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The Bizarre Murder of Kendrick Johnson

Updated on January 16, 2014
The gym mats
The gym mats

I am not sure what to think about what is going on in this seemingly simple murder case of teen, Kendrick Johnson. Everything about this bizarre event, as it continues to drip to the media, reeks of murder, yet the law enforcement officials treat it as accidental.

Right, a teen is trying to retrieve socks in a rolled up gym mat and magically gets stuck inside and dies. Huh, maybe in a comedy movie, but in real life? Police investigations have continued to claim this, despite two autopsies. At least one, did state it was a murder. You think?!

However, the story does not end that easily. It becomes much darker and bizarre when during the autopsy, the teen's lungs and heart is missing from his body and the cavity is filled with paper. Were his parts sold on the black market? Did the mortuary removed them, if so, why? Could the body parts have revealed evidence that leads to murder? During July, 2013, Dr. Anderson prepared his report on KJ’s second autopsy that would show he was murdered.

According to local residents of Lowndes County, Kendrick was murdered by several white boys at his school over a female. He was cornered into the gym and and the boys dropped gym weights on his face. The story has been kept a “secret” because the boys are of course in relation to Chris Prine– Lowndes County Sheriff. Blunt force trauma to the neck/ jaw area causing the heart to stop and leaving a bruise was found by a paramedic. The injury possibly found in the second autopsy. It could explain the scraped knuckles with the small laceration. KJ could have been trying to push that bar off his neck as those boys could have been stepping on his hands. It is plausible since KJ was last seen going to the weight room. Once KJ was killed with little blood, he was perhaps taken to the boy's restroom, this is where some blood was found. He was then taken to the gym and rolled up in a gym mat. KJ's missing body parts would be a separate crime, probably either my the mortician without permission or someone else who had access to it.

Murder it is. It is too weird for it not to be. If the relatives (teen boys) were in on the murder and related to the county sheriff, that does explains why the local police and ended the investigation stating it was an accident. A second investigation yielded the same conclusion. However, now the FBI has agreed to conduct their own independent investigation. This should rattle the local sheriff and police for obstruction of justice, which is what it is. A cover-up to protect the county sheriff's relatives from prosecution. The county coroner admits that the sheriff did not inform him of the murder until a considerable amount of time had passed, increasing the suspicion that sheriff is protecting relatives. By the time the coroner had been informed, evidence could have been removed (like the tennis shoes found near the body with a spot of blood). Meanwhile, Lowndes High School administration officials have refused to release video of Johnson’s last moments. Why?

The local sheriff is trying to hide the truth.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 4 years ago

      For sure, it is rotten.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 4 years ago from Auburn, WA

      I always thought this story had more to it. I'm not normally a conspiracy theorist, but something smells rotten. Let's keep this story alive. Voted up.