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The Best Political Cartoons of 2012

Updated on July 14, 2014

President Obama celebrating Re-Election


The year 2012 was a very interesting year. There was the larger than life pagentry of the Olympics. New stars were born while the greatest Olympian of all time swam his last lap. There was the rematch where the seemingly invincible New England Patriots were once again conquered by Eli Manning and Co. One of the greatest voices in history was silenced. However, she left behind classics such as "The Bodyguard" which will live vibrantly forever. The seven time Tour De France winner decided to stop defending himself in the blood doping and the performance enhancing drug investigation. For this he lost all seven titles plus his Olympic medal. Lebron James finally realized his destiny as the Miami Hieat won their second NBA Championship in franchise history.

The largest story however belonged to the 2012 Presidential campaign between President Obama and Mitt Romney. The two put off on gloves and threw hay makers like only two heavyweights could. President Obama went the distance and outlasted Romney to earn his second term in office.

Political cartoons have a way of telling stories with a unique perspective. They can make you laugh when you want to cry. They illustrate the truth when people are afraid to speak up. At times they have a way of pushing the envelope way further with their unspoken words. The following are some of the best cartoons from 2012.


H1N1 Vaccine Crisis

Don't you just love the un-preparedness of our country in times of health crises? As the H1N1 flu started to spread like wildfire, we did not have an ample supply of vaccinations. And you want us to be patient? We'll patiently wait in bed with a high fever, shivers, headache, and upset stomach.


Who will win the 2012 Presidential Election

The President's approval rating wavered over the last year of his term. The GOP became energized when they unified to get behind Romney. After the supposed victory by Mitt after the first Presidential debate, the lead that President Obama enjoyed became nil. At one point the future became cloudy and murky as American were equally divided for who they wanted as their leader.


2012 Vice Presidential Debate

Was anyone in America looking forward to the Vice Presidential debate. When Paul Ryan was picked as Mitt Romney's running mate, it was supposed energize the GOP party. However, it barely made a splash. Joe Biden's main job was supposed to make sure he didn't do anything to put his foot in his mouth or do anything to trip up President Obama. That slot of TV should have been designated as the time when you should have cooked your late night dinner or prepare for the next day's work!


Lance Armstrong decides to stop defending himself against doping allegations

For years Lance Armstrong vehemently denied that he ever broke any doping rules or took any banned substances on his way to seven Tour de France championships. Lance must have seen the writing on the wall as he said he would not fight against these allegations anymore. He, however did not officially admit to his transgressions until early 2013. Another fall of a great sports legend.


The Result of the First 2012 Presidential Debate

The popular public opinion of the first presidential debate of 2012 was that Mitt Romney decimated President Obama. Romney was on the attack the entire time while the President was left bobbing and weaving on the ropes. In order to regroup and take back the momentum, President Obama realized he had to throw his Mr. Nice Guy routine out of the window and put his Triple H game face on..


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    • mosaicman profile image

      mosaicman 3 years ago from Tampa Bay, Fl

      Fiona, thanks for comment. I am sure you have some interesting Political Cartoons that arise from South Africa.

    • Fiona Jean Mckay profile image

      Fiona 4 years ago from South Africa

      Hi there, I live in SA so we're pretty much used to our own political comics so it was interesting to see some from the US. Tks.