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The Best Maternity Hospitals in the United States

Updated on August 24, 2017

The Best Obstetric Health Centres in US

An assessment by the Healthgrades (2016) on clinical quality outcomes presented 50 best hospitals in the United States. According to this report, these recorded an overall high clinical excellence for a consistent period. This hub discusses the features inherent in some of these best hospitals. It is hoped that the discussion will present some insights especially for pregnant mothers who needs the best service during delivery.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is among the best rated healthcare providers in United States of America. The hospital, which is based in Arizona, has been commended from various quarters including individuals, communities in which it operates organizations and even government authorities. The Obstetrics Care and Certified Nurse Midwives department Provides professionals who are well trained and experienced in provision of individualized and high quality care prior, during, and following child delivery. The integrated practice at the entity allows obstetrics to work with other specialists in fetal and maternal medicine, reproductive health, medical genetics and other surgical and medical specialties as required. The hospital handles more than 2500 deliveries each year. There are eight rooms dedicated to labor, delivery and recovery of the mothers. Furthermore, there are also three obstetric operating rooms that provide a private setting for treating women with different needs. Further, the clinic also has an antepartum unit for women who require hospitalization before delivery. Aside from that, the hospital offers prenatal classes for young mothers on the best way to handle their babies.

In Mayo Clinic, there is a family birth center which provides family-centered health care to pregnant women together with their infants for both high risk and normal pregnancies and births. The center combines the resources of family medicine, obstetrics, maternal-fetal medicine, nurse midwifery, neonatology, pediatrics, and nursing services. The several birthing options available in this hospital include:

  • Birthing suites-, these ensure that mothers are comfortable during labor, birth, and the recovery process. Women are encouraged to come with their relatives to support them; they can also come with cameras, music, focal points as they are allowed to film their birth if they desired. Many of the suites in this hospital have deep bathtubs that are used during labor.
  • Delivery rooms - These are the traditional delivery rooms where high-risk or complicated births, caesarian, and multiple births are carried out.

Boone Family Healthcare

Another hospital to recommend for obstetrics is Boone Family Healthcare in Boone Hospital center. This hospital won women's choice award this year for being the best in Obstetrics as per the patient’s experience. Taking a tour through the hospital, it appears friendly and comfortable to all who are in it. With over 95 years of obstetrics experience, the hospital has acquired its good image through focusing on meeting the needs of the patients and their families. It is no wonder they have managed to scoop such a distinguished award this year. In essence, the hospital operates using ten core principles that have seen them manage to succeed far above their competitors. These principles include:

  • The process of giving birth that is, labor, delivery, postpartum and care of newborn are regarded as ordinary life events that require charismatic social, emotional, as well as physical transformation.
  • The needs of a particular woman and her family are what drives the provision of a personalized prenatal care.
  • A comprehensive prenatal education enables families prepare to actively participate through preconception, getting pregnant, labor and birth as well as parenting.
  • Incorporation of a team of professional health providers in the hospitals to effectively assist families in making well-informed choices for their care during the pregnancy period, labor, delivery, postpartum and infant care. These are required to do their best to offer them an experience they want. Moreover, resources are made available in the case of unexpected complications or high-risk pregnancies proficient.
  • The staff supporting the pregnant mother is actively involved in the awareness programs pertaining labor, delivery, postpartum and child care.
  • Depending on the wishes of the mother, family members and friends are always encouraged to be there and to give as much support to the mother as possible when she's still in the hospital and even after.
  • Labor, delivery, postpartum and infant care are all administered at the Boone family birthplace.
  • Role modeling and teaching should be accorded to the mother as they provide quality and safe care for the mother and child are the primary focus for nursing care.

The hospital's medical and nursing staff not only dedicates their time to ensure that mothers have a birthing experience that is comfortable and safe, but that all through their pregnancies and stay in the hospital, they are always ready and willing to provide active learning and information as is required. All families would like to have healthy babies and the protection that comes with knowing that the hospital plus its staff is ready to deal with any unexpected occurrence. On the other hand, they are also aware that the establishment of an excellent birthing experience is solely on the ability of the hospital staff to back these families as they undertake a new experience of bringing into the world a new life. The Boone Family Birthplace recognizes this aspect and is highly regarded throughout mid-Missouri region for their caring and highly efficient staff.

The two hospitals highlighted above are the best regarding service delivery and transparency. But when it comes to pricing they are not mentioned to have an economical package. The following hospitals have been proved to provide reasonable economic maternity package.

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

This clinic offers a maternity package plan, subsequently giving mothers and families at large a cheaper maternity services package. This plan has been packaged with the intention of catering to a majority of medical needs like caesarian births and normal vaginal births. The maternity plan is only offered to those people who do not have insurance covers. Moreover, the charges do not comprise physician charges or Intensive care unit services for baby or mother. At the same time some complications upon occurring require added facilities for the baby or the mother, for example, an unscheduled caesarian section which only means that the cost of the services will change therefore the price of the package plan will have to change. The value of services offered in Sarasota Memorial is commendable as the hospital has equipped facilities to help mothers deliver in the safest and most natural ways. The OB/GYN services, Level 3 Neonatal Intensive care Unit catering for gravely ill newborns as well as the high-risk pregnancy care are all recognised nationally being of high quality. The hospital's affiliation to John Hopkins, All Children Hospital together with their team of primatologists, obstetricians, neonatologists and pediatrician specialists, ascertains that the most advanced care in the region is readily available. With the only nursing team always recognized with Magnet status, the state's highest standards in nursing, Sarasota's nurses are categorized among the top 1% nationwide. Some of the services offered in Sarasota Memorial include;

  • Well designed birth suites for the sake of comfort for the entire family. They have labor and delivery rooms that are softly lit, wireless fetal monitor to allow the laboring mothers move about freely. They also have devices that help in easing the labor pains naturally, for example, birthing balls, hydrotherapy tubs and squat bars. Mother- baby units that enable mothers to share the rooms with their newborns with added accommodations for a support partner or father. They also have free wi-fi.
  • The hospital also has general childbirth plans with experienced nurses who work hand in hand with the doctor, doula, personal support person, or midwife to train the mothers through the delivery experience.
  • Safe and natural delivery even after a prior caesarian section. In-house board – certified Obstetricians that are available to examine patients, evaluate their labor progress, take up emergencies and bring in safe deliveries for those mothers who do not have their own physician or the physician asks for assistance.
  • Availability of epidural for pain management, induction services, as well as obstetric anesthesia for emergency or scheduled caesarian sections every day and all the time.
  • Hearing and heel prick screening for new infants for over 36 endocrines, rare metabolic, enzymatic and other genetic disorders. There is also an optional Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screening program.
  • The hospital also takes part in celebrating an infants’ discharge from the hospital by making them footprints and newborn's T-shirts.

Sarasota Memorial Health Care Systems hence; offers both transparency and price based on affordability for all. The economic maternity package allows for a cheaper service delivery as compared to other obstetrics hospitals with vaginal delivery being charged $5,000 while Caesarean section being charged $7,500. It might however not be the best destination for those looking for quality since it is not rated among the top health service providers.

Cedars Sinai hospital

Another top rated hospital, which offer quality health care services is Cedars Sinai hospital with a patient’s recommendation rate of 81%. The Obstetrics/Gynaecology department is responsible in handling pregnant women.The staff is compassionate and highly skilled in their work. The pregnancy and labor department offers a close to a home experience with the availability of birthing suites. The health facility appreciates the value of partnering with families and friends during the pregnancy period, child delivery and postpartum. The Education classes in this hospital are more detailed and hands on leaving the students with adequate knowledge about the journey before and after the baby's arrival. Being well prepared to face a new life.

Hoag Memorial Hospital, Presbyterian Newport Beach

Another commendable hospital with high rated services is Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian Newport Beach. The hospital has scooped two awards one for the women's choice award for America's best hospital in Obstetrics care from 2014-2016 and the other Parenting OC's best birthing center from 2012- 2016. Being a certified baby –friendly delivery facility, Hoag Hospital is among the best providers of maternity services in the region. The hospital prepares expectant mothers for the exciting moment by offering full maternal child care services and Obstetric education to help them through all the stages of their pregnancies. The personalized education classes entail courses like; infant safety, breastfeeding, newborn care and much more. Further, the hospital boasts of a state of the art facility where expectant mothers who need hospitalization before labor are admitted, the Sue and Bill Gross Women's Pavillion is another facility in the hospital that is more of an advanced diagnostic testing unit to monitor the health of the unborn baby and the mother. Women who are scheduled for a caesarian section are booked in the pavilion that has three devoted operating rooms with an experienced and highly efficient team whose primary priority is to provide quality and safe care to the baby and the mother. There is, however, no information about the hospital's labor charges from the research I have gathered.

From the information I have gathered, I have learnt that the most important thing when looking for an obstetric health facility is the feedback from patients, as well as the number of ratings the facility has. For example, a hospital that has 4 and five stars are all among the 50 best hospitals in the US. At the same time, the feedback from the patients is quite important, and it is not a wonder for such facilities to have gained the various awards as noted in the various health facilities above. Moreover, pricing is important when searching for a delivery facility since one cannot go beyond their budget. On the other hand, pricing can be overlooked if the budget is quite economical yet the results are not commendable. For instance, a health facility can be quite inexpensive yet the services offered to leave a lot to be desired. Maybe the heath care providers in that facility are slow, lack of proper communication or negligence, which can even lead to fatality cases. In this instance, I would recommend quality services and transparency before the pricing.

In this day and age when everything is becoming digitalized, consumerism is also on the receiving end since consumers are going to the best in the market. With the advantage of choosing the best in the market, health facilities and providers are all under pressure to give their best in order to remain significant rather than just surviving in the market.


From this discussion, it is clear that there are many obstetric hospitals providing high level services that can be chosen by pregnant women for satisfactory services. The Mayo clinic based in Arizona, The Hoag Memorial Hospital in Presbyterian, the Cedars Sinai hospital, and the Sarasota Memorial Health Care System would though costly make any woman comfortable while delivering her baby.


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