forward!

Merry Christmas to all, give your love in the spirit of this holiday



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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      @always exploring, Thank you Ruby, I'm so happy you think so.

      I tried my best to convey such a message of love to others in various differing forms, and in hopes that more people worldwide can stop being so fake, and instead try to be more real with one another you know.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      This is a remarkable hub Mike, if we all would live the way you suggest, just think, what a wonderful world we would live in. Thank you so much....

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      @lrc7815, thank you Linda I really thought long and hard before writing all of this, because there's so much that people may type about, or think about and forget that we are only human. There are and always will be underlining reasons to why we do indeed behave as we do, which inherently makes us once again only human by design.

      I know that if we train, or are trained and or conditioned to practice any particular behavior, that over time such a reality will be in direct effect of such a training or programming that has taken place.

      So, to first in effect try too unprogram things that were heading in the wrong directions as for us humans are concerned, we must get at the source of the issue att hand, and once we handle that cut off point, then things can begin to progress further in life for such a desirable change to be enacted upon.

      Thanks for your comment, as well as for sharing and I just hope many other folks can eventually find this very article, and can see all that it fully represents, and presents too them all, because if we really want too change this is a way to effectively begin the process, and following through on it all is half the battle as well.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      @chrisinhawaii, Thank you so much for your kind words, and I'm so happy that you were moved by my reflection upon what I sense is the many issues we all have internally that need a total make over for sure.

      I will try to catch up to you and your hubbing location as well, I hope to chat with you soon some time, and its was cool to have shared with you here on HP once again.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      @mperrottet, thanks for sharing with me and its nice to see that others agree with what I think can help us all today. I've always thought of these issues we have with making effective communications with our fellow human counterparts, but many moments in the past it was so frustrating to think of any possibility for changes to come.

      Mainly because a great deal of individuals remained so blinded to such a fact that change was even possible, saying things like that how it is, or life is a beach, or its just that way you can't change anything.

      To me all those sorts of ideologies are all wrong, and we are currently in the position and at a moment in history where the tides have truly been turned for the most part. I hope more people can see such a light as well, and also thanks for choosing to follow this series I got started.

    • lrc7815 profile image

      Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

      Mike, you have outdone yourself with this one. I think it is particularly fitting here on HP where we all sit behind a monitor typing and can be anything we choose to represent ourselves as. We are facelss friends living in a virtual world with little or no accountability for the things we write. To livein a world where the people we encounter could be trusted to be who they claim to be would be a huge step in the right direction. I don't think there is aything that keeps it more real than actually helping another human being. That's what I heard in every sentence of this hub and I think that's just awesome. Voted way up and awesome. And, I'm sharing it too. :-)

    • profile image

      chrisinhawaii 5 years ago

      Excellent thoughts, Mike. I love you, man. haha! I just love your positive vibe; starting my morning off with a CloudExplorer hub was the way to go.

      You got a good heart, bro. I'm sharing this one all over and hope some more folks get blessed by reading it - and more importantly DOING it - just like I was blessed. Thanks Mike.

    • mperrottet profile image

      Margaret Perrottet 5 years ago from Pennsauken, NJ

      I love this article, CloudExplorer, and I'm going to take the time to read the others in your series. As you describe it, when people think about helping others, it needs to become a way of life and a thought process that makes us kinder and more compassionate to our fellow man. Voted up, useful and intersting. I'll be following this series.