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The Best Folding Bicycles: Folding Bicycle Reviews

Updated on January 25, 2018

The Best Folding Bicycles: Folding Bicycle Reviews

Though I now live in a backwoods’ country-type home, there was a brief period of my life where my family and I lived in a big city. It was the mix of sometimes severe traffic congestion, combined with a highly dense and populous population, to begin with, that drove many to seek out the convenience and versatility of a folding bicycle.

If you're like me and you have once lived (or currently, live) in the city, you know how annoying it can be lugging a bicycle around with you. Going green is great in theory, but it's much easier if you get into the concept of fold up bikes. This article is all about finding the best folding bicycles out there. Unlike a few years ago when your only real choice was the Raleigh Twenty, there are a lot of options for you for the best folding bicycles. Many different designs and styles exist, and they all have their ups and downs.

This article is intended to teach you about a few of the best folding bicycles, and provide some folding bicycle reviews for the potential bike purchaser out there. I hope to let you know which of the following fold up bikes will best fit into your life, your wallet, and the trunk of your car!

Let's get started looking in the best folding bicycles money can buy!

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Best Folding Bicycles: Montague Folding Bicycle

Montague is a company that produces a range of folding bicycles, and their claim to fame is that they have patented a quick-release system that allows quick fold-down of the frame into a compact little thing that can be easily stowed in the back of a car or the bottom of a closet. For those who utilize their bicycles as often and frequently as my family does, I simply cannot emphasize enough the true benefit, value, and relief of having such a quick and easy compacting feature available at your very fingertips.

The thing that I really appreciate about the full line of Montague folding bicycles is they are full sized bikes. I don't feel like a big person on a little bike riding around on one of these things, and they are extremely comfortable. They even have a cool fixed gear version available in the Boston area.

Montague produce some of the best folding bicycles because their designs are so well thought out, and they market themselves well. They have fold up bikes for almost every style of riding, including casual, commuter and even some decently tricked out mountainbikes. These are some of the best folding bicycles to ride for comfort, and until it's in a little ball in the back of the closet, you won't notice that you're riding a folder at all.

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Best Folding Bicycle: Dahon Folding Bicycles

Dahon has long been known as one of the industry leaders and producers of the best folding bicycles out there, and they have one thing over almost all of their competition: Dahon lives and breathes folding bicycle technology.

They have hundreds of models to fit virtually every type of riding imaginable, and their bikes are ready made for the urban commuter. Most of their line consists of fold up bikes with smaller wheels, 16 to 20 inches, as opposed to 26 or larger. This allows extreme portability, and for the typical city commuter it surprisingly doesn't affect ride quality or efficiency that much.

Dahon specializes in folding mechanisms in the middle of a curved frame. This curved frame allows the bike frame greater rigidity while still keeping it compact and aesthetically pleasing. Since they have been producing folding bicycles for over 25 years, Dahon holds many patents and is a reliable choice if you're looking for something portable. Lately they specialize in attractive hydro-formed frames that have great strength.

Check out Dahon for some of the best folding bicycles out there, and they're quite reasonably priced too!

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Best Folding Bicycle: Strida Folding Bicycles

Strida folding bicycles are an entirely new take on an old concept. The creators of the Strida clearly noticed that the key structural shape of any good bicycle is in the triangle of the frame. This is the key to good frame rigidity, and unfortunately this triangle needs to be broken in even the best folding bicycle designs out there.

Strida has created an entirely new look, and it's one of the best folding bicycles out there as a result. The Strida is essentially a bicycle frame but upside down, with the 'point' of the triangle pointing upwards. The frame hinges and releases on the points of the triangle, allowing it to be broken down to approximately the size of a golf caddy. The wheels are magnetized and stick to one another once it's folded down. Strida has even solved a problem that has plagued even the best folding bicycles: the chain. Typically with a folder you'll get messy chain grease all over yourself, but not with the Strida! The chain is actually a very strong Kevlar band, with no grease required.

The advantage with the Strida folding bicycle is that it's easy to break down. You can have it go from riding shape to caddy size in around 15 seconds, easily enough time to hop on and off the bus or pop it in the back of a taxi or enter an elevator. The downsides are that this bike is a little different, and you won't have your classic riding position. If you're a creature of habit, this might not be the bicycle for you, it takes some getting used to. The smaller wheels and compactness make this a great city commuter ride, especially if your trip is going to be short.


Best Folding Bicycle: Bergmoench Folding Bicycle "Backpack"

The Bergmoench folding bicycle is a really cool new bicycle that is highly specialized. It's one of the best folding bicycles out there, or at least it's certainly one of the coolest. While most of the fold up bikes I've reviewed so far in this article have been quite practical and commuter centered, this one is all about having fun! The concept is that you can strap this little fold up bike to your back while you climb up a big hill, and then fold it out and use it to get back down in a hurry.

The Bergmoench folding bicycle doesn't have pedals, so it's not a super practical ride for anyone wanting to commute or go uphill. Think of it more as an alternative to skiing. You climb a hill, and you have a convenient way to get back down. The riding position is cool and set up to take jumps and handle rough terrain. The thing even has some super cool storage for your stuff!

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    • Frangipanni profile image


      5 years ago

      Great hub. Fold up bikes always look so fun. Thanks for sharing. Voted up and following.


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