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The Best Ways to Remain Confident When Being Politically Challenged

Updated on August 24, 2017

Politics Should Involve Seriousness


There can be Numerous Challenges Within Politics

Politics should be serious business but as the years have gone by it appears as if there are a lot of tricky games played by politicians. No politician should ever be involved with bullying or attacking voters or anyone else for that matter. There shouldn't even be any child play when confronting the public. Politicians are suppose to be able to communicate effectively with the public and demonstrate quality leadership skills. So many have been victimized by politicians perhaps because they're unfamiliar with their rights. There has to be something said about all of the political tactics being used against voters and citizens of the United States. How are citizens suppose to look up to politicians who constantly abuse their power? "Just because the persons were voted into the position doesn't mean that they have a right to harass and attack any person." by: (Tanikka Paulk)

What I'm Continuing to Discover About Politicians

Looking back into history, it appears as if political officials were more serious about their positions, there appeared to be more thought into advancing then there is now. Some politicians will go as far as to not only harass persons but to call the individuals nasty names. There appears to many games played not only within politics but in so many areas. The seriousness of the job has gone right out the window. Politicians should encourage citizens to take a stand and to be the best citizens possible. There are so many who really do not deserve to be in any leadership position due to their actions and behavior. Never have I (Tanikka Paulk) ever heard of any citizen being attacked and harassed in such a manner until now. Yes, I'm a victim of such injustice, and their actions are shameful. It says a lot about their character. They're not displaying what should be displayed and that's being politically sound and correct. Of course no politician will display perfect behavior but at least avoid violating people's rights. So many have ruined their chances of perhaps another term but depending on who's running there may not be any choice but to vote for the politician.

Should Voters and Citizens be Frustrated With Politicians Actions?

Yes indeed there should be some form of frustration, at least there should be some concern when it comes to politics, the person who is over an entire country should be considerate and provide citizens quality. Perhaps so many may not want to hear gibberish but what to know the facts. It certainly isn't beneficial for any politician to provide the public with lies. There should be factual information provided and speeches shouldn't be filled with horseplay. What has happened to politics? How are the citizens expected to behave properly when politicians are breaking laws and causing havoc? Yes there should be some voices speaking about these issues. An out of control society will bring a country down. Any politician who can't follow any rules or the law isn't fit to be in office. Perhaps voters should be very cautious about who's voted into office. There is way too much nonsense occurring within politics. It seems as though so many do not care about being misguided and the country going down the drain. Some politicians are controversial. No person should be harassed by any politician and there should be no breeches administered by any politician. If citizens are required to follow the law then so should politicians.

The Decline Within Politics


What Should Voter do When Being Politically Challenged

When being challenged by politicians it's very important to know what the rights are. To avoid having the rights being violated there should be some research on rights. It's important to speak out about any concerns and if the politician is the President of the Untied States then perhaps contacting "Congress" would be of great benefit. Be very assertive and do not allow any politician to get away with such behavior. There needs to be positive changes occurring within politics. So many may be too afraid to speak out because of the backlash. Voters deserve to have fit politicians the ones who truly care about the citizens and who are concerned about the rights of all people. What has occurred should never occur bit fortunately I'm an advocate.(Tanikka Paulk)

The Continuous Confusion Related to Politics

Some may become quite confused about just how politics is suppose to work. Of course there are many reasons for so many to become confused when witnessing all of the destruction surrounded by politicians. Instead of the injustices being taken care of, so many politicians are going up against the very people who can land the politicians into office, doesn't sound as if politicians are thinking logically. Many years ago politicians were very serious about their"position" and seemed to be more caring. There is a decline within politics and there certainly needs to be many changes made. If no person speaks up then we'll continue to see a decline occurring.

Should Politicians be Held Accountable for Their Actions?

Yes politicians should be held accountable for their actions. They're not only politicians but citizens and voters. There shouldn't be any reason why a politician abuse their power. Politicians should be up right citizens and not become apart of a circus. Citizens should be "protected" and voters have a right to be free from political schemes and all sorts of ridiculousness. It's so unfortunate when politicians engage in bullying and aren't even corrected. Perhaps if persons continue to be silent then they'll just continue to project such behavior. There are so many who can not understand just how damaging politics have become. There needs to be some solutions found in order to see a more stable economy and a more stabilized country.

"For Positive Changes"

About the Writer/Author

My name is (Tanikka Paulk) and I'm a writer, blogger, advocate. Founder of 'The Remarkable Person Project and Life Experiences VP." Promoter and I'm a Believer of God and Jesus Christ. I've found on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. I'm the only child and grew up in Miami, Florida and raised by my great grandmother who was affectionally called "Mama Daisy." The mother of 5 sons and a visionary. I've faced many challenges but continue to remain confident and believe in the protection which is 'The Full Armor of God."

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