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The Further Adventures of the "Bad Girl"

Updated on June 10, 2012
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Typical all-girls school

Report Card Time : (a companion to "The Bad Girl & Ash Wednesday")

Mary went to an all-girls high school.

(The same Boston school that the late disco queen, Donna Summer, attended.)

Mary hated it, wanting instead to go to a regular school - one with boys - but her Mother wouldn’t hear of it.

“Mary you’re going to the girls school and don’t say another word about it. I know you, if I let you go to the regular high school, the only thing you’ll be studying is the boys.”

Her Mother was right of course. If you have read ’the Bad Girl and Ash Wednesday’ on Hubpages, then you have a pretty good idea of Mary’s interests.

Pushed out the door by her Mom about 7:30 every morning, Mary began her nearly one mile walk. She seldom got more than a block or two before accepting a ride from a group of boys.

Once she was in the car, Mary abandoned all thoughts of academics. Fun was what was on her mind. Regular activities of school skipping days included such things as movies or bowling or miniature golf and the beaches in the warmer weather.

Sometimes cigarettes and alcohol were involved. There was often a lot of kissing and touching…but no real sex - this was the late 1950’s and early 60’s; and although it might be hard for young people today to believe, sex was off the table for most teens. Even among the ‘bad’ girls there was an innocence that is sadly lacking today.

“Once back around 1960.” Mary recalls, “I was scared to death because I had to tell the priest what I did with a boy. I went in the confession booth and tearfully said ’bless me Father for I have committed adultery.”

“Young lady, do you even know what adultery is?,” asked the soft-spoken old cleric.

“Yes Father. It’s when you touch a boy down there.”

“The priest told me it wasn't adultery and to say three Hail Marys and one Our Father. Then he sent me on my way. Was I relieved!”

Being a ‘bad’ girl was often stressful for Mary, especially at report card time. Her senior year was the worst. First term report cards had been issued and if her Mom were to see the card, Mary would not only be grounded, but probably exiled to a nunnery.

“So I handed the report card to Mom and she loved it! She gave me $5.00 for a reward,” Mary laughingly told her friend Judy, a few weeks after report cards came out - over Coffee and English Muffins at the Miss Beverly Diner on Essex Street.

“Ok Mary. I know your card should have given your Mom a heart attack. How did you pull this off?”, wondered Judy.

Mary took a last drag on her Filter Tip cigarette. With smoke swirling past her auburn locks, she tossed the butt into her coffee cup and delighted in the splashy sizzle as the coffee remains doused her Winston.

“It was pretty good Judy, even if I say so myself. One morning before class I just walked up to the homeroom teacher’s desk - there was nobody around. I rifled the drawers until I found the report cards. I saw my card and I started to read it….”

“Then you took it and changed everything right?”

“No Judy. They would know I took it. So I just kept looking and then I found a blank card and I took it! When report cards were handed out. I copied my information onto the blank card - changing anything I didn’t want Mom to see. Then I handed the fake card to Mom and she loved it. Next I signed my Mom’s name to my actual report card and returned it to school.”

“Brilliant as usual Mary. So how bad were your marks that you couldn’t let your Mother see them?”

“Oh no Judy. That wasn’t it. The marks were okay. I got one A and the rest were Bs and Cs.

It was the attendance. Of 45 school days in the term, I was absent 27 times!

I couldn’t let my Mom see that. She’d think I was skipping school to be out riding in cars with the boys!”

* Here's the link to the "Bad Girl and Ash Wednesday".

The Bad Girl's Ash Tray


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