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The Battle between Apple and the FBI

Updated on March 1, 2016

The Battle between apple AND the FBI

By Roger Lippman

You cannot escape the fact that something serious is happening today. The two sides are being framed as the right of the government versus the right to privacy and freedom for individuals.

Not so fast. Every issue is not that black and white. In America today, things are so cloudy that we cannot reason right. Instead of a middle ground, it is all either left or right, Democratic or Republicans and all know where each sides stands—but not in the middle.

Clearly more and more now, all the issues are being framed as more power to the people, or the States and there are more issues requiring interpretation of the constitution.

Ironically while Democrats favor more freedom for the people, the civil rights actions, holding police accountable for abuses, whether real or not, Republicans are favoring more controls on civil rights but less control on guns. So we see a hybrid situation where some issues cross party lines.

However what is clear is that today, the issues are more serious than ever before on matters vital to our national existence. Our rosy opinions of how America was always on the right side and people were more civil is not a reality. All the way back to our founding fathers, they all made lots of mistakes, starting with George Washington. So too did John Adams and even Alexander Hamilton, who ultimately died in a duel because Aaron Burr hated him and his policies so much. However we think in the long run, things worked out okay because we got here without too many black and blue marks and a lot of compromises. So, In the long run, compromise may not be a dirty word if a reasonable solution is found and if it gets the job done.

Even our beloved constitution was crafted together with compromises all over and was far from the perfect document all talk about. Left out was rights for women, slaves and much more that were added later. With no compromise we would now be part of some other country as we could not have defended ourselves as 13 individual States. You already know the present legislature was a compromise of large and small states; the location of the seat of a government, a compromise; slavery a compromise; and so two were many other issues. Bad? Well consider the alternative.

Yet with all that background, we seem to be headed off a cliff with the events of the world today and our reaction as a country.

With hind sight being 20/20, let us remember some of our Presidents made errors that showed their weakness and were taken advantage of by others:

For example, President Carter in assuring the Ayatollah and world that he would not take military action against Iran when our diplomats were kidnapped, emboldened them. It set the stage for the longest kidnapping of public officials on record and bad relations never improved—unless you can call todays’ new treaty something new-- although the rhetoric from the mullahs is hardly encouraging.

Then too you have President Eisenhower in his conduct of the war in Europe, constantly wanting to avoid showing his ultimate authority, so he kept giving in to British General Montgomery and the war was prolonged several times with more men lost due to his inaction and domineering by Montgomery.

How about Secretary of War Stimson, before World War 11 declaring that gentlemen do not read each others mail while all the other countries were doing it. He wanted to show we are better than the rest—and were attacked by Japan.

There was Eisenhower stopping England, France and Israel from their action in Egypt, against Abdel Nasser when he closed the Suez Canal which action Eisenhower tried to use to gain favor with the Arabs, which never happened.

Remember what happened when President Kennedy stopped the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba? Sure he realized too late it was a failed mission because the CIA and U.S. military misled him about the outcome and a catastrophe was most probable, but he had authorized the attack. Then he did not pull back until he saw the defeat so he supplied no protection to the invaders, which cost many lives. In the aftermath, Chairman Khrushchev, saw JFK as weak and could bully us, so he gave offensive nuclear missiles to Cuba which could be used against America until Kennedy stood up and was then not taken as a weakling.

The point should be coming clear that weakness is not admired by world leaders. Weakness only gives others an excuse to push on and take advantage and that is what is happening today.

Reagan made mistakes with Iran and the contras. Also of Couse Obama had and still commits so many: his red line in Syria; his hard attitude followed by hot air with Putin and of course his release of five Guantanamo prisoners for one U.S. army deserter. Now he claims closing Guantanamo is the correct thing so Muslins will not hold it against us. Do we really care what a terrorist thinks about us? As if Muslim opinion will change overnight, which is nonsense. He, above all, should learn from these lessons of history. Weakness is not respected in our leaders. When Teddy Roosevelt said “walk softly but carry a big stick” he did not mean one made of paper Mache .

There are many more examples but what we face now is the issue of Terrorism which is real and also those of the extreme Islam faith that want to change our way of life. Over reacting? Hardly. So what should be our reaction? Is it the Democratic side that does not even want to mention their name for fear of not being political correct. Can we not call offenders, criminals, terrorists what they are? We are not attacking a total faith, only those of the far extreme who made no bones about being what they are.

What have we learned? Two things: to err is human—said before by others. But learn from your mistakes. The world and especially our enemies, do not listen to us more, take us more seriously nor fear us if we are weak or give in to bullies. So we must realize if we do something wrong, do not keep doing the same thing. Also compromise is not a dirty word if it can the job done as we shall see.

America has a unique history. Unlike all Europe which was invaded over and over during the course of history, and population changed, ideas changed and they had kings, emperors and dictators in charge. America was different. When we broke away from England and the King, we started a constitution that was supposedly based on freedom for all and guaranteed certain rights. We were all a nation of immigrants so we cannot say we were all German, or Italian or English. People came here for freedom from all over. So, we were and continue to be a melting pot.

That being true, it can be argued that one of the reasons the constitution gave the right to bear arms, was really to protect us from foreign invaders. No one talks about that now as the NRA is more concerned with having kids get guns but the truth is we wanted to protect our country from another invasion like the one from the British.

Of course at the time they did not have cybernetics or airplanes or dirty bombs when the Constitution was being written. If they did, I assume the founding fathers would made ample protection from those attacks as well. Yet, it is clear if they wanted us to be strong and protect us when first ratified, they also would want that for the constitution today.

We have to measure that with the right of individuals of course. However, I see America as going so far to extremes on both sides that the left today is far more willing to say the right of the individual comes first and foremost and think lightly of real possibilities of not only terrorism but those who want to overthrow our government or religious values. —By that I do not mean you have to be a very religious person to feel our values can be overthrown. Any American can and should see it.

What I do mean is if others have a motive to subvert our Judeo-Christian values and society and replace it with the law of Sharia, take away rights of women and turn our government into a religious one and not a secular one, then everything America stands for is lost. I submit, this is worth fighting for.

Democrats are so concerned with doing the right thing and being politically and morally proper, like Carter felt, they want to be on the right side, so people will love us better. Read again about what I said doing the so called “right thing”. We are actually taken for being weak, not good or moral and then our enemies double down.

If the FBI wants to check the E mails of the cell phone used by a mass terrorist, that should be allowed. The argument of Apple that they are protecting freedom cannot be left to stand. Forget their position claiming once created, it will be used by everyone, including hackers and government. What the FBI wants is limited to the phone of the actual Terrorist.

Now the middle ground or compromise is to have a 3 man court issue a warrant on specific grounds so that it has more prestige but it must be allowed so even terrorists are not free to plot attacks on computers as they do on the dark web. Apple does not even reside in the U.S. anymore, having given up their citizenship over taxes. While I have had Mac’s from day one, I hardly think are doing a public service and worrying more about sales. Apple is interested today more in Apple and not the people or the country in which its’ main facility exists.

Democrats want to champion issues they believe as attacking the oppressed which they do with race relations when much of it is not fair. It is impossible to discuss the issue without looking racist. Recent statistics are showing with law enforcement worried about every step, there is less police patrol in black areas to keep the cops away and crime is going up, not down. As the people will not cooperate with police, they are making it worse. Yes, there are bad cops, as there are all other types of bad people but to make this issue about all cops only makes the matter worse, just as the president did when he specifically mentioned the Cop who shot Michael Brown when in fact it now appears to have been justified.

There are other issues like this but rather than get stuck in a debate over how liberal one should be, I would ask you to watch a video sent to me about the immigration issue in Europe and the attitude of the Mullahs whose objective is to take over the world by population control. Please watch it:

A figment of imagination? Not at all. They speak about Christians having one or two children and they will have 5, 8 or 10 and then marry multiple wives to have more children.

The objective is mentioned. While Europe has been taken over many times in the past, the United States has not and our values center around freedom and justice and not to have some religious body take over our government, or turn the U.S. into part of the caliphate. We welcome immigrants, but those who come here for the right motives like our forefathers. Their religion, race, sex or other personal issues are irrelevant. Are they coming here to assimilate and be part of America or try to end our proud history of allowing them all here in the past?

If they want to come to change us, go somewhere else. If they want to come to rape women, beware and if they want to abolish the Constitution, we must fight. Our forefathers came to America as the land of opportunity; whether escaping a potato famine in Ireland, oppression in Europe, better opportunity, or even before to make more money building the railroad throughout America (on the backs of Chinese immigrants ) They did not come here for evil intentions or to make us like the country they escaped from.

So, if it is that I say, Apple must give in to the government to allow it—under reasonable controls-- to monitor people who are terrorists, anarchists, murderers, assassins or commit other heinous crimes as they affect a far greater value, which is our way of life. I do not want big brother to invade our privacy and do not favor it in all instances but do not think a reasonable compromise, in light of where we are headed today with an eventual take over of our entire existence, is not unwarranted. Learn from the past. We cannot assume if we will show the world we are better people and will just turn our cheek, it will work; it has not worked in the past and will not work in the future.


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    • Discordzrocks profile image

      Gavin Heinz 

      2 years ago from Austin TX

      Well, I didn't know all this was going on. Great Hub.


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