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The Battle for Aleppo, Syria: Last Stand for Freedom

Updated on August 16, 2014
Barrel bombs
Barrel bombs

In the forgotten war, Syria, the Syrian Army under Assad continues to roll on and upon the Free Syrian Army, funded by several Arab countries, including the USA. Turkey supplies the logistical means to ship the weapons and supplies to those left in the FSA. The FSA, at its highwater mark and captured Homs, another major city along with ISIS.

After three years of fighting, even the countries that supply the FSA with funding and weapons grow tired of this "freedom revolution", which seems to now have been forgotten with ISIS' quest in Iraq and direct American military action to stop them. Yet, the Syrian war, now three years old, killing well over 150,000, continues in slow motion. A grinding, slow motion.

Assad's forces have now surrounded Aleppo, a city of millions reduced to 300,000. There is a narrow four mile gap that the FSA continues to hold precariously as reinforcements and supplies enter the city, which is four times the size of Homs. The FSA seem to think they will be only able to hold open the gap for a time and once it shuts, there will be a siege for the city and more destruction.

The ISIS situation has created many odd situations. For one, America refused to attack ISIS in Syria, yet willing to do so in Iraq. The Syrian forces under Assad refrain from attacking ISIS after a bitter confrontation in June with them. ISIS, which was once on the same side as the FSA in Syria, now attacks the FSA. Because of this, Assad and ISIS are marginally allied. But, Assad prefers ISIS to weaken the FSA first before sending in his troops. Yet, ISIS has its own agenda in Syria and that is to preserve what it has as part of their Islamic State. They only attack FSA if it might benefit them, they still hate Assad. Another odd relationship is that both Iran and America support the Kurds in their fight against ISIS and the new PM in Iraq.

When Aleppo falls, it will be the final blow to the FSA and its outside supporters. The revolution will wither away as many fighters will just give up. Syria would probably turn its force against ISIS again to regain the areas lost to them. That would create another oddity- America, Syria, Iran all going against ISIS in Iraq.

How much more weird can this get?


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      perrya 3 years ago

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