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The Best Gay Themed Movies

Updated on January 28, 2011

There aren't many quality gay themed movies out there. In fact, there aren't that many gay themed movies even out there. But some jewels have been released. Here are the top 5 gay themed movies that I can remember loving. All of these movies have a gay plot and can easily be enjoyed by gay person. Or perhaps you're still in the closet and just looking for some hilarious positive gayness to help you come out. Because all these movies have the same message. You can't fight who you really are forever, just let it OUT!

But I'm a Cheerleader

This movie will be a classic to gay people for years to come. A young girl, whom has just been classified as a lesbian is sent to a camp by her parents. This camp is intended to convert gay people, into straight people. In the clip above, the first step is admitting you're a homosexual.

Prom Queen

This movie is based on a true story. I remember watching it in secret when I was in high school because I wasn't out yet and it was such an eye opener as to what to expect when you are different. It stars the hot Aaron Ashmore, who is the twin brother of Iceman from Xmen! And the boyfriend is really hot as well. Loves hot guys in gay movies!

Beautiful Thing

This movie is over a decade old but I still maintains the same charm. The great characters and funny lines make this movie fun to watch. It stars two really cute young guys who inevitably find each other through the homophobic clutter of their high school. Love the Mama Cass music in this movie as well!


Like many gay movies, this movie is based on true events and a real person. Harvey Milk was huge in politics during his time in his fight for gay rights. This movie manages to let us see glimpses of his spectacular life and what he did for the lgbt community. Sean Penn is amazing in his Oscar performance as a gay man And James Franco..ahhh James Franco


Ahh, my favourite movie! This movie definitely has it all Great acting, hot guys and a terrific script. A young guy dealing with his own real life problems is faced with yet other. Being gay. He must live this fact while facing his sister, his girlfriend and everyone else who doesn't know It's an emotional ride any gay person can easily relate to.

Which of these movies is your favourite?

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    • profile image 6 years ago

      We definitely have to agree with you. SHELTER is also our all-time favorite gay themed movie. Everythimng about this film is right. If you like SHELTER you may also want to check out WATERCOLORS.

      Maybe you'd like to check some of my suggestions on my weblog which is also dedicated to gay themed movies. I also have a current Top 20.

    • profile image

      Xandria 7 years ago

      This is a really good list and I've watched most of these movies but one recommendation...Prayers for kept me cryin for a whole's sooo beautiful...

    • profile image

      Words by Mike 7 years ago

      I loved the list. I have one I recommend to everyone who will listen, “Latter Days,” All time favorite.

      Gay film is scarce in quality. I am so over the low budget, bad acting, supported by their poor storylines. My partner and I find this a difficult task to say the least.

      Look forward to seeing more from you~ Cheers